Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Saw the new Harry Potter movie with the kids on Thursday. Meh.

Blogworld Saturday today. In staccato. Enjoy!

The Rising Blogger. Collection of great posts. Many of my blog pals there. Yay!

Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar Blog. Examples of how English is murdered. Informative site. Funny. Fun.

Natalia. Pro-choice. Doesn't want to have little Natalias. Speaks (writes?) her mind. Powerful writer.

Glamourpuss. English pole dancer. Ex-teacher. Terrific writer. Excellent, excellent, breathtaking post about the heaviness of love. And of trying to let go.

Mist1. Vacationer par excellence. Shows off her boobs at the beach. I wonder why, since she admitted to having no boobs to speak of show off. Hilarious post. As usual.

Diesel. Had an epiphany. Jesus Christ has returned as a hero. In the form of Peter Petrelli. Who is my second-favorite Heroes hero next to Hiro. Another funny writer. (Diesel, not Jesus. Or Peter. Or Hiro.) Funny as in ha ha, not funny weirdo. On second thought, maybe that too.

Robert. Testing the waters of Internet dating again. Prolific travel writer/photographer. Living in Buenos Aires and loving it. American. Gay. Hot-hot-hottie!

A lively weekend. My wish for everyone.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Blimey Lizza, it's still Friday here!
I can't keep up with you young things anymore. Have a lovely weekend.
You're obviously over-excited.

Tammie Jean said...

I always like your round-ups (even if I do get them on Friday). Have a great weekend!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks for the feature. I agree with Tammie Jean. It is a MUST READ feature! Enjoy the weekend!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza - Great list as usual. I checked out Glamourpuss. She is a riot. Have a wonderful weekend.

Glamourpuss said...

Hey pet, thanks for the shout out! :-)


mist1 said...

What day is it? Where am I? Why are you staring at my chest?

Robert said...

Big, big besos for calling me hot-hot-hottie!!! I know I can find a boyfriend now :P

Travis said...

You sound busy. Only meh on the Harry Potter eh?


Debo Blue said...

Thanks for continuing to introduce us to your faves.

It's Friday night here in Phoenix. Enjoy your weekend:-)

nursemyra said...

ah Lizza.. my favourite saturday blog... thank you...

and Robert - I have a gorgeous gay son - single and sexy. come on down to the Gimcrack, we'll get you hitched

Diesel said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Lizza! Just the other night Peter and I were eating dinner together and we reached for the bread at the same time. I wonder what that means.

houseband00 said...

Yeah, I heard the new Harry Pot-pot is a bit bleh.

Have a great weekend, too. =)

Lizza said...

DaddyP: You're starting to get to know me. ;-)

Tammie Jean: Thank you! Glad to know you enjoy them. Most of you get them a day early. ;-D

Bud: Thank you very much! Have a good one too, you funny guy.

Mims: That she is. Hope you're having a good one too, my dear friend.

Glamourpuss: My pleasure. :-)

Mist1: It seems to be peeling.

Robert: Well, you are, you know. And if you don't, you should. Big besos to you too!

Travis: It's just that I can't help comparing the Harry Potter movies to the books! And the movies don't do justice, in my opinion. Maybe they should get Peter Jackson to direct the remaining movies in the series.

Debo Blue: It's a not-bad-at-all weekend. Hope you're having a good one too.

Nursemyra: Robert could visit Oz, or you and your son could visit BA! You'd have fun there; I hear Argentine men are yummy. I won't tell Penfold.

Diesel: Oooo, next time you break bread with him, ask him to teleport me to wherever he is. I'm open to joining the Peter Petrelli discipleship.

HB: That it was (for me at least). Hope you're having a good one!

Natalia said...

No Natalitas or Natalitos for me :)


CS said...

An interesting set as always, Lizza. And hey, an award waits for you here!

Mr. Fabulous said...

What? Someone actually watched Harry Potter without having multiple orgasms?

Lizza said...

Natalia: Yep, so I gathered. :-D

CS: Thank you very, very much! Appreciate it mucho.

Mr. Fab: You mean people actually become orgasmic from watching Harry Potter movies?

H said...

It took me three visits on separate days to go through all of them, AND get past work.

Once again. thank you, for a fantastic list.

I see that rising blogger has felicitated our favourite Unreliable Witness. Wah!

Glamourpuss is intense.

I really enjoyed Mist1. She's wicked. She's superb fun.

And Robert. He's cute and he writes well. :-\ which is enviable. And given that he's all for the boys... just a little bit unfair. But I hope he finds an equally eloquent cutie on the net.

hmmm. nice. now to wait for next saturday. ;-)

lizza said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for taking the time to visit them.

Unreliable Witness was bound to end up there sooner or later. He weaves magic with his words. Black magic. :-D

Glamourpuss has a cool Wednesday feature. And she's a pole dancer! Who writes well!

Mist1 is irreverent, humorously so.

About Robert, I know. Buuuut, he's sure to make some guy happy one of these days. Lucky bastard (not Robert, his future BF). :-D

I hope your brain halves aren't giving you hell these days.

Robert said...

You people crack me up :) The search has been very blah so far, but I don't give up easily. Besos!

Lizza said...

"If you build it, he will come."

Promising words, no? :-D Never give up. Abrazos!