Friday, February 23, 2007


Millions upon millions of fish swimming in the ocean, darting this way and that, several hundreds of them even breaking the surface of the water as they leap into the clear, crisp air and enjoy flight for a few seconds before gravity pulls them back down into their cool, heavy blue home.

This was the dreamland (or dream-sea) I was in during those few hours of slumber this morning. It seemed so real: I could still feel the weightlessness of being in the water and the sensation of the fish brushing against my arms and legs as I swam with them. This dream was weird because I'm not a strong swimmer at all and me swimming in the open sea is just as likely to happen as a cow jumping over the moon, or a mermaid suddenly sprouting wings and flying off into the sunset.

Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite fairy tale--a haunting story of love, happiness, sacrifice, and loss. I know that the Disney film version was very successful all over the world, but I never could bear to watch it. It somehow seemed sacrilegious. But that's just me.

This morning's dream might have been brought on by one too many birthday beers. Or not. In any case, I'm not complaining. Head is clear. Body feels refreshed.

But feet are itching.


Michael C said...

Sadly, my swimming dreams always end up with me waking up with a too full bladder!!

H said...

It’s not you Lizza dahling, it’s just Walt Disney. Sigh.

But what a lovely dream. Fish fish and more fish… did you pluck any out of the water and nibble a bit? Just asking. Don’t get annoyed now. Kidding. :-D
I used to want a frogman tattoo on my forearm when I was a kid, with snake-like fish in a swirl around a … frog. Yeah I know. Very literal. But I was a kid. That’s when my dream was to be a diver, like my dad.

houseband00 said...

OMG, Liz! =)

Don't let me say it!

*malicious little grin*

Last Minute Lyn said...

lol..itchy feet

Matt-Man said...

I had itchy feet once. It turned out to be an adverse reaction to good wine.

CSL said...

Itchy feet? Sounds like it's time to travel. I just love that dream image of the leaping fish. Have you read "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd? This post reminds me of that book.

Mimi Lenox said...

For some reason my feet are starting to itch.....

maggie said...

i have watched the disney version first. if u havent written something about it here, i wouldnt have thought there was a big difference.

good novels enamored me. about time to get a copy of "little mermaid"! my dive buddy (he's a dane) is so damn proud of that book being written by a dane.

Natalie said...

Andersen's Little Mermaid is classic. I was not happy with the Dinsified ending. I do love that movie though even though it is so unlike the book. sounds like a wonderful dream I wouldn' mind having myself.

Tammie Jean said...

That sounds like a fun dream. I always like the ones where I am flying, but flying through the water and then the air sounds delightful :)

Laurzei said...

Doesn't itchy feet mean money is coming? Or that you owe money? Or maybe it's just that your feet just itch and it means nothing other than your feet itch. Never mind.

Your dream seemed very relaxing. Maybe a sign of a peaceful year ahead? Or maybe a sign that you will be having sushi this weekend? Or maybe it was just a dream about the sea and means nothing at all.

Ack! I need to get off this thing and go to the beach or something.

Have a great weekend Lizza dear!

mist1 said...

I've always preferred the Andersen version too. Disney makes me violent.

Lizza said...

Michael: Lay off the liquid at least two hours before you sleep. :-D

H: I LOVE sushi. But not that way, ok? Haha!

HB: Hahaha! Smartass. You know, there's a blog whose title goes by that phrase (in Tagalog).

Lyn: *scratch scratch*

Matt-man: *note to self: buy Matt two bottles of good wine, one for each foot*

CSL: Ahh, the spirit is eager, but the pocketbook isn't. :-( I haven't read that book, thanks for the heads-up!

Mimi: Could it be that the Queen of Memes will be heading off to New England soon? Or somewhere else with her prince?

Maggie: There's a world of difference: as different as night and day, sun and moon, Chocnut and Boy Bawang...well, you get the picture. You don't even have to get the whole book of fairy tales, you can read just the tale of the Little Mermaid here.

Natalie: It was a good dream. Enlightening. :-) Glad you liked the movie (even though I never saw it) and happy you like the original story, too.

Tammie Jean: Oh, yes it certainly was. I wouldn't mind having it again, but I think I know what my subconscious is trying to tell me. At least, I hope I do!

Laurz: I heard that itchy hands mean money is coming. Damn, hands aren't itchy. :-(

Sushi this weekend sounds heavenly. Have a great week yourself, you vivacious lady!

mist1: Now that is something I'd pay good money to see--you being violent. :-D

Turnbaby said...

LOL-- nice dream.

itchy feet? interesting

I was skinny dipping once and a fish bit my ass

I cannot tell you how quickly i got out of the water *SMOOCH*

Lizza said...

My, turnbaby, what a delectable ass you must have. Haha!


sexy mom said...

a fun dream, lately, i have been having dreamless nights. i would have loved to dream "fun" again.

and those fishes, if people are not careful and continue to ravage the earth, they will just remain as dreams

Steven Novak said...

Itchy feet...'s always got to be somethng, doesn't it? ;)


Odat said...

Hey I just're a Pisces! So am I!!! I'm a March baby tho...and I can swim like a fish. I don't even remember how or where I learned to swim. I always have to be near water...It's my serenity...And..I actually was in Denmark once and saw that lil Mermaid there.....

Lizza said...

sexy mom: I hope you get some fun dreams soon.

I hope that nightmare of a fishless Earth doesn't come true, though. I can't do without my fish steak. :-)

Thank you for stopping in!

Steven: Of course! Be glad there's always something, even if it doesn't seem to good. Otherwise, you'd be dead. ;-)

Odat: Hello, fellow Piscean! Bodies of water bring me a sense of tranquility, too--even though I don't swim like a fish.

Hey, your travel exploits would be a great blog topic. Peace!

Kiyotoe said...

doesn't itchy feet mean you're going to win money or something?

That or you're allergic to socks? I don't know, forget it. lol.

Lizza said...

No, Kiyotoe. Itchy hands mean money, and mine aren't itchy at all right now. *sigh*

Happy weekend and welcome back!