Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Budding Genius?

I mentioned cotton buds in my previous post. Here's a photo of the pack of cotton buds I have in the bathroom:

cotton buds
There are a couple of things that are so wrong here:
  • The name of the product. Being tickled produces an involuntary reaction in most people. I really think making any sudden movements (such as those resulting from tickling) is not a wise thing to do when one has a foreign object inside a bodily orifice. And get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking about ears here.
  • The product's tag line. Did the person who came up with this itty-bitty attempt at a memorable line have cotton stuffing where his or her brain should be? Did he or she really think that babies can not only read, but that they do their shopping for personal hygiene products themselves? Alternatively, if he or she wasn't referring to babies literally, how dare they call me baby? The fact that I'm just one big crybaby doesn't give them the right to call me "baby." That right is reserved solely for other big babies like me.

Oh... right.

I think I need a beer. Too much thinking. Must. Drink. Now.


Matt-Man said...

I thought Tickle Buds were those bumpy things on condoms!!

Kyels said...

Tickle Buds ... At first I thought it was something else!

Kamusta po kayo?


Debo Blue said...


Lizza not only are you not a crybaby, you've been TAGGED on my blog. Hehehe!

Bond said...

hope you had a few beers... answering both posts.. me thinks you are trying to push things into cracks in your keyboard gave you way too much pleasure!

zeroimpact said...

A dozen san mig pale please

Kiyotoe said...

the bumpy things on condoms???

lol. wow.

cheers lovely. Save me a couple.

Lizza said...

Matt: Once again you nearly made me spew my beverage. And I just cleaned my keyboard, dammit!

Kyels: Mabuti naman po, salamat. I hope all is well with you. :-)

Debo Blue: But I yam a big crybaby, I yam. I will head over to your blog. Thanks!

Bond: You're probably right. The sadist in me peeks out once in a while.

ZI: Cheers! A dozen? Okay, we'll share. :-)

Kiyotoe: So the condom bumps aren't just that anymore--they're tickle buds. Cheers!

H said...

Yeah. growl. And I'll take a bloody amry flavoured pacifier, while you're on the beer.


H said...

bloody mary.

gosh, this baby can't even spell!

Odat said...

Well, I, for one, think that the name is cute....Tickle Buds....
(maybe TickleMeElmo uses them too).
Altho I agree with you Lizza, why?? and what do they tickle? hehe.

Sidney said...

Maybe this cotton buds company will hire you to design their new package.

Lizza said...

H: Growl. A bloody mary-flavored pacifier sounds fearsome.

Odat: That is one of the universe's unsolved mysteries.

Sidney: Poor things. They'll go bankrupt if they do that.

mist1 said...

I don't mind being called baby. Also, I don't mind if my buds are tickled.

lizza said...

Ahhh, I (generally) agree. But for me, it depends on who does the calling and the tickling.

Prometheus said...

Buncha pervs, dat bud company.

GhostRose said...

You didn't mention the sugery pink packaging...how cute. Also very patronising. :-)

Lizza said...

Prometheus: Pervs are at least good for a laugh. Lame-asses usually aren't. :-)

Ghostrose: Cute makes me think of retarded rabbits. :-)

CSL said...

This remind sme of the Prozac they are marketing for women now for PMS. It's just Prozac but they put it in pink packaging. How condescending is that? And recently when I went to get a phone with my new cell phone plan, he said I could get one in metal (silver) or pink, bt they were out of metal and would pink be okay. Did I look like a 17 year old girl to him? I'm not walking around with a pink phone. Yeesh.

Lizza said...

Haha! Lots of women (and men!) like pink, but I don't see you as the pink kind of woman. I think you're right, though: gender-color stereotypes suck.