Thursday, December 14, 2006


Back in the day I had a favorite pair of Levi's jeans. It didn't make me look as gorgeous as the model in the picture, but that's not the point. I had it for the longest period of time. It took on a naturally soft texture through countless washings and exposure to my everyday activities over the years. The color faded to a pale blue...almost to white in some places. And the denim tattered naturally--on its own--over one knee, gradually growing larger. After a while, the same thing started to happen on the other knee.

I let those holes be. No patches, no repairs. I thought that they gave my jeans its own character. Tattered as it was, I loved that pair of jeans. My skin rejoiced at the sensation, feeling at home in it--those jeans felt like second skin actually.

But one day my jeans disappeared. I searched high and low to no avail. Turns out that my mother gave it away along with other things "to charity." Evidently she didn't look at those Levi's the same way I did: to her it was just an old pair of tattered jeans.

Sometimes we come across things or people in our lives with whom we've become so comfortable so effortlessly. The length of time spent together can be irrelevant...a couple of months or years can bond the two of you irrevocably and you think "Jeez, where was I before you came along? Where would I be now if you hadn't come along?"

Sometimes, though, unexpected things happen. A newer phone model comes out, or that someone is moving on and doesn't have that much time to spend with you anymore, or your favorite pair of jeans is given away to charity. And you find yourself missing it terribly, but life goes on. At least that's what you constantly try to tell yourself.

I just hope those Levi's went to a person who loved it as much as I did.

Losing Grip
By Avril Lavigne


mist1 said...

I have a pair of jeans that are so tattered that I am afraid that I'll get arrested when I wear them. Still, I love them.

H said...

Aww. liz. that post just got me.

"where was I before you came along" gosh I've thought that so many times for so many different things.. people.

I too had a pair of levis i loved in college that tore... I still have them. But I haven't looked at them in years. maybe it's a good thing sometimes when things/ people go on their own way, before you begin to take them for granted and rob them of a little portion of their dignity. by forgetting.


nunu's mum said...

That got me too...

I don't have a tattered levis story but I've got a bagfull of tattered pants (or panties to us pinoys)...oops, is that too much information?

No, you're right Liz, there are people that you click with right away as if by magic, regardless of time spent together. Heck thru blogging, you don't even have to meet them and yet you just know you share a common bond.

Anyway, best get off and update the contents of my knicker drawer...

(But I'm finding it hard to let go!!!)

Bond said...

LIZZA... a simple story about a pair of jeans.

We have all owned that pair that is absolutely perfect, no matter how many holes or tatters.

A simple story about a pair of jeans.

And you make it into a thought provoking statement on life in general.

:::Stands and applauds:::

Thank you

Matt-Man said...

I have an old T-Shirt. I first got it some 12 years ago when I played for a softball team. It is an ugly shde of green, with yellow lettering, the sleeves cut off, and has become as thin as tissue paper. I still wear it often.

While I like to experience new things and meet new people, it is still nice to have some comfort that familiarity and history bring.

Natalie said...

I also have a paper thin T-shirt with the sleeves cut off so that the tears in them couldn't still be seen. It's white so I often have to wear somehting under it but it has the beatles in full yellow submarine garb and I'm not getting rid of it for anyone. It used to be my sisters but I traded her for something that I hope was as great as the beatles shirt.

houseband00 said...

Personally, I think jeans definitely should be our national costume. =)

I had a favorite pair of bootleg Levis 507s which I wore for literally the whole of my college life. It distressed quite naturally, too, and saw 6 years of active service until I eventually outgrew it. Yeah, I miss the damn pair, too. Just like a battle-scarred veteran, it saw a lot of action. =)

Thanks for sharing your story, Liz. =)

Gaanong katagal mo ginagamit yung jeans mo bago mo palabhan? =)

Sidney said...

I think that model is wearing your jeans! ;-)

“Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection”
-Arthur Schopenhauer-

Lizza said...

Mist1: You're a walking, breathing, lethal force...anything you say or do is liable to get you arrested, you hilarious woman! ;-)

H: Ahh, but what about YOUR dignity if or when they forget? Go look at those Levi's now! :-D

NM: Hmmm...I must confess that I don't hang on to tattered knickers/panties. 3 for 100 lang kasi sa Baclaran eh. Haha! But I agree, friendships can and have been made (or at least started) online! Don't let gooooo!

Bond: *blushes*

Thank you. Your appreciation touches me. Sometimes simplicity can lead our minds to the weirdest things. But you know that already!

Matt: Yes, some old and familiar things can bring comfort like no other. But do you wear that shirt when you "have sex?" :-D

Natalie: That is great! Do NOT, under any circumstance, get rid of that shirt. Beatles shirts are for keeps.

HB: But I never got to outgrow mine. :-(

Shhh! Secret yung washing frequency. Pero hindi naman umabot sa point na tumatayo na siyang mag-isa! Haha!

