Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Remember the feeling you get after a particularly good but heavy meal? When every limb seems to weigh a ton, the eyelids are so heavy you can barely keep them open because you're so replete, and it seems like you're stuck in a deliciously timeless moment of sweet languor? That's how I feel sometimes when I read your blogs. Whether the topic is serious -- or seriously funny, it's still a lip-smacking treat to read.

Yes, it's Saturday morning here already. And you know what I usually post on Saturdays.

-You're on a plane; you're taking a nap on your journey to somewhere. You wake up next to a corpse. How would you react? Here's what Michael would do.

-Feeling the effects of being in one's cups one too many times and having small cups are two of the things that Mist1 and I have in common. One of the many differences between us is that she uses a sleep mask sometimes and I don't. But if I ever find myself needing to, I don't think I'd do it quite the way she did.

-Being a woman is a funny and exasperating thing. Yet we should celebrate our womanhood, as Laurzei did recently. Guys, don't forget to celebrate the women in your lives, too.

-Odat always makes me smile with her posts. She is a sunny, sunny person -- even when she's complaining about something. Case in point: her Ode to Spring. Which can also be the literary equivalent of flipping the bird at crappy weather.

-Odat likes monkeys, I've had a chuckle or two over some monkeys. What I didn't know was that Yaxlich is a brass monkey. He didn't realize he was one either, until one extremely cold day.

-It still boggles my mind to think that a terrific blogger like The Thinker is so young. She's so young that she still goes to a pediatrician for her health issues. Her well-written and endearing post about a visit to her doctor to get some shots provokes both sympathy and laughter.

-Natalie wrote that memory is a complex structure that helps shape who we are. Each of us remembers things differently; maybe that's why "truth" seems so subjective sometimes. What's sad is that so many memories remain locked within, perhaps forgotten forever.

-Natalia's brain hurts, and she's glad it does. The brain pain comes from thinking, and would that people do it more! She has a mental strength and willpower that I envy. I could take a page from her book.

Have a yummy weekend, everybody. See you again next week!


Phoenix said...

lizzie: Great links as ever!


Natalie said...

Awww thanks for putting me up. I'm checking the others I haven't read right now.

Danielle said...

I know of Odat and Natalie's greatness and will discover the others.
Thanks for the links.

Enjoy your day.

Tammie Jean said...

Wow, you threw me off a bit when I saw "Blogworld Saturday" - I forget about the time difference!
I always love your picks... I'll have to check these guys out :)

CSL said...

Good links as always, Lizza. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

mist1 said...

How can I resist clicking those links.

Odat said...

Thanks for the mention and thanks for doing your research once again.....more reading for me!!!
Have a wonderful weekend Lizza!
Peace :-)

lizza said...

Phoenix: Thanks! Please give my PK and GB all my best wishes.

Natalie: Hope you like 'em. :-)

Danielle: Thank you very much! Have a great day too.

Tammie: Haha, I'm at least 12 hours ahead of you, I think. Time's a bit confusing online.

CSL: Thanks! Hope you have a good weekend too.

Odat: Thanks! It isn't really any hard work. When I read blogs during the week, I write down the URL of blog posts that I enjoy and a little something about them. Then I just throw them all together for Saturday's post. My problem is the list becomes too long sometimes, so I have to trim it.

Have a fun weekend!

lizza said...

M1: Don't resist. :-) Oh, in case you didn't know, you're one of the sources of many of my good belly laughs.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

the feeling you get after a particularly good but heavy meal..

ooh yea..

its called guilt. lol.

Sanni said...

Have a great and sexy weekend, Liz. I´ll spend mine reading your recommendations after overeating at a friend´s birthday party tonight =)

lizza said...

Deb: Yeah, that too. You dope. :-D

Sanni: Party food, yum! Happy birthday to your friend, and happy eating to you. :-D

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Sher said...

Thanks so much for sharing these posts. It was a fun 'net trip.

H said...

1.) small cups seems to be a contagious disease running across blog. soul/cup sister. loved mist1.

2.) Yaxlich should check with the Indian cricket team. Last I heard they were borrowing them off every Tom, Dick and Harry [which sounds very English, na?]

3.) Not only is The thinker an enjoyable writer, she has a lovely sense of aesthetics. I like her blog layout too.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Replete? Languor?

Off I go to the dictionary again...

Michael C said...

Thanks for the shout out. I don't know if I'll ever board a plane the same way again!

Scott from Oregon said...

But what about the frogs in the shower?

Lizza said...

acwo: Thanks, and thanks for visiting.

Sher: Thank you, and welcome to my part of cyberspace. Your visit is much appreciated. I'll go visit your blog too.

H: You are fantastic! I'm so glad you took the time to read their posts.

Mr. Fab: You aren't fooling me, you wordsmith.

Michael: Neither do I! :-D

Scott: Ohhhhh, no more please! Call away your minions. I didn't do the naked leap, btw.