Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lovable daddy

Yes, I'm still alive, for those of you who've been wondering.

I have a bad case of the blogging blahs. Blogging blechs. Whatever. You know what I mean (I hope).

But, during times of blogging darkness, a light shines through. And if it's a sweet, humorous light that makes itself felt, then so much the better.

Like DaddyPapersufer. This old git Englishman is so sweet and funny. His blog is on hold (as of this writing) because its bandwidth has been exceeded. Nevertheless, he was helpful enough to share a blogging tip, one that involved dictionaries and his life-changing experience with phone directories, but I told him I thought I'd like to post something about him.

He's a clever, funny blogger who has just celebrated his six-month blog anniversary. When the blog bandwidth issues get resolved, I hope you hie on over there and read his posts. He and the Terrible Goddess (aka, Lo, the TG) always brighten my day. But be warned! You never know when his posts are 100% truthful (he does have a propensity for intertwining fact and fiction). Though you can usually tell when he's indulging in a bit of fantasy (like when he talks about walking his llama Gertrude -- who's male). In any case, his blog is like getting a bright, refreshing dose of neutrinos.

He's like my honorary daddy (in the virtual way, because I could never pass off as his biological daughter). I enjoy his sense of humor. HUMOUR, that's how he'd spell it.

Plus, rumor has it he sired this adorable specimen of manhood (one of two, the other being Tiggz).

Lovely grin Penfold is wearing there. (Nursemyra, let me know how the phallomancy studies work out when you get Penfold as a research subject.)


Turnbaby said...

I love to pull up Reader and see you've gifted us with some lovely Lizza thoughts. And some pretty yummy eye candy as well ;-)

Lizza said...

Ohhh, thank you for having me on your Reader, Turnbaby. You're on mine too.

Glad to share the eye candy!

Natalie said...

I love that first picture! hilarious. I too have been in blogging blahs. I try to get all fired up again but then I struggle. Cheers to finding our muses.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

I sent Daddy P an invite to be a guest poster on my blog... got to do my part for the homeless ya know.

Photo Cache said...

nice to see you back. kinda miss you.

Kiyotoe said...

Forget what everyone else is saying. I miss you when you're gone and that's all that matters.



kyels said...

Glad to see you are back!


Sidney said...

Glad you are still alive!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Do you think I could make any money hiring Penfold out?
And it's very nice to see that you are starting to spell proper wot like I do.
The TG is beginning to get feelings of vengeance against Blogware - they better watch out!!
Hugs and kisses [of the appropriate kind for honorary daughters]

nursemyra said...

daddyp you could definitely make money hiring penfold out......

iz said...

Your girls are gorgeous! And please don't stop blogging! Some of teh best bloggers seem to be stopping!

Odat said...

I know the feeling about not blogging...i've not had much to say lately either....but I'm glad you've returned with a fascinating story and a very nice pic as well!
Thanks for sharing that!!! yum.

Bond said...


Tammie Jean said...

I will have to pay a visit to your honorary daddy...

penfold said...

Holy schmoley Lizza! I'm blushing up as I type. Thank you loverly lady for your compliments - I'm very flattered - you are gorgeous (did I mention the looking really hot in specs thing? I think I did...).

As for hiring me out, well obviously my beloved Nursie would never have to pay for such 'research' and DP has got a blinkin' nerve suggesting such a thing. Might have to get my Mum to chastise him a tad...

Lizza said...

Natalie: Thanks. Maybe the muses went shopping and didn't tell us.

Paula: That is so kind of you. You do know what you might be getting into, don't you? ;-) Hey, maybe Gertrude and Sammy will get along nicely. Doesn't matter that Sammy's real and Gertrude isn't. :-D

Photo: You're so sweet. Thanks!

Dragon: That goes for you too! Thank you, my dear pal.

Kyels: Thanks!

Sidney: That I am. I'm up to date on your blog, though. Love the photos, as usual. Will make my presence there felt soon.

DaddyP: You have to share the profits with Penfold, you know. Warm hugs and kisses to you too, daddypoo.

Nursie: You get him for free!

Iz: Thank you! I'm not stopping, and I didn't stop visiting other blogs either.

Odat: Must be something in the air, haha. Glad to see you here again, peaceful one.

Yum? Tee hee.

Bond: THANK YOU! ;-)

Tammie Jean: I hope you do, and I hope his site goes back online soon.

Penfold: You're welcome. And yes, I think you mentioned the specs once or twice.

Ooo, someone's going to get his shins kicked again!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Why does everyone always end up trying to kick my shins?
What is the common denominator I wonder?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's a shame my blog is ill today - one of God's little custard pies - oh well.
Warm hugs and kisses - fantastic!

Lizza said...

I hope everything gets fixed soon, DaddyP. Depriving blogworld of your genius(?) is cruel and unusual punishment.

Yep, warm hugs and kisses to you.

Travis said...

I don't do the reader thing. I enjoy clicking on my bookmarks and seeing a shiny new post.

Lizza said...

That's fun too. I still do that sometimes.

Glamourpuss said...

That's no grin, it's a gurn.


They have competitions.



Lizza said...

Yep, the DaddyP avatar is wearing a gurn (I had to google that term, haha).


Penfold the surfer is wearing a grin, isn't he? That don't look like no gurn.