Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ethay Eturnray

Itay asway aay oodgay elaxingray eakbray. Iay adhay aay eatgray imetay. Utbay ethay aysday ewflay osay uicklyqay. Imetay uresay eemssay otay eedspay atay aay ightning-fastlay acepay owadaysnay...aybemay aay ignsay ofay agingay? Ahahay!

Appinesshay isay:

-eeingsay atthay omesay ingsthay oughthay eythay eemsay osay imilarsay areay osay ifferentday

-estingtay ethay atersway outsideay one'say omfortcay onezay

-avinghay aay aughlay overay ethay izarrebay ethay unexpecteday

-eingbay azycray ometimessay

-eingbay ickledtay inkpay

-enjoyingay implesay ingsthay ikelay ethay indway inay youray airhay ethay unsay onay youray acefay eapchay oodfay

-astingtay ewnay indskay ofay eerbay

-earninglay anymay anymay ewnay ingsthay--anday avinghay onay egretsray aboutay emthay

-eetingmay ewnay eoplepay

-eetingmay anay olday iendfray orfay ethay irstfay imetay


E'sshay ackbay. Anday eshay opeshay obodynay otgay aay eadachehay omfray eadingray isthay ostpay.



Matt-Man said...

YEA!!!! So adglay that you're ackbay. It's oodgay to see izzalay. You were orelysay issedmay!! Eerschay!!

thepinkangel said...

Oh man...that is too much for me to translate this early in the morning. welcome back!

Lizza said...

Matt: Thanks, and appyhay irthdaybay!

Rach: Haha, thanks! Just click on the link at the end of the post for a quickie translation. ;-)

Natalie said...

Wow thats tough. I'm glad to see there is a translation. I got to good relaxing break and was too unrelaxed to continue.

Wendz said...

Oh nice to see you back and full of beans as usual....phew that was hard to translate but glad it was good!

houseband00 said...

Congrats, Liz.

You are officially the first person to ever give me a headache online.

Welcome back, eepcray! =)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Welcome back. Glad your are still a crazy lady.

Turnbaby said...



LOL SOOO glad you are back. YOU did go crazy trying new kinds of beer and all. Ya got a little shout out today from me--I think it was after you visited. Smooch

Jessica said...

Oh boy...I haven't been here in a long time and I looked at it and thought...I can't even read it anymore!!! :) Anyway, I would like to try to figure out the pig latin but I never was really good at it:(

CSL said...

Elcomeway ackbay. I cannot belive you went to the trouble to write out that whole thing in pig latin!

Scott from Oregon said...

my head hurts,,,

H said...

And you, my dear girl are a SUPER BRAT!

first you make us wait... and then all this hard work.

sigh. But I'll say that it kept R-brain-of-H and L-brain-of-H occupied suitably. :-D. who needs kids with a head like this!!
BUT. One big HUG for the girl who's BAAAAACK!


Lizza said...

Natalie: Haha! Sorry 'bout that. I just couldn't resist being a bit crazy. As usual. :-D

Wendz: A little bit of mind exercise. But maybe you already have a bit too much because of the life you lead over there. :-D It was very good, thanks.

HB: Yay, I'm first at something! Ayuphay!

Bud: Thanks, you funny guy. I've missed your brand of witticism (and Mimi's, too).

Turnbaby: Hey, baby! I've missed you, too. Thank youuuu for the shoutout, I am touched. Strange how we can affect people without us even knowing that we do. Here's a tight hug for you (and a bit of a grope as well--haha).

Jessica: Hi beautiful! Hope everything is ok with our fashion expert. :-) Pig latin is fun, but I'm much slower at it now than when I was a kid.

CSL: Anksthay! What I failed to mention is that I cheated a bit. There's this Firefox add-on that transforms your text into pig latin. Someone even crazier than me told me about it sometime ago. :-D

Scott: Have a beer. It works for headaches. Or just click on the link at the end of the post for a translation. :-D

H: But working just a little bit for something makes it even more fun. Or not. :-D

I'm a headache-causing brat who nevertheless managed to distract the voices in H's brain for a moment. Yay! Hugs to you too.

Irene said...

We missed you!

Good to know you had a relaxing, refreshing break.

Welcome back, Lovely!

Sony said...

No headache. It was actually a fun exercise before I head off to sleep. Sometime fun and it reminded me of lots of good things. My favorite phrase in the post...

-eetingmay anay olday iendfray orfay ethay irstfay imetay

This can be taken so many different ways. I do like to think back to how I met the people who are so dear to me now, but then I also love when someone I've known for a long time really lets me in and I get to "meet" that old friend, truly, for the first time.

Good post. Welcome back.

Janna said...

Where's my aspirin??
(Aspirinay? Raspinay? Aspinray? Aspa... Oh, heck, just give me two or three of them.)
Welcome back. :)

Odat said...

Hey you!!! Good to see you back!!

Kyels said...

Hey you!

Welcome back!


Well, that is definitely too much for me to translate. Haha.

zeroimpact said...

I'm really blur but then again, good to see you again

Debo Blue said...

Welcome back! I got to the 2nd sentence and went straight to comments to make sure I'm not the only person seeing this stuff!

I've never spoken Pig Latin, much less knew there's an actual program for it.

Just when I think I'm the only one w/no life I find out someone's created a Pig Latin converter site:-)

Anonymous said...

Elcomeway ackbay, izzlay. I DO have a headache. I'm not bilingual. :)

iz said...

Woman, that must have been a bitch to write!

Lizza said...

Irene: Hey there, Iridescent One! Thank you very much. :-)

Sony: Thanks. I just love how profoundly your mind works.

Janna: Haha, thanks! Hope the headache's gone now.

Odat: Hey there! Glad to see you again. :-) Peace!

Kyels: Heyy! I'm such a meanie, I know. :-D

ZI: Thanks, good to hear from you too.

Debo blue: No, no, no. As long as it brings a smile to someone's face it isn't useless. :-D And I don't believe for a second that you don't have a life!

Gem: Anksthay! I'm bilingual and the post didn't give me a headache (maybe it's because I cheated and used a program? Haha!)

Iz: I'm the laziest person this side of the world, ya know. So I took the easy way and cheated. :-D

Terra Shield said...

ooktay emay omesay imetay otay ranslatetay hattay!!! gladto hear that you had a good break :D

Lizza said...

Haha! You rock, Terra. Aciasgray, I had a very good break.

Sanni said...

Lizza, ich freue mich so sehr, dass Du wieder zurück bist - und noch mehr, dass Du Dich gut erholt hast =)

Genauso durchgeknallt und sexy wie immer! *lach mich schlapp*

Sanni said...

Lizza, I´m so glad you´re back - and it makes me even more happy you´ve had a great time to recover =)

You´re as crazy and sexy as usual! *LOL*

Lizza said...

Ooohhh, Sanni. Maybe you don't know this, but I find European languages so hot. That was just soooo sexy.

Danke schön!

*melts away*

Natalia said...

Gotta love the pig latin!!!


Julia Scissor said...

I've got this strange ability of reading (and even writing) laterally inverted as well as upside down text with the same ease & efficiency as reading & writing 'normal' text. Those without these 'powers' must have surely got a headache. :-)

Lizza said...

You really are amazing. Hope you're feeling better! :-)