Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seek and You Shall Find...Crap Online

According to Yaxlich, a Googlie is a search phrase entered into Google to find someone's site. (But what if the searcher uses other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN? What then, Yaxlich? Huh? Huh?)

Several other bloggers have posted about search terms that led people to their blogs. May I then present my own site's googlies? Some of them are good for a laugh. If there's one thing I can say though, it's that people are strange.

woman find flatulence fun. You know, Searcher dear, there's a difference between finding something fun and finding something funny. Find it!

If I'm facing land Mimi will come and see me. Okay, I think I get this one. Mims, could you please put your sweet boyfriend out of his misery and tell him that he can turn his face to other things now because you'll be seeing him again in a few weeks?

his friends give me weird looks he looks away when I glance. Nobody ever gives me weird looks. Except my friends. And I know that they love me--they just don't want to be caught dead admitting it.

he kisses my ass but I'm still unhappy. Searcher, tell him to kiss you somewhere else then, somewhere that'll make you happy.

a woman turned around and touching her bum. Lots of reasons why a woman might be compelled to turn around and touch her bum. You won't find the answer here, though.

see my [something] blog. I don't want to type that something word here. :-) In any case, that part of my anatomy doesn't blog! At least I don't think it does.

see me wank. *chuckle chuckle* Sorry to disappoint you again, Searcher. You won't see any wanking here either--unless you're looking for a metaphor for something like mental or literary onanism.

what is lizza. If our dear Searcher finds the answer to this one, I sure hope (s)he comes back to tell me. I'd like to know too.


Prometheus said...

Hey, at least you get interesting googlies. The googlie for Mims was spooky though, wot?

Pinay in Barnsley said...

Gash... I am tempted to post my searches.

I am tellin u, u ain't heard 'sick' like em...

Combination of Pinay & Barnsley proves positively twisted & lethal..

Sanni said...

He kisses my ass but I´m still unhappy?!?! Oh my... *LOL* What about him?!

houseband00 said...

Lizza, ha. =)

Ano ba yan? Nakailang beer ka kagabi? =)

mist1 said...

I want to know what part of your anatomy doesn't blog.

Steven Novak said...




lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

you know whats fun and silly to do ? type in your name and looks like in the search box with quotation marks.

e.g. "debbie looks like a"

these are what i got in return on the first page.

- Debbie looks like a spicy, punky Aghneta Falstkog.
- Debbie looks like a woman trying to be Barbie.
- Debbie looks like a goddess
- Debbie looks like a movie star
- Debbie looks like a tight-assed kid
- Debbie looks like a pretty cool person
- Debbie looks like a rag doll spinning in space

Terra Shield said...

This is cute... I'm inspired to check mine out...

Anyway, what I conclude from here is :
a) People are perverted
b) Some have way too much time
c) Visitor trackers are cool gadgets.

Personally my favourite is 'what is Lizza'

Lizza said...

Prometheus: Spooky in a romantic sort of way.

Barnsley babe: Haha! Maybe you should. Let's see them!

Sanni: That my friend, is a good question. :-D

HB: Anong kinalaman ng ininum ko kagabi at ang mga tinatype ng ibang tao that lead them here? :-)

M1: Something found down there. Click on the link if you really want to know.

Steve: Hahaha! You nut. ;-)

Deb: Yours were fun, haha! I didn't get much for Lizza, so I typed "Liz looks like" and got things like:

-Liz looks like a rockstar with slurpees
-Liz looks like someone sprinkled her with magic
-Liz looks like she throws up in her mouth a little at the end of each sentence

and my favorite:
-Liz looks like a dude.


Terra: You are very astute. And that was my favorite too. :-)

H said...


my favourites are

A woman turned around and touching her bum which is a grammatical masterpiece.


See my [something] blog because someone else who's obviously multi-dexterous is obviously looking for a very unusual blog-mate.

Oh!!! I'm still laughing. this is absolutely fantastic!

Odat said...

LOL...Good idea to post these and funny too...I've got some winners too...I'll have to take the time and gather them. Thanks for the laugh!

Odat said...

LOL...Good idea to post these and funny too...I've got some winners too...I'll have to take the time and gather them. Thanks for the laugh!

Kyels said...

I guess the global network does have lots of crappy things.

Lizza said...

I got another gem of a googlie. Hahahaha!

H: That was certainly funny. But what if it's true? Maybe it creeps out from under the sheets, makes its way to my computer, and writes a blog! I wonder what name it uses. Clytie? :-D

Odat: It'd be interesting to see what yours are. Glad you had a good laugh out of mine.

Kyels: True, true. But if they can make a person laugh, then it's okay.

thepinkangel said...

oh how fun!! yours were funny.

now you have me going to see what mine are....only I have to figure out how you did it first.

Lizza said...

Hi Rach! It's pretty easy. You just have to create a free account at tracker sites like or Put the code they give into your blog template and then you can see details about your site's visitors. Hope that helps!

Natalie said...

I havne't checked mine since my computer blew up. Time to go see what crazies are doing.

Mr. Fabulous said...

It's still okay if I wank WHILE I am reading your blog, though, right?

Turnbaby said...

LOL--cool beans Lizza---LOVE the new look btw--so light and fresh!

Tammie Jean said...

Oh how fun! I'll have to try this out...

Lizza said...

Natalie: I think you'll find that the crazies are as crazy as ever. :-)

Mr. Fab: Uhhhh... [small voice] okay. ;-)

Turnbaby: Thanks, sugar! Or should I say...Randy Hootchie? ;-)

Tammie Jean: Do! Lotsa fun. :-D

H said...

Or Gloria. which always reminds me of a very glamourous starlet with a big frizzy hairdo.


enough said :-P

Lizza said...

Gloria??? Hahaha! Okay, enough said then. :-D

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich thinks Lizza's Googlies are very funny. He is envious because he hasn't had any good ones for ages.

A Googlie is a Googlie regardless of its origins. An MSNie somehow doesn't sound the same.

Lizza said...

My Googlies are a bit too crazy. I hope the crazies go back to haunting Yaxlich's site instead of mine. :-)