Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogworld Saturday

The right side of my upper lip got bitten by an ant and now it looks like I had my upper lip collagen-ed. Too bad I killed the ant before it ever got around to biting my lower lip. Now my mouth appears unbalanced.

Oh, well. Where was I? Oh, yes. It's Saturday again - at least in my part of the world - and, stiff upper lip or not, here are some of the blog posts I've enjoyed the past week. Hope you take a look at them too.

Gang tattoos, at My Sarisari Store. After a long absence (don't you just hate it when good bloggers go on hiatus?) Sidney is back with another intriguing set of photos. This Belgian photographer braved some of Manila's jails to photograph inmates' tattoos, and describes some of the designs' why's and wherefore's.

Lazy Photo, at Worth a Thousand Words. Here's another talented photographer for you. Photo Cache's series about the sky and the clouds are simply awesome.

Wedding Is Off, at Bagwine Ruminations. Is there anything about your significant other you've recently discovered that can make you have second thoughts about making a lifelong commitment with him/her? Matt-man recently discovered something he found horrifying about his better half, Schmoop, something that might cause him to at least jump off a cliff.

As Good as Vegas, at The Pole Affair. Isn't it just wonderful the way one's day turns out to be terrific despite its seemingly inauspicious beginnings? The pole dance princess known as Glamourpuss had this happen to her a few days ago - something she richly deserves.

Bland One, at Mattress Police. Diesel and I probably won't see eye to eye when it comes to Jodie Foster's movies. I've enjoyed Ms. Foster's movies over the years, but even though Diesel didn't like The Brave One, I still enjoyed reading his review. And not just because it has the word penis in it.

Speaking of movies, I'm both anticipating and dreading the movie "Twilight." I enjoyed reading the books for the most part and am almost hyperventilating at the thought of watching the first movie in the installment. Yet I'm dreading the possibility that the movie will suck, even though the trailer and other movie scenes released seem promising. I really, really hope the film adaptation of the book doesn't suck.

I've been having Edward Cullen dreams (the book's Edward, not the movie's Edward) since I finished reading the Twilight saga. Still, watching 0:36-0:42 in the film clip below makes me wish he, and not a stupid ant, was the cause of my swollen lip - even though I'm no Bella. *sigh*

Have a bloody good weekend, everyone.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

My end is bloody!!!?! no wonder it's weak .......

Mimi Lenox said...

Rushing to Matt's to cast a love spell on his blog. The wedding will go on. Romance and happiness must prevail in the blogosphere.

I so decree it.

Anonymous said...

Spekaing of bloggers who go on hiatus, I'm glad you are posting regularly again.

Sidney said...

Wow...thanks for the plug...much appreciated Lizza... not really deserving the attention...but it makes me happy!

Have a nice weekend too !

Lizza said...

DaddyP: Thanks for that very vivid image.

Mimi: You know how to cast love spells? Share the secret!

Citizen: Thanks, good to be blogging again.

Sidney: You are more than welcome.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Yes, I am happy you are back. You wee missed, but I'm thinking you know that. Happy BWS!

Photo Cache said...

Thanks for the mention :D.