Friday, June 26, 2009

Adios, Michael

After everything else has been said and done, one thing remains true -- at least for me: that he was a truly great performer and entertainer. I saw him in concert once, many years ago, and the experience blew me away to smithereens.

R.I.P., Michael. Thanks for the music and the memories.


Photo Cache said...

every one was talking about this today at work.

such huge loss today, farrah and him.

zeroimpact said...

Totally agreed, just 1 concert is enough to set the standard
None could come even to be considered close
A huge loss indeed

Travis said...

I never saw him live, much to my regret.

Terra Shield said...

I find it hard to believe to believe that he is indeed gone.

Mimi Lenox said...

There's such a sad glow in the world today. Too many gone. Too soon.

You said it well.
No matter the reasons or the circus of the last few years, what will remain is his imprint of talent and musicianship. You are so lucky to have seen him! I wish I had.

He had so much more music to make.

Lizza said...

Photo: A friend of mine told me: "Wala talagang galang ang lola Michael mo...sinapawan si Farrah."

And I read a blog post where the writer said something like, "how many more of the icons of my youth are we going to lose? Stay strong, Hasselhoff, stay strong!"

ZI: Those who loved his music will feel the loss. Many, many others (as I've read today) say "good riddance." It got ugly today in so many areas of cyberspace.

Trav: He came to Manila in the 1990s. I was very far from the stage, but that didn't really matter. I (and what seemed like the whole city) saw him in concert and he rocked with us...all night.

Terra: I feel so sad that he's gone.

Mimi: I'm the last person to say MJ didn't become weird. Heck, the way he his skin kept getting whiter and his nose narrower -- not to mention the dangling baby stunt he did on his own son -- made me go WTF more than just a few times.

I won't even comment on the lawsuits.

But...onstage, and his songs and videos...pure magic for me. "Black or White," for example, wasn't one of my favorite MJ songs, but I absolutely loved that video. The way he danced the way he does, adapting his style to other cultures' dances. Plus, I remember my jaw dropping at the face-morphing sequence at the end. Back then, that seemed really awesome to me.

His music touched so many people all over the world regardless of their age, sex, politics, and religion.

I most definitely agree with you. He really made his mark, music-wise and talent-wise.

Gone Too Soon. This song starts the waterworks for me.

Off to don an imaginary sequined glove in honor of MJ...since I can't moonwalk to save my life!

Photo Cache said...

hihihihi on stay strong hasselhoff. so true though.

Anonymous said...

he certainly was a musical genius. So sad the way his life became such a public debacle in his latter years

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm with NM ...... she's quite clever isn't she?