Sidney!!!: Glad you dropped by before your holiday hiatus.

Jeez, that model doesn't look like she needs any charity. :-D I love the quote, thanks! Have a great vacation and Happy Holidays! See you next year.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Exactly. I have been there. Although it is usually exwives who threw stuff out!

kyels said...

Yep. Exactly. I have been there like what you blogged about.

I once said to my good friend, "How would my life turn out if you hadn't arrive in my world?" ... But then again we all move on, they move on. Painful but the memories are there for us to keep.


Scott from Oregon said...

I had a pair of jeans I traveled with for eight or nine years. They were the only jeans I carried. Needless to say, they were also tattered but still holding together just fine. That is, until the day I returned home. After eight years, I arrived in San Francisco and changed into my favorite jeans in the airport and walked to a bus outside and the first step I took to get on the bus caused the crotch to explode and that was that.

I have a New Zealand bush jacket that I still wear that I got in 1981....

Anonymous said...

My mom did that once to me, lizza. And I swore I'd not do it to my daughter. Her room is a mess because I allow it to be her space. But at least I never gave her favorite jeans away. Nice post.

Cai said...

I have a pair of stretchy Express jeans that I love. It's snug but doesn't make me look fat, and so comfortable! If I lose it, I'm not sure I can find as good a pair.

Everyone has his favorite jeans it seems.

Wendz in France said...

My fave Levi's are stuck in a special 'fave clothes' box..they don't fit well anymore...*ahem*...2 pregnancies put paid to that...but sometimes I like to take them out and stroke them..I know that sounds weird...but yeah they are super soft and they carry so many memories - I think I'll always keep much happened to me during the time I wore those Levi's.

Lizza said...

Bud: Damn those exes!

Kyels: Yep, the memories will sustain us.

Scott: Haha, that must've caught you by surprise! That pair of jeans went out with a bang.

Gem: Thanks. You sound like you're such a wonderful mom to Paige.

Cai: Comfy jeans are wonderful. But I think you can wear whatever you want and not look fat, because you aren't, you dope. ;-)

Wendz: Ah, the stories those jeans would probably tell if they could talk. :-)

iz said...

Awww. Felt that way so many times. What is with mothers who don't get the whole torn jeans thing man!

ShadowFalcon said...

I had to hide a pair under my bed where my mum couldn't get to them.

My first pair of All-Stars I wore till the soles almost came off. I think I still would have gone to the charity shop and bought them back!

Natalia said...

I have a favourite pair right now. However, I am looking forward to giving it away as it will mean I am losing the weight :)


Odat said...

I still have my old tattered jeans! I also have this old long sweat shirt that I love and keep patching up with wild patches that I don't think there's anything left of the original I love it and wear it still!!!!

Lizza said...

iz: Haha! The mothers of yore didn't get the tattered jeans thing. I wonder what this generation of mothers (me included) won't get about their kids' things? ;-)

Shadowfalcon: I'm glad your mother didn't get to your jeans. Your All-Stars sure sound like you got the most out of them.

Natalia: No, don't give them away. They'll help remind you not to gain weight again. :-)

Odat: That sweat shirt sounds interesting. It's probably as colorful as you! :-)

Prometheus said...

Now awrite stopit youse guys. Allafya purty gals goin on about torn tees and tattered jeans. Youse messin with da mind of Prometheus here now.

M..must... tt..tak.e... c.c.old.. shh..sho..shower.


Lizza said...

Prometheus, you forgot to mention Nunu's mum's torn knickers. ;-)

Go on, take another cold shower now.

Ritardo said...

my designer tshirt didn't make me look like brad pitt either, thats ok, im sure your hot anyways.

Lizza said...

Haha, thanks. If it helps any, I'm one of the few girls who don't think that Brad Pitt's all that hot.

Ritardo said...

Ah, then you have good taste.

Lizza said...

Oh, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Seems like if we were Egyptians and being buried in tombs...most of us would have a pair of Levi's to keep us company in the afterlife!


Lizza said...

Haha! I agree, Marlayna.

laitera said...

my mother used to have a favorite pair of levi's from the seventies. she used to weigh 110 lbs then.

now she weighs 180 lbs.

i wear the jeans now.

INAMINI said...

Lizza- clothes have personality. I've kept several items that I haven't fit into for years. Part of it must be the sentimental memories; another part is the hope that I may fit in them someday; the last part is the hope that if I do fit in them again, that I will be youthful once again.

Lizza said...

laitera: Now that is one cool legacy from your mother!

inamini: Great sentiments. Now you've got me thinking about the difference between young and youthful. :-)

irinea said...

wow, something very similar happened to me, ands its true, life goes on, but with a broken heart :(

Lizza said...

Irinea: Hearts can heal. Wishing you well, and many thanks for dropping by!

Mad Munkey said...

Nice thoughts.