Monday, January 22, 2007

Bestest Blog Meme Carnival

Mimi Lenox, a.k.a. the Queen of Memes, Collector of Peace Globes, and Dating Profile Doyenne, has issued an edict declaring 22 January 2007 as Bestest Blog Meme Carnival celebration of memes and friendships all over the globe.

This event comes to us courtesy of Bobby Griffin, he of Bestest Blog of All Time fame. Earlier Bestest Blog Carnivals were hosted by perhaps some of the most active bloggers in cyberspace nowadays. (The Bestest Blog Meme Carnival banner was created by Janna.)

So today (or tomorrow, depends on where you are in the world), gather all ye at Mimi Writes and take a gander at the memes or tags that numerous bloggers accomplished in recent months and then submitted to the pencil skirt-clad head honcho of Bloggingham Palace for the Bestest Blog Meme Carnival. (Jeez, seems like a lot of us bloggers have way too much time on our hands!)

Long live the Queen! May she never recover from her meme-itis and blogitis. Hip-hip-hooray! (Or hurrah. Whatever. Means the same thing anyway.)


Turnbaby said...

LOL--funny--yup--blogitis it is.

Lizza said...

Oh, yes it is. :-D