Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blogworld Saturday

Already Saturday in my part of the world again, folks. My, how time flies when you're older. I wonder how fast the days will seem to go by when I'm in my eighties--if I'm lucky enough to reach that venerable decade age-wise.

Anyhoo, here are just some of the blogs and blog posts I've enjoyed reading the past week. Just because I didn't mention you this week doesn't mean I didn't like what I read. I did! Problem is there's just too many of you to mention in one post. I hope you like at least one of these as much as I did.

-What's the Point of Guinea Pigs is a jewel of a blog. Phoenix writes about Princess Kitty and Growly Bear, their love for each other, their efforts to discover the meaning of guinea pigs (which they sometimes are on the verge of finding), their mutual passion for making and eating honey, among other things. The posts are delightful, endearing, full of simple yet deep thoughts. I just want to take this blog in my arms and give it a big hug.

-The Dragon is back after a lengthy hiatus and his posts are as wise and thoughtful as ever. Kiyotoe is a writer, and he wants to write about stuff that we humans can relate to. There's a wealth of material for that because, as he says, there are so many things that we have in common that are lying underneath all the differences.

-I had never before heard of the word synesthete until CSL wrote about her son being one. It sounds fascinating; he experiences numbers and letters as colors. Isn't that amazing? I'm sure that it contributes to his love for music.

-Sometimes you just gape in shock when you learn something new about a blogger. Wendz had a recent post about a terrible ordeal she went through about two years ago, one that nobody should ever have to experience. Wendz is also celebrating her birthday today (if it's still the second of March in your part of the world. So go on over to her site and support her decision not to lose too much weight and to keep her bum and her boobs.).

-Fellow Pinay blogger Maggie (I found her site through Wendz) wrote about her addiction to addiction. We've all been addicted to something at one point or another in our lives, and a lot of us quit only when we're good and ready to do so. Oh, yeah.

-Sometimes simple is best, simple can show how smart or how, ummm, simple you are. Cappy sure as hell simplified something that I'm sure we've all been asked to search for in the past. I just wish I'd known about this technique when I was in high school. :-D

-Maryanne, another fellow Pinay blogger who writes over at Sensibilities, brought this site to my attention, and I'm glad she did. It's called The Dullest Blog in the World. It's another example of how short and simple can be awesome. And hilarious. Here's a sample entry from that site:

Going outside
I was inside my house and decided that I would like to go outside for a while. I picked up my keys, opened the front door and stepped outside. I turned around and closed the door behind me.

And that's it! Too bad it isn't being updated anymore.

-Did you know that there's such a thing called Inappropriate Card Day? I didn't, not until a few days ago. It takes place every 26th of February and it was created by Diesel, who writes the humor blog Mattress Police, and his wife. The rules?

You can give an inappropriate card to anyone. There are no rules. Well, except for the fact that the card has to be completely inappropriate -- and not risque inappropriate; that's too easy. It has to be a card that would be perfectly appropriate for someone other than the recipient, preferably on a completely different day.


Well, that's it for now. I'm off for the next couple of days, so I'll be seeing you all again next week. Everybody stay safe and sexy!


Tammie Jean said...

Thanks for the round-up Lizza - I'll be sure to check these out!

Lizza said...

Thanks, Tammie Jean. Hope you like 'em!

Phoenix said...

Thanks for your kind words Lizza.


Steven Novak said...

I"ll try and stay safe might not be so easy.

Enjoy your couple days off!


Lizza said...

Thank YOU, Phoenix. :-)

Steve: Whaaat? You aren't sexy? Come on admit it. False modesty becomes you not. ;-)

maggie said...

awww lizza, my pleasure. :) and yes, i so adore X' accounts of Princess Kitty and Growly Bear's quest for the point of guinea pigs!

and ive read that dullest blog in the world before. i have a theory the writer stopped blogging because his entries started causing a stir among the readers it wasnt the dullest blog in the whole world anymore!

Kyels said...

I'll be sure to check 'em out!


