Friday, July 28, 2006

Mental maelstrom -- or just mental

I don't know how often this happens to everybody else, but it happens once too often to me for my liking.

Sometimes I think the world -- no, the universe -- is playing a not-so-nice practical joke on me. Just when I think is everything is going swimmingly, when everything is coming up roses, when everything is as good as it can possibly get, something happens to screw everything up. The worst part is, I'm absolutely clueless as to the why and wherefore of the said "something"; it just happens -- and I have no idea WTF it is or where the hell it came from. And I'm left gaping stupidly, with egg on my face. I just hate it when this kind of thing happens.

It makes me think sometimes that Loki does exist. Or Ate. Or Khepri. Or Pan. If this is the powers-that-be's idea of a practical joke -- hello, I am NOT amused.

I'm being a bit cryptic, I know. I apologize.

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Freedom Glutton said...

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