Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Memes on my mind

FINALLY!!! Mike's long-anticipated meme has come out. Fair warning, though: it's unlike the usual meme that circulates online. It isn't even a Q&A meme; it's a video meme, one that had me laughing out loud! (And if you've read his blog, you'll know that there's some sort of rhyme and reason behind the meme's title.) I realize that his type of humor isn't conventional (for want of a better word) but I found it funny! Dave! Will you open up the goddamn door?! Tragic and funny at the same time.

Second meme on the agenda...MD, in a recent post, has tagged me! First time I've been tagged since starting this blog. :-) Here are my answers (take them with a grain of salt, as I'm giving them under the influence of someone I haven't seen in a long time -- a golden friend who goes by the name of Jose Cuervo. Haha)

1) If you could have dinner with any three people (except Mohammed, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi) then who would they be? (don't say Mother Teresa either)

Hmmm...I'm thinking of three people who are out of my circle of immediate acquaintances/relatives/friends. So I'd pick these:

A. Virginia Woolf (because she heard voices in her head too)
B. William Shakespeare (to find out whether he did write everything ascribed to him)
C. Christopher Marlowe (to find out whether he did write everything ascribed to Shakespeare)

1a) What would you eat?

Probably inihaw na pusit (grilled squid) or almost anything inihaw (grilled). I really don't think I'd be able to eat anything, though. Give me a few bottles of red wine, tequila, or beer...I'll be fine with any of those.

1b) What restaurant would it be?

Ohhh, not at a restaurant please? Preferably at home (or their homes) where I could sit back, put my feet up, and relax. Oh, okay; I'll answer the question. If it were absolutely necessary, I'd like to go to some restaurant that's off the beaten path, where there'd be no other guests except us.

2) If you could force everyone in the world to read one book (except for the Quran or the Bible) what would it be?

I'm waffling between two books and two fairy tales. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach. Fairy tales: Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid (NOT the animated shit that Disney turned into a blockbuster! -- that movie doesn't tell the story I fell in love with at all) and The Happy Prince, by Oscar Wilde.

3) Is there a TV show you'd cancel dinner with your best friend for, if you knew that a new episode was going to be aired once only? What is it?

None. I like some TV shows very much, but not to the point that I'd cancel dinner with my best friend.

4) If someone told you that you could only have one hobby/favorite pasttime for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Writing. And a certain bedroom sport (that can be performed in places other than the bedroom too!). 'Nuff said.

5) Which song is on the soundtrack of your life?

Hard question, this one. I don't have the soundtrack of my life yet, and I can't pinpoint to only one tune that would encapsulate my whole life; so I'll just name one song that sums up my mood/mind best at this point in my life: "Yakapin Mo Ako," by Joey Albert. Sorry, non-Tagalog readers; it's an old (kinda) Filipino song.

6) How old were you when you had your first crush? Who was it?

This is easy. Third grade. His initials are R.E. Good lord, I haven't thought about this guy in many, many years. LOL! I hope he's doing well, though. He was always nice to me when we were kids.

7) If you could read the thoughts of any one person, who would it be?


8) If you could block your thoughts from only one person, who would it be?

No one, really. I don't need to block my thoughts from anyone who doesn't matter to me; I can mask my mind from them. Besides, anyone would have a hell of a hard time trying to make sense of the black hole that passes for my mind. :-)

9) If you could choose between life on earth forever or going to heaven, which would you choose?

To go to heaven. This question kind of reminds me of that 1990's TV series, "Highlander." Poor Duncan McLeod got to live on and on, looking and feeling hot and eternally young, while the people he loved grew old or died before his eyes. Now that's one version of hell. What would eternal life on earth matter if I don't get to spend it with the people I love?

10) When you die, what will your contribution to the world be?

My contribution to the world? Depends on what this question means by "world." To the majority of the known world, I don't exist. To a handful, I'm something. To even fewer than those, I'm a necessary part of their existence. My contribution to the few individuals in whose worlds I mean something (or everything) love, and the hope that I was able to make their lives better or more meaningful even for just a moment, just by me being myself.

Now it's my turn to tag. Anyone can do this little quiz, but I hope that Prometheus, Gumby, Life in a Limbo, Penny, Justin, Robert, Mike, Yaxlich, Doc, Freedom Glutton, and Tainted can find the time (and inclination) to play this little game. :-)


Mike said...

Thank you Lizza! :-)

And I will post my answers online sometime this for your answer to #8, you should have chosen me as the one to block your thoughts from because I've just now read your mind, stolen all the good ideas you've been thinking about implementing in your blog, and will be using them myself muuahaahaaahaaaa!!!

Unconventionally Yours, I presume,


Reeholio said...

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is probably the best book I have ever read! When I read it the first time, I sat there at the end and thought: Wow! Then I read it again straight away and didn't go to sleep until 4am. Luckily I wasn't working the next day.

PS. What's a meme?

Jessica said...

hmmm, i think i will have to read this Jonathan Livingston Seagull...what is it about? is it a novel?

Lizza said...

You're a man of many talents! You can read minds AND bat your eyelids? Hahaha!

Good old Jonathan is a good read, yes. I like to read it again from time to time. I have no idea what a meme really is, except that it comes from "mimetics." And I'm too damn lazy to google it. :-)

It's a very short novel (novella? novelette?) -- only about 20 pages or so. You can google it and actually read it online!

Mike said...

I agree, Jonathan L. Seagull really is worth reading! A female friend bought me a copy when I was like 16, and at the time it really did have quite an impact on, I even remember who wrote it: Richard Bach! He had like one more good book after that (something about "A Reluctant Messiah").

Well, having visited your site my day is now complete - have a good evening Lizza and everyone!

Lizza said...

Hi Mike! G'night! Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite...and all that jazz. :-D