Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pataasan ng ihi...

...which very roughly translates to "who can piss the highest."

It's when someone thinks he or she is so much better than almost everybody else. This phenomenon occurs worldwide, not just in the Philippines. The pisser believes his or her beliefs are not just better than everybody else's, but that they are the only ones that are right. And woe betide anybody else who even attempts to assert otherwise. Self-serving beliefs of superiority that may fool some people, but which in my opinion just makes them look stupid. Somehow I think they know that, they just refuse to acknowledge it.

You could say I was pissed. [Hahaaa...]

"My beliefs and my practices are truer than yours. Therefore, my way is right and yours isn't. Therefore, I can piss farther and higher than you can."

Jeezus, Joseph and Mary. It just gets my goat whenever I come across this type of people - and sometimes that includes myself. I admit, I can be a condescending bitch at times. I just hope it doesn't happen often; but I know I can count on my dearly beloved friends to put me in my place if I ever exceed the boundaries.

What brought this on? Something I read recently, some jackass who believes himself to be so much more superior than others, who thinks his way is the right way and that others are fools for wanting help or information on doing a certain something the more conventional way. Pontificating and pooh-pooh-ing other people's methods of doing things. Pissing on other people, figuratively speaking.

But enough of that. How are you doing, my dear blog friends? I know I've missed a lot. I hope I can ketchup! :-D


Daddy Papersurfer said...

They don't call me "Dripper" for nothing.

It's so nice to see you again lovely Lizza - bristles an' all


Lizza said...

You know you're welcome to drip here anytime.

You got it right, I was a porcupine when I wrote this post. Still, a cute porcupine.

*Hugs* back.

Terra Shield said...

Hi... It's been awhile :)

Lizza said...

Indeed it has, Terra.

Why are you still awake?!?

(sorry, Mommy mode)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I have no idea what-so-ever what this rant was about. But I would defend to the death your right to confuse me. It is SO good to find you alive and kickin' (or pissin')


Mimi Lenox said...

I know what you mean about self-righteous pompous asses (did the Queen say that?) Yep. She did.

But I'm glad you're here talking to us again. Missed you something fierce.

Ian said...

Lovely to see you again, as always, Lizza. Don't stay out in the cold so long - hang out around the campfire more. We'll sing songs, toast s'mores, and later we're going to perform voodoo rituals targeted at pompous asses (can you bring a goat? Nobody else has one we can slaughter). It'll be great fun.

Travis said...

I almost passed right over ya! Hi!

I have experience with these kinds of people. When you are able not to let them hurt you, then you can truly appreciate how comical they are.

Lizza said...

Bud: Glad you don't mind the confusion! Pissin' all done, though. :-)

Mimi: Pompous self-righteous nailed it right on the head!

How are you, my Queen? Attacked any dressing rooms again lately?

Ian: Hahahaaaa! Your imagery is compelling. Sure, I'll bring the goat...and the beer.

Trav: Hi! You are absolutely right, as usual. Words of wisdom to keep in mind.

H said...

I like the sound of that. Pissing on other people. Rolls rather well in my mouth.

Off I go to piss someone off/ up/ under.

Gumby said...

I have been so negligent in keeping up reading. and writing. seems I'm not the only one. :-)

Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, that kind of attitude pisses me right off, too.


Photo Cache said...

You're gone a month and you come back talking about piss?????

That's trademark Lizza.

Hey welcome back. The blog world is sunnier when you're around.

Burton said...

So great to see you back on the 'sphere. :) Me and Keaton were just lamenting that it's been ages since your last post. But then mine sitings have been selective this past couple of months too. Good to read your voice again!

The Rev. said...

This phenomenon is precisely why I want to pack up and go on an eight month vacation every election year...people absolutely lose their minds when it comes to naming a new President.

"I am voting for [insert name here] because he is right and {insert opponent name here] is wrong. Not only is he wrong, but he is patently, offensively, and blatantly wrong, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a buffoon!"


November can't get here soon enough!

Lizza said...

H: Well, you could never piss me off. Impossible.

Gumby: Yep, we have been most remiss. But I know you had a great time in Mexico!

Puss: Pity the person who pisses you off!

Photo: Awww, thanks. You just made my day brighter.

Burton: I've missed your voice too, though I've visited Thwarting Complacency recently. Keaton's blog of his posts that I like had the Coldplay song "Amsterdam."

Any lake-jumping escapades as of late?

The Rev.: Seems like the whole world is keeping tabs on the U.S. election; I see, hear, or read about it even here! It must be crazy there. Hang in there. :-)