Saturday, June 02, 2007

Blogworld Saturday for Peace

Blogworld Saturday this week is dedicated to Mimi Lenox's Dona Nobis Pacem initiative, also known as Blog Blast for Peace. Which, if you think about it, is actually for all of us.

If you're the type of person who gets his (or her) jollies from making other people miserable, go away. If, however, you're someone who believes war, strife and turmoil are overrated -- in other words, if you advocate peace -- why not sign a Peace Globe to express it? Just go to Mimi Writes for all the info you need: from how it all started to maps that indicate the locations of participants in many countries... and to download a Peace Globe like this one if you wish to submit your own:

Sign your name on it, dress it up or down the way you want to. Blog Blast for Peace isn't a contest. It's a fun, easy, yet meaningful way to creatively express your thoughts on peace in tandem with other bloggers all over the world. Non-bloggers are likewise invited to participate. Email your submission to Mimi: and watch all the Peace Globes fly all over cyberspace on June 6, 2007. Mine is on its way to her.

Oh, sowers of misery? On second thought, don't go away. Blog Blast for Peace is for you, too.

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Mimi Lenox said...

Wonderful post, Lizza. My favorite line is the punchine at the end!
You do have a way with words, Miss Lovely.

I love the idea that peace globes is about and for all of us - not a contest or a gimmick. The first one was magical....well, you were there, you know! ....this time, my big surprise has been that veteran peace bloggers have flown their globes continuosly since the last one. They've also taken it upon themselves to initiate the cause in posts - such as this one.

Blogpride is rampant about now.
This event always makes me find hope in the human race. It has truly been an amazing journey for me!


Thank you for dedicating your much anticipated Saturday Blogworld to Dona Nobis Pacem.

Peace, my friend...

Terra Shield said...

Hear! Hear!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm thinking about this one - I am averse to jumping on band wagons but I'm not a sower of misery. The TG might disagree of course......I'm still thinking. OK I've thought [I'm actually sitting here scratching my chin].OK nearly there. Right,... it's too big a catchall for me. I feel it dilutes something very important. Forgive me Lizza. Thank heavens for your last sentence! Sitting on this fence gets really painful sometimes.

Lizza said...

Mimi: Thanks. I wish I could do more. :-) I see there are lots of new ones, they look beautiful.

Terra: Thank youuuu. :-)

DaddyP: Haha! No worries. Some people like to place those "Make Poverty History" or something like that on their blogs, some like creating Peace Globes. :-) The message is positive, in any case.

Want some ointment for your bum? ;-)

Annelisa said...

Great post Lizza... I'm glad I'm not sitting on the fencepost (too painful!)

Look forward to your post on Wednesday! :-)

Scott from Oregon said...

Well, tell those "other guys" to behave! I didn't start it!

I have a peas unearthed T-shirt. Can I wear that?

Travis said...

Those pesky sowers of misery - maybe we can convert one or two this week.

CS said...

I'm so technically unskilled, but I will give this a shot - thank goodness I still have a couple of days.

zeroimpact said...

Peace to all

Lizza said...

Annelisa: Thanks. Looking forward to yours, too.

Scott: Sure! I want one of those, send me one. :-D

Travis: Haha! That sure would be nice.

CS: So am I. Just have fun with it.

ZI: Back at ya. ;-)

Sony said...

Very awesome. It nice to just think of something grand and joyful and beyond oneself for a few minutes. Thanks for giving me something to think about and smile about today. :)

Lizza said...

It's good to see you here again, Sony. I hope the funk is lifting.

H said...

Tangentially, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday - 2nd October is now being declared as the International Day of Non-Violence. Which is a very nice thought.