Monday, April 02, 2007

Manic Monday #8: Branch (and Gumby's song meme)

Before anything, let me thank Gumby for calling me his favorite Filipina blogger (maybe because I'm his only Filipina blog pal). This sweet guy was my first gay blog buddy, and he remains a good buddy to this day. So I'm passing Gumby's meme on to Marc (but Daddy Papersurfer can do this too, if he wants), Houseband00, Odat, Ian, Mimi, Ghostrose, and ZeroImpact. If you guys are doing this, remember that you're supposed to cite seven songs/CDs you've listened to recently and to tag seven others to do the meme. Oh, and mad, mad applause and a virtual ticker tape parade for the first one who can figure out how this post relates to Morgen's Manic Monday theme this week: the word "branch" (or any other form of the word, e.g. branched, branching, etc.).

Random musings of mine come from poetry sometimes, from poets such as Pablo Neruda. Poetry readings from the CD Il Postino give me the shivers, such as Ralph Fiennes' narration of Neruda's Ode to the Sea. Give us this day our daily fish. If I can't have the sea every day, let me have my poetry fix.


Almost everyone can probably relate to this song's title: Life is Short, by Butterfly Boucher. Well, it is, isn't it? Except when you're standing in line for something.


Now it just occurred to me that James Blunt and I share the same birthday, although he's about a gazillion years younger (and inestimably more famous) than I am. I like most of the songs in his album Back to Bedlam, including Tears and Rain. Because I'm just a big crybaby who also happens to love the rain.


Cry, by Alex Parks, sure hits the spot when I'm in an emo mood (which is often). Now I'm getting all teary-eyed listening to this song again. I cry at almost everything -- including this song -- even when I don't have my period.


Here is another clip from the Il Postino CD: this time it's Madonna reading Neruda's poem If You Forget Me. I think this is a poignant poem, beautiful yet perhaps full of false bravado. But... maybe Madonna should forget oral interpretation of poetry and stick to singing and dancing. :-)


Every once in a while I learn about a musician whose songs I'd never heard before. But when I hear the song(s) I feel a connection. Case in point: a dear friend introduced me recently to an utterly beautiful but sad song by Maria Mena. I loved it, so I looked up some of her other songs. I found myself very much liking quite a few of them, including Just Hold Me. I think this one's a simple song that nevertheless has a level of thought-provoking complexity. Or maybe that's just me.


So... last but not the least, we come to the song that ends my version of this meme. I like Coldplay's Yellow because prior to hearing this song, I had never before associated the color yellow with love and courage. I had always thought that yellow denoted cowardice. But maybe this song, when taken in the yellow-is-for-coward context, suits me, because I can be so chickenshit even when I'm double-, triple-, or quadruple-dared.

*****end of post*****


Lizza said...

Btw, to those I tagged, you don't have to be anal the way I am and link to the songs you choose. You can just write the song title and artist. :-)

Travis said...

It's early yet in my neck of the woods for the MM post. And I'm scratching my head trying to figure out the branch theme here. But, since I still have a whole day to work on it, I'm sure I'll come up with it!

American cavalry troops in the west wore yellow acorn bands on their hats - I've always thought of yellow as a courageous color because of that.

houseband00 said...

And yellow was a symbol of the EDSA Revolution.

Thanks for tagging me, Liz. =)

ian said...

Well, heck, now I'm definitely going to have to do this one. You're the second or third person now to tag me. I feel so pop-yoo-lar!


Lizza said...

Travis: Interesting bit of American history. Thanks! Looking forward to your MM post.

HB: Now how could I have forgotten that bit of local history? :-)

Ian: That you are, my newly-shorn friend, that you are.

Odat said...

OK, OK, I'll do it!!! lol.
I'm going to listen to all your songs later...cause I'm getting ready for work now...but I do like one of them right off, James Blunt.
Thanks for the tag! hehe.

Daddy papersurfer said...

A poem just for you -

I am a caterpillar
It really is a farce
I climb up into the trees
And slide down on my hands and knees

I know ........... say nothing

lizza said...

Odat: Yay, you're going to do it! Hope you have a good day at work.

Daddy Papersurfer: I'm laughing hard here. Enough said. ;-)

Danielle said...

Great music. I did my very first Manic Monday today.

Best wishes

Turnbaby said...

It's driving me nuts!! Thanks for the great tunes btw--I got tagged by Songbird to do this but am having terrible trouble finding links to the tunes I am listening to. Love Neruda! Oh my that first poem....

Mine's up *giggling*it's a little 'dark' again.


Morgen said...

Janis Joplin also associated YELLOW with love/joy/happiness.
If you think about it - it is a happy color!
Have a Yellow Day!
Manic Mo

Comedy + said...