Kiyotoe said...

Wise? Thoughtful?


Quite the endorsement coming from you Lovely. 'preciate it.

Photo Cache said...

happy weekend. have a bud.

Michael C said...

No fair that you get to start Saturday so much sooner than I do. But then again, you get to Monday earlier, too. Well then, nevermind.

thethinker said...

Thanks for the list. I'll bookmark and do the reading tomorrow morning.

Debo Blue said...

I love it when you do this list. I get to find other interesting blogs to visit.

Have a great couple of days away.

Maryanne Moll said...

Glad you liked The Dullest Blog in the World. Some nights -- and when I cannot write anymore -- I just browse the web for really odd blogs.

Your Blogworld Saturday is really fun. :)

it's the little things... said...

what an excellent collection of stories today. Starting with Kiyotoe's thought of how we are similar - then transitioning to the different stories from around the world just emphasized his point.
Well done!

Turnbaby said...

Omg--the idea of inappropriate card day is making me giggle. So many possibilities. Thanks for the round up and have a good weekend sweetie.


Diesel said...

Only 360 days until Inappropriate Card Day! I'll try to do a better job getting the word out next year.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Wendz said...


I've tagged you to do a picture story obligations though.

Lizza said...

Maggie: Thanks! You're probably right about Dullest Blog. I'm glad it's still online, though.

Kyels: Thanks! Hope you had a good weekend.

Kiyotoe: Well, I think you are. :-) And you're quite welcome.

Photo: Thanks! Would you believe I did not have beer at all this weekend? What is the world coming to??? :-D (I did have some wine, though.)

Michael: You're right! That's the way the ball bounces. *sigh*

Thinker: Thanks, hope you like 'em.

Debo Blue: Thanks! Hope you're having a good weekend as well.

Maryanne: Thanks for telling me about that blog. I got some really good chuckles out of that silly site.

Marlayna: Thanks! I learn a lot from you people and enjoy many of your posts... and it's fun to spread the word.

Turnbaby: Oh, yeah, the possibilities are numerous. It's such a fine idea. Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Diesel: You're welcome. Wow, less than one year before the next one. I will be so prepared for that. :-D

Wendz: Hellooooo! Haha, ok. I'll do it within the next few days.

CSL said...

Oh my gosh! I came over here to get a link to this post, because i knew you did these every Saturday (and obvioulsy I'm running late) and teh concept has triggered a post I was working on for today. And then I saw my own post in there. So thanks, that's so nice of you. I'm looking forward to checking the other ones you mentioned out.

Odat said...

Boy I certainly give you credit for all that you do for us fellow bloggers...Thanks again!!!

Lizza said...

CSL: I'm glad it inspired you somehow. You're welcome, and thanks too! I like reading your blog.

Odat: Thank you! It's bloggers like you and many others that make this kind of post so much fun for me to do.

Em said...

I followed a link from CSL and discovered your blog. What an awesome blog practice to share bits of your favorite posts of the week in this way. I'm glad I discovered you!

H said...

Have spent all weekend marvelling at this amazing [not so amazing for anybody else but me] discovery that I too am a synesthete. letters and numbers in colour. I had no idea there was a proper term for it. U had explained to me once earlier what synethetics is... and i remember envying those who could cross link two senses! little did i know that this weird thing of seeing colour coded letters and numbers was part of it! hahahaha. delighted in a very childish way.

thank you for being such a wonderful generous link to other charming and sometimes gut wrenching blogs.

read Wendz and I was lost for words. wanted to say something... but just fell terribly short.

Lizza said...

Em: Thank you! There are so many, I'm sorry I can't write about all of them. Thanks for visiting, I'm heading off to read your posts.

H: I am envious, you can do that? I dream in color, that's about it.

Gut-wrenching Wendz's post was, aye.

Sidney said...

Nice links (as usual)!
Enjoy your time off!

Lizza said...

Salamat, Sidney. Did have a good weekend. Sana ikaw din. :-)