Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blogworld Saturday

First of all, a big warm WELCOME to all the people who are reading this blog for the first time. Whether you're on this page because of The Bestest Blog of All Time, A World of Bloggers, the Next Blog button, or whatever, thanks for stopping by. I do hope I get to read YOUR blogs someday...I just hope they don't talk about a certain purple dinosaur.

I've enjoyed many blog entries this past week, as usual. Here are some of them:

1. Prometheus, whose blog I just love, posted an amazing Honda ad. I had seen the commercial before, but watching it again on his site made me shake my head in wonder at the amazing creativity of people.

2. Jessica has an interesting entry about fashion. I'm not much of a fashion plate at all; I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable -- but I agree with her; dressing modestly doesn't automatically translate to dressing badly.

3. The status of Pluto (the celestial body, not Mickey's friend) has been discussed in many blogs this week. I got a great chuckle out of Yaxlich's and Gumby's posts on it. Justin also wrote a very informative article on the issue, and left a very interesting suggestion in Gumby's comments box on how to teach children the planets' names.

4. Doc is an American woman who lives with her family in France. In one post, she describes how she did "nothing" all day. Boy, just reading that entry exhausted me. :-) She is superwoman -- the witty version.

5. I enjoyed reading Julie's post about the exhilaration of feeling challenged. She really opens up in that entry, which I really admire. Julie's got a lot of things going for her -- professionally and personally. I wish her the best of luck. (NB: Julie's also the first person to be featured at Weight Loss Tips, a new site that my friend Vic and I have.)

6. Egypt is one of the countries that I want to visit someday. That's why I was pleased to discover Morgen's blog, where he describes highlights of his 2001 trip to that land. The pyramids, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings...they fascinate me.

7. Yours truly was one of the topics of Mike's post yesterday. He's really green with envy happy that I got the Bestest Blog thingy. and is probably climbing the walls because I got it before he did He's also planning to make a video blog or "vlog." Oh, in the name of all that's sexy, spare us! I can hardly wait!

8. Sidney is a Belgian photographer who lives here in the Philippines, and his pictures of carabaos (that's water buffalo to you, western readers) as living billboards made me laugh.

Happy weekend everyone!


Mike said...

I don't think it's such a good idea for that puppy to be laying on that newspaper - the ink could quite possibly cause an allergic reaction; this dog is definitely putting itself at risk!

Have a great weekend, Lizza! And everybody else, too!

Prometheus said...

Looks like this dog had his day. Prometheus awaits his.. Woof!

Prometheus said...

PS: I hate Barney too. Gives a bad name to T-Rex. Slay him I shall, Lizza Maiden Fair, but please, do not refer to my master (to be pronounced 'mastah', as in those Chinese kung fu movies) as 'the funny looking jedi'. Sad he will be, to hear of this. The poor thing has been single for 900 years. Whadaya want?

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

sooo cuuuuteeee !


Gumby said...

I thought for a moment you had someone captured a photo of my beagle, Anna. She loves Camel cigarettes and manhattans. When I asked her about it, she said "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...

then I noticed it's a boy.

Morgen said...

Lizza -- thanks for the Shout Out on your site!
You are Bestest!

Bruno Amato said...

It's a dog's life!....I hope the poor little guy wasn't hurt, just to get that shot....

Dasen said...

hello,your blog is very beautiful

Julie said...

!!!! Thanks Lizza!!! What a nice compliment!!

p.s. love the passed out dog. Hilarious!

Lizza said...

This doggy pic is so cute! But it looks like he has a hangover. That's how I found the photo on the Net, by typing "hungover." haha!

Mike, if he's old enough to drink and smoke, let him suffer the consequences of passing out on newspapers!

Prometheus, that's one happy doggy. :-)
Slay the purple freak and I shall add Dinosaur Slayer to thy list of titles. The small green guy is your master? Introduce him to Medusa...they might hit it off.

Universe, yep! He's so cute.

Gumby, Anna sounds like a cool chick of a dog!

Morgen, thanks! And thanks for sharing your Egypt stories.

Bruno, I sure hope so too. Thanks for stopping by!

Dasen, thanks!

Julie, you're welcome! :-)

GhostRose said...

Howdy! Barney annoys me too. I never really watched it when I was a kid. Your dog picture worried me a bit at first - he looked like he had something tied round his neck, but I strated sniggering when I scrolled down some more. :-)

Thank you for linking to me. Oh...and I kind of stole my
best!blog idea from you, but with a twist. You have a great weekend too - we've got our August Bank holiday this weekend - wooohoooo!

Lizza said...

Hi ghostrose!
You're welcome. And share the love, that's a good way to do things. :-)

Jessica said...

lizza, thanks for putting my post up! by the way, the little dog pic is so funny!

Jessica said...

lizza...also, just noticed you linked me!!! thanks i will do the same!

ginsane said...

that's an adorable picture. great blog too. it definitely added some amusement to an otherwise boring morning.

Lizza said...

Hi Ginsane,

Thanks! Feel free to come by again :-)