Loved the tunes.

lizza said...

Danielle: Thanks! I so enjoyed reading your first Manic Monday post. Welcome aboard!

Turnbaby: You know I love your dark stories. Will go and read posthaste!

Mo: Yep, it's a sunny, happy color. Thanks for dropping by, and happy MM!

Comedy+: Thanks. Laughed at your video. :-)

Matt-Man said...

I associate yellow with bodily fluids...But that's just me. Cheers!!

lizza said...

Bodily fluids???? Ewww, Matt. :-D

penfold said...

Thanks for the tag - haven't I told you about encouraging my father before...?
It'll end in tragedy!

Natalie said...

I think a Meme inherently includes Branch because it starts with one person and branches out all over the blogosphere. What do you think about that?


Natalie is sharp! She always has interesting posts...Me? I'm not sure...

Sanni said...

If You Forget Me

I want you to know
one thing.

You know how this is:
if I look
at the crystal moon, at the red branch
of the slow autumn at my window,
if I touch
near the fire
the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log,
everything carries me to you,
as if everything that exists,
aromas, light, metals,
were little boats
that sail
toward those isles of yours that wait for me...

*sigh* =)

Robinson K. said...

Yellow was my favorite color in childhood. I've since abandon it, as an adult. I tried to listen to Cold Play, but could. I'll have to come back, and listen to that and others. Great post.

Diesel said...

Did you know that Chris Martin added the word "Yellow" to the song after he had already written most of the rest of it? I guess the word doesn't really have any significance in the song; it just seemed to fit.

Laurzei said...

Good gosh, girl! I thought I was anal! I'm not even sure I would even know how to link to songs! Very cool tunes. I didn't even know what emo meant until my daughters told me last year!

Michael C said...

I've been listening to a lot of Jimmy Buffett lately. The tropical mood feels really good...until i get to work.

Lizza said...

Marc/Penfold/Papersurfer/Whatever: Looking forward to reading your list!

Do you ever wonder if your son will be saying 30 or so years from now the same thing you're saying about your dad? :-D That would be so cool.

Natalie: Smart guess, I didn't even think about it that way. I like the way you think.

Amazing Gracie: I agree, Natalie is a sharp cookie. Thanks for visiting!

Sanni: *sigh* Poetry like that just melts me. Pick me up off the floor, please.

Such a romantic (and terrific) guess!

Robinson K.: Thanks! I had several favorite colors when I was a kid. Some of them are still my favorites to this day. Thanks for dropping by, and hope to see you here again.

Diesel: I didn't know that, thanks for the info. Now my mind is having fun wondering what other words he could've used instead of "yellow."

Laurz: I didn't know how to link to songs either until fairly recently. But it's fun to do. :-)

Michael: Awww. Work can be such a tiresome four-letter word sometimes...if you don't like doing it. :-)

How does this post relate to this week's MM theme, the word "branch"? Just look at the first letter of each paragraph. :-D Thanks for guessing!

zeroimpact said...

I love the rain too
Was just caught in one yesterday
Heh heh heh

Shari said...

I had to laugh at houseband's comment. But then, yellow is really attributed to the Aquinos especially when they like to make a statement. ^_^

And Yellow's the only song I know from your list. :D

Sanni said...

Impressive! Very cool done, Lizza!

Natalie said...

The paragraphs spell branches, nice work. Very cryptic.

Lizza said...

ZI: It rained there? I envy you.

Shari: You can probably tell that politics isn't one of my fields of interest. (I realize it's one of your interests, though.) Hope you're having a good week!

Sanni: Thanks! Just thought I'd try it. :-)

Natalie: Thanks. :-) It was fun to do.

penfold said...

(re: my son saying the same things about me as I do about my Dad)
I do hope so...

Tammie Jean said...

Hi Lizza! I'll have to listen to the songs when I get home (jamming here in my cubicle would most likely be frowned upon). But I just read how your post relates to the meme, and I am in awe of your creativity - very cool!

Lizza said...

Penfold: The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. :-)

Tammie: Thanks! I hope you like the songs, too.

H said...

But I am so dense with music. So I can't even comment on this one. But Neruda is just pure butter. And I love Coldplay. l-o-o-o-o-o-v-e.

Lizza said...

Butter, exactly. Smooth, delicious...and non-fattening.

H said...


Gumby said...

Sorry it took so long to check out your 7 recordings. I am so looking forward to 2 weeks from now when I start having free time again!

Good job with the meme!

Lizza said...

H: You know what I mean. ;-)

Gumby: Thanks for the tag! And don't work too hard now!