Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Take Your Cat and Leave My Sweater

...metaphorically speaking, of course. My thoughts are jumping hither and thither, so I apologize if this post makes no sense.

Pretty boys, ugh.

I like 'em scruffy. Makes me want to give them a long, hot, loving bath. If they have a talent with the guitar, so much better. Bassists, oo-la-la.

I have a soft spot for bass players (bajistas); I look at the bass player (and perhaps the drummer) first when I'm watching a band's live performance. John Taylor (play that fuckin' bass, John!) and Flea...oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Finding out that my teenage son loves bass too -- indeed, he's the bass player for the ragtag band he and his friends formed -- was such an unexpected pleasure. I told him he was driving me crazy by playing "Stand by Me" all the time, but I really loved it.

But back to scruffy men. Did I mention I like 'em raw, unpolished...manly? (Though I'm sure manly, polished men like DaddyP have their own following.) Keith Urban is all these and more in this video. (And he has a guitar.) Yes, I am thinking naughty thoughts about Nicole Kidman's husband. He won't go to hell, because I'm the one who's doing all the thinking.

I'm not country music's biggest fan, not by a veeeery long shot. But this song, I'm a big fan of. Doesn't matter why. We all of us react to music (and most anything else) differently from other people. What's corny for one man is a tear-jerker for another. What's icky for one woman is criminally hot for another.

Mr. Urban is sizzzzzzzzling hot for me. In this video, at least. (Did I mention I'm liking the song very much too?)


Mimi Lenox said...

Now this is seriously scary. SPOOKY.
Lizza, just a few days ago I had this song on my mind and couldn't get it out of my brain. I heard it on the way home from work and thought, "What a neat blog post title 'Take Your Cat and Leave My Sweater' (!) and then I see it here.
Great minds...

This song breaks my heart sometimes. It is bittersweet. It is angry. It is sad. It is full of love and full of regret - all rolled into one. It is so so so so real.

Thank you for posting it. I adore Keith Urban. His delivery is always raw and honest.

Gotta go.....I love the blackout in the middle of this video.
"Take your records, take your freedom. Take your memories. I don't need 'em."


Photo Cache said...

I liked this song about 2 years ago or so. My husband thinks that because I love country music, okay like a lot, that the reason behind it all are the hot country beefsteaks. He's WRONG! I don't find them hot at all. I know somethings seriously wrong with me.

Ian said...

Just sayin'...I'm scruffy AND I play bass. :-P

Terra Shield said...

Hmmm... scruffy. Nice! I can't see the video from this machine, but Mr Urban is hot!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Manly, polished men get followed by weirdos and debt collectors mainly - tee hee *preens* *combs hair* *polishes nails* *polishes teeth* *replaces teeth* *smiles*

[The 'thang' is wending it's weary way BTW - *hugs*]

Travis said...

I guess scruffy is ok. But does it have to mean looking like you haven't bathed in several days and don't intend to bathe for several more?

Whisker stubble itches, BTW. Just saying.

Lizza said...

Mims: This song still manages to make me teary-eyed for some reason.

Hugs, Mims. The typhoon never really came. Just flirted with us a bit.

Photo: It's a song that seems to strike a chord with so many people.

Sige na nga! ;-p

Ian: I know. :-D

Terra: Indeed, he is.

DaddyP: Hahahahaaaaaa... glad to learn you keep the pearly whites polished.

Trav: No, no, nooooo. Scruffy don't mean dirty! Just...manly. :-D

Strangely, stubbles don't make me itch. That's why I don't bother shaving my face, haha.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?