Friday, August 25, 2006


I am speechless...almost.

THUNK! is the sound that my jaw made when it dropped to the floor after reading Bobby's e-mail. I never expected to be honored with Bestest Blog of the Day, what with all the great blogs listed at his site (The Bestest Blog of All Time). So please accept my heartfelt thanks, Bobby. It pleases me that you deem my weblog worthy of your award.

My main reasons for blogging are simple: to let off some steam and get things off my chest by writing about things that are on my mind at any given moment. As the patient visitors to this site have seen, these thoughts can range from the ridiculous to the depressing. I'm very fortunate to have come across many other bloggers who, like-minded or not, appreciate my posts enough to come back regularly -- to tolerate my mental diarrhea, as it were.

This very savory thought now leads me to my next expressions of gratitude, which go out to…(drum roll)

Justin Mahida!

Tainted Female!

Rhys Postlewaight!

(standing ovation) (rah rah rah!)

Justin himself is a recipient of the Bestest Blog of the Day award, and I give him major credit for introducing me to a host of fantastic blogs out there -- and for introducing them to moi.

I came across Tainted Female's blog (and other wonderful blogs as well) through Expat Interviews, a Web site that my dear friend Vic created. It was through Tainted's site that I got to know about other great UAE-based bloggers.

Rhys runs A World of Bloggers, where he kindly let me have the Philippines slot. My blog is hardly representative of what goes on in my country, but I do try to relate at least some aspect of Filipino life in some of my posts to what went on/is going on in some other part(s) of the world. After all, the world has indeed become smaller, yet even more larger-than-life somewhat, because of the Web.

These four people (including Bobby) can be likened to cyber pimps, come to think of it. :-D And I do mean that as a compliment, since they've played major roles in enriching my blogging experience by leading me to all sorts of wonderful weblogs.

Also, I'm a blog stalker, for those of you who don't know. I skulk around other people's blogs a lot. So please don't be alarmed if I appear repeatedly in your stats monitors. It just means that I really like your blog and that I'm anticipating each new entry. :-)

Maraming, maraming salamat po (many, many thanks) to my newfound blogosphere buddies. My undying gratitude to my offline friends (especially LAR). Much love to my wonderful Genius for my Maggot Brain. Now I have one hell of an excuse to imbibe tonight, lol. Cheers, everyone!


Michael C said...

Congrats on bestest blog. I love the look of your blog. I haven't seen a look that yet and it looks great.

The Saturdays posts are a unique idea, too!! Congrats!

Julie said...

Congrats Lizza! I've been meaning to add you to my Blog Roll for a while and just kept forgetting. So I'm going to do it right now.

Justin said...

Congrats! Well deserved, too

Lizza said...

Thank you all!

Michael, this blog template comes from FinalSense. Lots of choices there.

Julie, your blog is fantastic. It makes me think, it makes me laugh, it makes me hungry. It's in my feed reader (I just haven't gotten around to updating my Fave Blogs list yet).

Justin, I found Julie's blog (and Gumby's and a whole lot of others) thanks to you. So...thanks again. :-)

Mike said...

Awesome!!! You definitely deserve the recognition, Lizza! If I were you, I'd probably be posting about this every day for the next week lol. IN ALL CAPS! And showing accompanying stat reports. And talking about how great I am. Oh wait, maybe that's the kind of thing that explains why you're running the Bestest Blog and I'm not!


Lizza said...

Thankee kindly, Mike.

This site is the Bestest Blog today, but YOU are forever the creator of the one and only An Space Ode!!! The next-best thing on YouTube after Jigglin' Jana!!! (chung chung!)

Sony said...

A well deserved honor. Congrats to you Lizza!!

Reeholio said...

Congratulations Lizza!!! You deserve it. I bet it made your day too.

Thanks for your wonderfully kind words. It has been my pleasure to host your blog at A World of Bloggers. Of all the bloggers I have met since starting that blog, you definitely have been the most active in visiting everyone else's blogs, and that makes the site all worth it. Good on you!

Warm regards, Rhys

PS. With all the publicity you will now be getting, I wish I hadn't told that story in the comments of your previous post. hehehe

Ancient Clown said...

KUDO's...I've been so busy I passed my 100th post and didn't notice...had to go back and make a note.
Keep it up.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich would like to congratulate Lizza on winning the Bestest Blog of the Day award. He always enjoys his visits and agrees with Michael that the Saturday posts are a very good idea.

El Laforiste said...

A salute to your fresh and original cyber and epistemological outlook. Congrats, you international blogstalker you. (Did you know kudos is a singular noun? What's its etymology? I'm too lazy to look it up. Well, I AM at work.)

jbwritergirl said...

Yehaw Girl! Now we can all keep an eye on you.


Lizza said...

Thank you very much!

Sony, your entries about your trip are are wonderful. That's one of the things I like about your blog...your words make me see things in my mind.

Rhys, what story? Oh! You mean the one about your New Year tradition of going skinny dipping? LOL!

Ancient Clown, congratulations on your 100th post!

I enjoy Yaxlich's blog very much too. His interest in Lisa S. and Britney S., his Clenchometer, his Beefy McManstick's reaction to the blonde one in Abba, his knowledge of dwarves -- and many other things -- make me laugh!

Laughorist, I'm laughing ok? LOL -- see? I like your blog. :-)

JB, your imagination is amazing! How the hell do you come up with those stories?

dirty joke sir said...

Congrats on a well deserved honor!

Richard said...

Hi Lisa - Congratulations. You are indeed a worthy winner. Those Saturday blogs are a great idea and yes - I do see you in my stats with great regularity. I hope you like my blog enough to keep coming back :-)

Prometheus said...

Lizza Wizza Wee! Congwatuwations!
But honestly, I don't think you blog is bestest blog of the day.

Methinks its among the Bestestest Blogs Ever.

Oh gloom! I allus thought I'd be da Foist One to wish ya. Lookit me, I ain't even eleventyfirst.

Go binge, babe.

Lizza said...

DJ sir, thanks!

Richard, thank you. I do like reading your blog too. :-)

Prometheus! I was wondering if the Dubai soil had swallowed you up. Your blog is among the bestestestestest ever too. Hope you put away that thingamajig you were thinking of introducing your temple to. :-)

Photo Cache said...

Congratulations. I know I stumbled upon something great when I found your blog. Keep it up. Bet this is just the first of many. Cheers.

Lizza said...

Salamat, Photo. That really means a lot.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza, CONGRATULATIONS! I do enjoy your blog and fresh approach. Thanks for the comments you've left on my blog as well. I will continue to read your blog with interest.
You so deserve the award!
Mimi Lenox

Lexa Rosean said...

Congratulations Lizza. I'm enjoying reading your blog and glad I found it through Bestest Blogs. Keep on blogging Woman!

terra shield said...


Congratulations on the bestest blog award.

Been following your blog for about a week now, but this is my first time commenting. It's rather nice to see a fellow blog stalker out there :D

Lizza said...

Mimi, thank you. I believe I'm going to enjoy your posts as well.

Hi Lexa. What an interesting blog you have! I've enjoyed the entries I've read so far. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Terra Shield. Woo haa! A fellow blog stalker! Looks like I'm going to be following your blog too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, congratulations!! Clap! Clap! Clap! Ilabas na ang beer!!!


Morgen said...

Lizza: sorry this is a day late (darn blogger issues!) but CONGRATS!!! This is so great --- a great blog deserving of a great accolade! Great! Okay, so I'm not very original today --- but this is well-deserved: congrats!!!
♥ ~morgen

Lizza said...

IM, thanks!

Morgen, thank you! :-)