Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

I would never disavow a friend because of a lame joke. Unless I was really, really sober. But I thought this one was funny. Happy 07/07/07 Blogworld Saturday, everyone!

Daddy Papersurfer. Eviction is within sight for him because of things he does which he pretends he had no idea he was doing. :-D I never thought DaddyP had it in him to become an unknowing flasher and an unwitting molester of venerable ladies. I dissolved in laughter at the thought of him in the scenario he described, imagining what he was doing in real time.

Mr. Fabulous. I like reading movie reviews sometimes, but his fabulous review of an abomination of a movie of years ago made me laugh. I really disliked that movie (unfair of me, I suppose, since I never saw the whole thing. But the bits and pieces that I did see didn't make me think I missed much.). I like a good love story; my heartstrings are tugged on easily, but this movie? No thanks. I'd rather lie naked on an iceberg.

Silverneurotic. It doesn't take much to make another person feel better. A sympathetic gesture can bring precious results in return, feelings that have no price tag, through words that warm and uplift.

Iz. Anyone who says romance is dead should go read her post. There is romance even when death is involved. Her brand of romance transcends the flowers and chocolate stuff.

It's the Little Things. A bit of fun teasing, revisiting old memories all in good fun, and knowing that a friend from way back is still proving to be a good friend -- these are all good things. Marlayna has had her share of challenges, but she has a wonderful support network. Best of luck to you! (She'll be posting nekkid pics too?? In addition to the preggy pic she posted a few months ago.)

Scott. He has a series of stories posted, and Part 12 is in pictures, among them a most fine-looking canine, a younger Scott looking like he's contemplating jumping off a somewhat high place, and the same younger Scott almost showing off something. Oh, okay. I won't tease. There's a pic of his younger self nekkid. A nekkid pic of a male blog buddy, finally! Haha!

Jenn. What does it take to get a consumer's attention? The quality of the product itself, of course. And packaging. And it doesn't hurt if the person selling it is also eye candy. Jenn loves cheese where she's at, and the side benefits she gets whenever she buys it!

Dan. From cheese, we move to buns. Dan departs slightly from his regular blogging fare to show off his good-looking buns. Asanas done well and regularly result in one fine, firm ASS-ana. Yep, yep, they surely do. Dan has always had a gazillion readers and I'm guessing his foray into HNT (Half-Naked Thursdays) will rocket his standing in blogworld even more! But even if he doesn't show anything else, his readers will remain steadfast because he always tells such wonderful stories. Ladies, stop salivating now! He doesn't show his buns in the buff in that post anyway. He's such a tease.

It rained a lot yesterday, and I'm feeling all cool and warm at the same time, but peaceful and happy. Have a beauteous-buns weekend!


Mimi Lenox said...

"I'd rather lie naked on an iceberg."


Lizza said...

Well, the cold can make things extremely perky. Hope you're feeling better, my dear Queen.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Awww can't I get on this list... I mean after all I'm just such a SEO ho

nursemyra said...

you really know how to cut into my saturday leisure time don't you? how am I going to enjoy the winter sunshine with all these blogs to check out?

H said...

This Daddy Papersurfer and Iz are an absolute riot.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Daddy Papersurfer and Iz are absolute rot!?!?...............hang on.... whoops...........sorry!
Lizza you are a treasure and I don't even like you!.....what is it other people say.....smudges?....mices? ........smooches, yes that's it!

lizza said...

Paula: You're an SEO ho? Haha! Well, you were on this list recently.

Nursemyra: You can cross out one of the names on the list. Hmpf! He doesn't like me anyway. ;-)

H: That they are!

DaddyP: You don't like me? Gasp! You wound me to the quick. I'll go lick my wounds now.

Ok. I've recovered.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Hmmph ....... Goddesses teaming up is a bit more than scary. I'm going to build a shed! and you recovered far too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Those are a pair of buns I'd like to see in the buff. They are splendid. Anyway, great post, Lizza. I love your Saturday Blogworld feature. Thanks for giving those of us in the blogosphere some continuity.

Travis said...

More fun stuff to check out on Saturday - that's what I need!


cathy said...

Just visiting some of dan's commenters in an attempt to find some other gals with interesting blogs and I noticed that we have the same vices. Now I have to find time to visit the other blogs you talked about. Nice to meet you.

Julia Scissor said...

I'm enjoying the rains too because it's monsoon here in India. And guess what, I get to read BS on Sunday because of a power outage courtesy the monsoon!

lizza said...

DaddyP: I have extraordinary recuperative powers when it comes to you. :-)

Gem: Thanks! Seems like Dan did the whole blogging world a favor with that pic. :-)

Trav: Have fun with them! Hope your weekend is going well.

Cathy: Thanks for stopping by. Glad to meet another woman who has the same vices. :-D I'll visit your blog too.

Julia: Glad you have your power back on. We haven't had any outages yet, but I'm sure we'll have one or two when the strong rains come!

Gumby said...

I for one love the Mussilini joke.

Lizza said...

Glad you did, Gumby!

Odat said...

Just went to look at Scott!!! Very nice!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

Lizza said...

Haha! Glad you had fun, Odat.