Thursday, June 04, 2009

A-weigh we go!

50 kilos. That's 110 pounds to you, my Americanian friends.

That was my heaviest weight when I was in college.

Today, I weigh considerably more than that. And earlier tonight, at a reunion with old college buddies, I heard one old friend say, I'm "fucking fat." He hasn't seen me in nearly 20 years (good lord! 20 years!) so I imagine the comparison between what I looked like in my late teens and the present reality is quite an eyeful.

Strangely, I wasn't at all offended. The way this old decades-missed friend said I'm fat was the same way he would've said I have black hair, or that I have two eyes or two legs. Very matter-of-fact. No malice or offense intended. My reaction (crybaby) was so very different from comments made in the same vein by the friends I go with regularly now.

Getting together with old friends you haven't seen in eons is sooo good -- BMI notwithstanding.


I spent a few days last week in a place called Boracay here in the Philippines. Expensive tourist trap that it's become, it still holds an allure for me. Maybe because I have delightful and yummylicious memories of previous times I spent there.


More Boracay pics I took last week here.


Mimi Lenox said...

Boracay is amazing. Oh, thank you for taking us with you.
Hugs and smooches to you.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I have photographic evidence of what you look like - I have spies everywhere you know - tee hee ..... and stop posting piccies of Boracay ..... thank you!

[It's lucky for her the weather has been quite nice over here recently otherwise she's be in BIG trouble - tsk]

Anonymous said...

Boracay looks beautiful. and so are you no matter what your BMI is

Photo Cache said...

I am so inggit with ur Boralicious escapades. Kelan kaya ako makakarating jan?

Travis said...

That view is stunning.