Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Week's end again
So, Blogworld Saturday.

[Okay, I know that sucked the big one for your six-word story-writing initiative, Turnbaby. I'll try to do better next time.]

Here's a round-up for just some of the many blog posts that I've enjoyed the past couple of weeks. I hope you guys like 'em too.

-Never regret anything that made you smile. This was part of Odat's most recent post. Short, simple, sweet, and true.

-Condescension is such a bitch. I just hate it when people say with utmost authority and conviction what you should or shouldn't be feeling or thinking. Sure, the intention might be good, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. CS described it in a post much more effectively and eloquently than I could ever do.

-Sher acknowledged what it's like to live with a monster known as OCD. Through her stories and her humor, she hopes to bring a measure of comfort to readers who might be in the same boat.

-Migs' otherwise healthy sister sometimes suffers epileptic seizures. Here he gives a touching, touching account (and poignantly written, as always) of just being there for her in one of her darkest hours.

-Wendz admitted that she isn't the most motherly of mothers. But that doesn't mean she doesn't adore her two boys to bits and pieces. I agree with her, it sure is puzzling how some parents seem to have absolutely no love for their kids. Some of Wendz's posts can shock, some can be hilarious. But you can be sure that there's almost always a raw and honest passion running through them.

-Marlayna recently took a road trip with her children to a small town to scout for somewhere to move to. All I can say is that the town she stumbled open seemed to come straight out of a creepy novel...or the unpleasant part of the Twilight Zone.

-Laurzei has such a sweet, heartwarming way with words, as this post shows. I could practically feel what she was feeling when she was writing this; the emotions just reached out and grabbed me.

-I just feel all happy inside when things come to fruition for people I like. For instance, Gale Martin. This talented writer has always been very supportive; she's been a much-appreciated presence in my blog world for so many months now. I'm so glad that good things have been happening both in her professional and personal life.

I'll see you again next week, people. Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! Don't do anything this weekend that you'll regret next week. :-D


Bond said...

wow it is Saturday... what happened to Friday.. OOPS never mind. it is YOUR Saturday.. mine is still to come... sheesh i get all comfuzzled sometimes...

Happy Easter...

Turnbaby said...

LOL Lizza--I think the main candidate for the "regrets" category will be Matty at about noon tomorrow *giggling* or maybe poor Schmoop.

Come on--I know that wonderful mind of yours can do this one.

CS said...

Thanks, Lizza! I seemed to have sturck a nerve with that one, so it must just be a universal experience. I had read Wednz's post, and that was also something I think most if us (at least, in that case, those of us with kids) can relate to. I'll check out the others you listed. Happy Easter - I know you're probably sleeping in right now!

Sanni said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, Lizza - let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits!


Lizza said...

Bond: The time difference can be confusing, I know.

Turnbaby: I WILL do it. I like it too much not to. :-D

CS: I didn't get the chance to sleep in, so I made up for it later. Was goood. :-D

Sanni: Happy Easter to you too! Luis' picture was so cute.

Sidney said...

Happy Easter! Enjoy your vacations!

Debo Blue said...

I visited two of those on the lists and they're so awesome!

Makes my site look and feel all boring.

I actually left comments and didn't lurk this time so if you get any msgs about some of the people you send over, don't blame me:-)

Happy Easter!

Lizza said...

Sidney: Thanks! Hope you had a great one.

Debo: Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed a couple of them.

And nope, your site doesn't look and feel boring at all.