Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fan Fab Mail

A few weeks ago, the fabulous blogger Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel and an expert on topics such as life and scurvy (a terrific post, by the way) announced he was mailing out postcards he had purchased to anyone who wanted one. The only catch was he was going to write "hideously inappropriate" messages on them. So of course, I begged requested him to send me one.

This is the postcard's front image, which I thought was totally cool. (Click on images to enlarge in a new window.)

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And this was the message Mr. Fab scrawled at the back:

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Apparently Mr. Fab loves dogs a little too much. He's still fabulous, but the people at the post office might not think so -- his great complexion notwithstanding.

Thanks again, Mr. Fab! That sure beat the heck out of the regular mail that I get.


Daddy papersurfer said...

I don't know what to say - perhaps get a telescope and look through it the wrong way.

Kiyotoe said...



I didn' he.....


houseband00 said...

Pati pala aso walang taste. =)

ian said...

Yeah, totally walang taste! *snicker* I hope that means nasty, because EWWWWWWW!

Funnier than two monkeys fucking a football though. :)


Lizza said...

DaddyP: I've got to try that.

Kiyotoe: Haha! First time I've ever seen you at a loss for words.

HB: The dog didn't have any say in it!

Ian: I laughed my ass off at the postcard. But don't let Odat hear you talking about monkeys that way. :-D

Michael C said...

I'm laughing, but trying to eat dinner at the same time. I'm no longer hungry ;-)

Parlancheq said...

OMG! The folks at the post office must have gotten a hoot out of that one.

Also, I just tagged you. (Tagging post link) Try not to hate me because of the tagging. :)

Lizza said...

Michael: That's a good thing if you're one a diet. If you aren't...sorry. :-)

Parlancheq: I'm sure they did. Your tag answers are funny! I'll post my answers soon.

nursemyra said...

maybe we should all send you an inappropriate postcard.

that would really give the post office something to talk abour

H said...

ooooh this nursemyra has some very nice ideas.

By the way... did your kids perchance ask mommy the meaning of 'complexion'?

Wendz said...




right then. that was unique...glad he doesn't have my address though...cripes!


CS said...

Probably the sort of thing that leads postal wirkers to bring in guns!

I once bigged a friend to send me a postcard from somewhere he was viiting and got one that said, "Here's your fucking postcard. Happy now?" I was.

Debo Blue said...

It takes a sick mind to be that creative!

I should try something like that.

Naw, it'll be my luck that the Feds come looking for me for violating public obscenity laws.

That happened once you know. I sent a postcard of me at the BEACH and they sent me a note asking that I never display my body like that.


Matt-Man said...

Nothing like good beastiality humor. Cheers!!

Sanni said...

Once again, I can´t breathe.
I always wondered if our postman (or better: people at the postoffice in general) read the postcards. If so: Too bad I can´t see their facial expression reading THIS one!

Lizza said...

Nursemyra: If it came from you, everybody in the post office would want to migrate to Oz.

H: I didn't show it to the little ones, haha!

Wendz: Haha! Well, I did ask for the postcard. Mr. Fab's all blustery, but he's really a sweetheart.

CS: Haha! Now that was one cool postcard.

Debo: Hahaha! I do so LOVE your sense of humor, sistah.

Matt: I know. Depravity has its unparalleled moments. Cheers!

Sanni: Ohh, it would be so fun to find out!

Travis said...

Now that's gonna leave a mental scar for a long time.

lizza said...

Yep, poor postal workers! :-D

Turnbaby said...


Yours was great. Cheesy is a postal worker and she left a comment on mine saying that they LIVE for this stuff. Don't know about my post man though. He hasn't been abck at work since LOLOL

Lizza said...

Haha! He must've been traumatized.