Friday, June 08, 2007


"So, is anyone in the mood for pizza?"

These were the words I uttered to my three ducklings a few minutes after we stepped out of the hair salon where two of them got their hair cut late this afternoon. I don't know if there's any kid who would say no to pizza; mine certainly don't. Even my littlest one, who was in tears at the time because she didn't like her haircut, forgot all about throwing a tantrum and dried her eyes the moment the word pizza left my lips.

"What kind of pizza are we having?" I asked
"Cheesy Pops!"
"Okay, but we're having it with the Supreme Pan Pizza."
"Why not?"
"We don't like the green stuff on that pizza."
"Green stuff? Those are just bell peppers."
"Can we just have the Bacon Cheeseburger Pan Pizza? With the Cheesy Pops crust? Please, please, pleeeaaaaaase?"

I pull your leg not. Pizza Hut here has Bacon Cheeseburger pizza among others. The Cheesy Pops version is a variant where the crust is sliced, stuffed with three kinds of cheese, and the resulting "pops" attached to each pizza slice.

Not a bad way to spend a few hours. Munching on pizza and pasta, talking with the ducklings about things like the length of Mr. Snuffelupagus' eyelashes, what it would be like if we had hair on our teeth, who has the smelliest fart; seeing them share their Cheesy Pops with each other, dividing the last meatball in the spaghetti. For a few hours nothing in the world existed for me apart from the ducklings' voices, their laughter, their satisfied belches. To hell with problems -- and carb overload. I was one happy mama duck who was momentarily enjoying an unripped spot in the wrinkled fabric of space and time.

Moments like those -- when it feels like I'm in a separate, special place where neither care nor trouble exists, whether I'm with my children or other individuals I love most dearly -- are invaluable. Such moments are almost perfect. The only flaw is that they inevitably come to an end.


Natalie said...

They call it cheezy bites here and it is DELICIOUS. We don't eat pizza hut often because there are way better pizza spots around but sometimes you just want it. I always get cheezy bites with garlic, marinara, and ranch dipping sauces MMMM dipping sauces. Sad how you write this wonderful post about great moments about people you love and I focus on the pizza. Oh well.

penfold said...

But in a way those timeless moments never end too...
The paradox of the moment of perfection.
Got any pizza left - bit peckish...

Lizza said...

Natalie: Lots of great pizza places here too, but the kids wanted cheesy pops. Pizza being part of a perfect moment makes it even more, um, perfect? :-)

Penfold: The memory of a perfect moment lives on, unless one gets Alzheimer's. Sorry, no more pizza. Little ducklings have big tummies apparently.

Scott from Oregon said...

And like all good pizza moments, they come to the end, where you push them away, let them plop on their own, wipe, then flush...

Lizza said...

Ahhh, but in the Philippines (and most other parts of Asia) the end doesn't see us just wiping. We wash. With soap and water. :-D

Aisby said...

We ate Pizza Hut for dinner as well. The family always comes together around a batch of bread sticks.

Pizza Hut is not my favorite, but our Papa John's closed. Garlic butter, yummy!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I have no idea what they serve at our local pizza hut, I rarely ever go. I prefer the Mom and Pop type pizza places...or my parents own pizza.

I'm glad that you were able to spend such an enjoyable evening with your kids, that must have been pretty special to have such a nice relaxing evening.

Kiyotoe said...

pizza hut used to be the SPOT as a kid. Now i can't even remember the last time I've been to one.

and i bet it doesn't seem like it but those are the kinds of moments that kids always remember about their parents too. I'm sure it meant just as much though they wouldn't articulate it as beautifully as you did.

houseband00 said...

Perfect song for that episode, Liz! =)

There really is something about pizza's effect on kids. D and I also had pizza delivered the other day but we had the all-cheese topping and mozzarela stuffed crust. Nothing can top the good mood pizza brings to our household.

kyels said...

Really timeless moments, I'd say. Usually when my brothers and I go out with my parents', we will be chattering all the way too. I guess my parents' must have felt it the way like you did.


Man, I love extra cheese on my pizza!

ian said...

You had me at "pizza."

BTW, love the new template. :)


Wendz said...

I always read your posts on Bloglines - and now I am actually here because I want to comment and I see this fantastic new template. Well done. It is wonderful.

And about the pizza.....I am jealous. I could so go for a cheezy pizza like that, cheese being my biggest sin. (My thighs and belly are nodding in agreement.)

houseband00 said...

Inggitin kita ha. I just had a Chicago deep-dish pizza for lunch at Sbarro's. *burrrp!* =)

Lizza said...

Aisby: You're baaaack! And garlic butter, yummm...I agree.

Silverneurotic: They don't like the pizza places I like. *sigh* But no matter, we all had fun.

HB: They also like the 3-cheese pizza at Brooklyn Pizza. Nag-Sbarro ka kanina? Sarap ng pizza don, at ng baked ziti. Mmmmmm. Hayup!

Kyels: Pizza is magic, haha! Good times.

