Friday, January 26, 2007

Of superwomen and stones

See my new, super-cool banner? I adore it! It was created by my handsome husband (who's also a fabulous father and hilarious hombre...hey, what's with the alliterations? But the video sends me into gales of laughter whenever I watch it. And yes, we have three offspring)--in under five minutes...and he was chatting online at the same time at that! His ever-reliable friend Philip had a hand in making the banner, too.

The female figure you see up there is an ever-so-slightly tweaked image of a Philippine heroine known as Darna. Filipino artist extraordinaire Mars Ravelo conceptualized her in the mid-20th century; she has become a prominent and much beloved figure in Philippine pop culture. She's been immortalized not only in the comics, but in films and television as well. Following are pictures of some of the Filipino actresses who have portrayed Darna over the decades.

Vilma Santos

Nanette Medved

Anjanette Abayari

Angel Locsin

As a hero, she's above ordinary mortals because she can fly (well, so can I! At least in my mind.), she's super-strong and super-fast (most of you guys have NOT seen me down a bottle of beer, which I hope I still can do really fast if I set my mind to it), and she's invulnerable to weapons (erm...*squirms in chair*...okay, no similarities when it comes to that--my pain threshold falls well within the chickenshit domain).

Just as Spiderman is Peter Parker in his non-superhero life, Darna is Narda, a simple orphan. How does she transform into her alter ego? In times of distress she calls out to her companion, Ding: "Ding, ang bato!" (Ding, the stone!)--swallows said stone and presto! She wondrously transforms from your everyday, wouldn't-look-twice-at-her girl into a scantily-clad, oddly-headdressed vamp with superpowers.

She isn't perfect by any means--what superhero(ine) is? Maybe she has her quirks, her weaknesses, her wackiness. But she does what she believes she's called to do, making use of her abilities and talents (which can be both a blessing and a curse) the best way she can.

Darna's double-edged sword--so to speak--is the stone, which she uses whenever she has to, whenever the situation warrants...perhaps *gasp!* even if she doesn't want to. Do we hear her cry of "Ding, ang bato! laced sometimes with frustration and bitterness? Maybe. But...can she go against her nature? Does she ever even WANT to try to go against it?

Maybe, just maybe, my thoughts and my writing are my "stone." But even if they are, they surely wouldn't play a role in saving mankind.

However, they do preserve ME (even if I don't have the ornate headdress, the breasts, and the skimpy red outfit).

So, what's YOUR stone?


Lizza said...

My apologies for not having been able to visit your blogs the past few days. I'll make up for it immediately.

And away I go! *poof!*

houseband00 said...

Where's Dolphy? =(

Greay banner, Liz! =)

Tell the dude that he did a good job! (of keeping you off-line for a couple of days) =D

Lizza said...

HB: Oooohh, I remember Dolphy in a B&W film (shot in Hong Kong, I think) with Gloria Romero. That was an awesome movie.

Thanks for the praise; he thanks you, too.

thethinker said...

Love the banner.

As for the "stone", I'm going to have to be unoriginal and say my writing/blog. Sometimes, I don't want to blog. But most of the time I do.

Odat said...

You go Ms. WonderWoman!! that's what it reminds me stone is my sacasm I suppose...and sometimes my blog.

mist1 said...

I want super powers and a slutty outfit so bad that it hurst.

kyels said...

My stone; it would be writing and photography. They keep me sane and on the track all the time ... Haha.

And I like the banner! Slightly off the topic though, what is the font used for the name of your blog? I've been trying to find out its name but to no avail ...


Bond said...

LIZZA I love the banner congrats to you and wonderful pat on the back to hubby.

And ty for introducing us to Darnan

Wendz said...

Lovely to see a banner that means something to the blogger.

My stone? My hope.

Michael C said...

I'm in horrible pain trying to pass my stone right now!!

I guess my stone is my sense of humor, because it sure ain't my brains!!

SGT DUB said...

Good looking banner, Darna does remind me of Wonder Woman too, remember she came from an island too. I will have to give more thought to my stone.

H said...

Lizzzzzzzzzza. you guys make the hotttttest couple I've seen in the longest longest time! WOW. very very hot.

And you're my new super-heroine. Beautiful blogger, super-sexy sister, awesome mum [I've given up on the alliterations] with a fabulously cool family.


how do you manage without getting your hair in a tangle and your nails cracked and your smile smothered... how the FARK do you look so cool and manage ALL THIS?!

H said...

oh. AND. my stone's my farkin' garrulous over-emotional, schizoid, bitch of a monster-in-my-head. just won't give me enough time to contemplate suicide.

H said...

sorry for spamming out your comments box.. but I just saw the video.

Man, you guys have got to be the funnest family ever!

Matt-Man said...

My stone is my my wit. It has the ability to break ice, diffuse tense situations, and sometimes make people laugh. I have another stone as well, Wild Irish Rose...Cheers!!

zeroimpact said...

Concentration would be the word
No matter what, if it can keep me concentrated then it works
Driving fast, reading, writing, anything at all

Lizza said...

Thinker: Thanks! I'm glad you can't stop blogging. You do it so well.

Odat: Your brand of sarcasm is a lot of fun and non-offensive. Keep it up!

Mist1: But you already have both! That's right, make me envious. Showoff. ;-D

Kyels: And I'm glad you share both with all of us.

About your question, I'll ask and get back to you.

Bond: Thank you! She's quite a gal. :-)

Wendz: Thanks. Yes, your hope...which contributes to your will and strength of character. :-)

Michael: Haha! Don't strain too hard, you might rupture something. Your stone's outcome sure brings a smile to your readers' faces, though. :-)

Sgt: Oh, that's right, Wonder Woman came from an island. But she's more high-tech because she pilots an invisible jet. :-)

Aaiiiiitch!!!: I'm usually a frazzled bundle of nerves, do NOT be deceived. Thanks for the praise, you sweet thing. I'm proud to say I've dealt with my Medusa. Unless this is part of that bitch's strategy--making me think that I've conquered her.

Matt: You sometimes make people laugh? Man, you do it all the time! With or without WIR. ;-)

ZI: Concentration is one thing that eludes me a lot of the time. Maybe I need to learn to concentrate on concentrating. *sigh*

kyels said...

Okay, thanks Lizza!


CSL said...

If I got to be a superhero (I'd go with Superwoman - all of the same superpowers but without the testosterone)I would definitely want a cape.

Turnbaby said...

Lizza--I adore the new banner!

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

wow. shes sexy ! well most superheroines are anyway ;)

and yea the new banner rocks !

Lizza said...

CSL: But she's called Supergirl, isn't she? Not Superwoman? Hmmm...

Turnbaby: Thank you! :-)

Deb: Thanks! You almost never see a superheroine with a less-than-perfect figure.

Kyels said...

Vilma Santos is good!

Especially when she played her role in the movie inspired by Freddie Aguilar's song, "Anak". I loved that movie.


Lizza said...

I don't think I've seen that movie, Kyels. :-) But I'm glad you like Philippine films.