Ian: Thanks! Now go get one. :-D

Wendz: Thanks! And my thighs and belly are jiggling along with yours. :-D

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: I think you're right. I for one remember the places we went to when I was a kid. Those were fun.

H said...

well odd but somehow, i kept really lizza where people said pizza in your comments. weird.

my darling great cheesy Lizza [no no, it's not meant to be insulting... not in the way it sounds] this is such a lovely wholesome, delicious post!

Your three darling ducklings and you [lizzy pizza, and cheesy Lizza] made for very happy reading this hot afternoon in Delhi. felt like I was there, in that moment.

nice nice nice moment that you've actually made quite permanent through this post. :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Forget the pizza nonsense, what conclusion did you all come to about having hairy teeth? Is this something else I've got to worry about as well as getting my apostrophes in order? You're complicating my life no end and just when I had recommended you to my friend.

Irene said...

Hi Lovely Lizza! What a coincidence! I am right now sharing a pizza with my little boy. YUM! ;p

Turnbaby said...

Great memories can come from the simplest things.

Mmmmmm Pizza---I had some earlier this week--a humongous Brooklyn style slice--it was alsmot pornographic is was so good ;-)

Love the new template as well sugar


Matt-Man said...

Great post. I had lunch with my son yesterday and it was the best hour that I had all week. Cheers Lizza.

Sony said...

But if those perfect moments never ended, then they wouldn't be so special to us, nor so sweet in memory. :)

Isn't it nice when those moments surround us and the world falls away to reveal a glimpse of paradise?

And yes, there would be a Pizza Hut in paradise. Commercial fair yes, but I'm a fan of the Meat Lovers pizza and the breadsticks are symbols of gluttony dipped in marinara-flavored gluttony. I love it!

Photo Cache said...

my rule is when you eat pizza with kids, the calories dont count.

i have always been partial to canadian bacon and pineapple (aka hawaiian). although lately some wise guy thought of dumping anything and eveything on the dough.

my new fave is the simple one---margherita.

Michael C said...

Wow, that sounds so delicious. Is there a better marriage of foods than bacon and cheese?

Witness Street said...

What a beautifully-written post. Lizza, you just wrote the epitaph for the death of my bachelorhood.

If I ever have kids who want Chickenjoy-flavored pizza, I'll ask Pizza Hut, or Jollibee, to offer just that. I can't imagine disappointing kids. And as I can see, you did perfect.

Two more things. First, the tagboard didn't publish my comment on how your new design spilled loads of dripping Cadbury on my computer table. Second, I am out tomorrow at the Philippine Grandstand to cover the "Run for Peace". Let me know if you're interested, but yeah it's Sunday so what awful timing, eh?

Cheers! :)

Prometheus said...

Beautiful scene, Liz. This one is a painting (titled Mama Duck with Ducklings and Pizza) in text.

Pizza and San Miguel. Aaahh! Here's to carb overload and smelly beer farts.

Travis said...

Cheezy bites - we either get that crust or cheese stuffed crust. Pizza doesn't solve any problems, but it sure does make it easy to put them on hold for an hour or two, doesn't it?

Maryanne Moll said...

Hey, your new template is nice! I have been away for too long. Because of my three-week break from work, I got three weeks worth of backlogs.

But at least, in the meantime there's pizza.

So nice to have your blog to read at this rather chaotic time in my life when my apartment is covered with papers and files and faxes and, well, pizza.

Bond said...

LIZZA..what a great post ...those times are wonderful and we need to cherish them in our hearts forever

Tammie Jean said...

That sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening, Lizza!

Tammie Jean said...

By the way - I love your new look!

CS said...

Pizza is good for your soul, I think. And that kind of realed dinner, where you have nothing to do but eat pizza and talk with the kids - magic.

Lizza said...

H: Just don't make lizza rhyme with pizza, please. :-D Thanks, sis. You know I love seeing you here.

DaddyP: All I can say is don't forget to pack your toothbrush. Your remaining tooth will thank you for it.

Irene: Welcome back! You sure were gone a long time. Pizza, yum.

Turnbaby: Did you just say porn??? Mmmmmm. :-D

Matt: Pizza and kids, magical. Hope you didn't introduce him to green WIR! :-D

Sony: But...gluttony would land us in hell. However, if there's pizza there (and beer)...I wouldn't say no. :-)

Photo: I've never tasted margherita pizza. Gotta. Find. One.

Michael: Probably, but who cares? Bacon and cheese are fantabulous.

Migs: I'm not at all sorry for the chocolate on your keyboard. But I am sorry I missed the Run for Peace event. Hope you'll post about it on your blog!

Prometheus: It's such a treat to see you here once again. Cheers! But not to farts. :-D

Travis: Oh, yeah. Pizza makes a good temporary force field.

Maryanne: Haha! Bon appetit. I'll get to your tag soon.

Bond: And we will. I'm sure you have lots of such memories cached in mind and heart.

Tammie: Oh, yes. And it's so good to see you again. You had a hiatus; looking forward to reading what you've been up to.

CS: Most definitely. The pizza was good, the conversation was infinitely better.