Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I got tagged by Justin, from More Cowbell!

*3 Things That Scare Me

There's just something about clowns that's so macabre; I don't find frogs to be cute at all; lightning is magnificent, but frightening.

*3 People Who Make Me Laugh

Vic is always pulling my leg and making me laugh; he is such a fun-loving, adorable smartass dude (and thanks again for all your help, sweetie. I really appreciate it).
My cheeks ache from laughing at Rudy's antics, his forgetfulness, even at just the sound of his laughter. Marnie's stories and the way she tells them never fail to amuse.

*3 Things I Love

Reading a book while sipping beer on a deserted beach island--aahh, paradise!

*3 Things I Hate

I just can't stand rootbeer, humorless and holier-than-thou people, and that purple freak. Why, oh why, isn't it dead yet?

*3 Things I Don't Understand

My brain refuses to deal with mathematics; it can't deal with the why's and wherefore's of the relationship between aging and metabolism; it is just befuddled at all things bureaucratic.

*3 Things on My Desk

I hope Barrel Man brings me good luck. :-)

*3 Things I'm Doing Right Now

Well, I'm doing this tag, listening to some old songs, and talking to a dear friend.

*3 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Backpack my way around Europe; try living in a houseboat; go dig up some really ancient stuff at an archaeological expedition.

*3 Things I Can Do

Make a salsa dip; blog! (I think); daydream (which I do too much too often).

*3 Things I Can't Do

I can't (or won't) do karaoke, split, and French-braid my own hair.

*3 Things I Think You Should Listen to

Listen to your heart (isn't that the title of an old song?); the sound of waves crashing; kickass bass...oh, yeahhh.

*3 Things You Should Never Listen to

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson may have their fans--just don't count me as one of them. If you can, avoid seeing and hearing swine being slaughtered, don't; the squealing is terrible and stays in your mind...at least until the next time you eat yummy pork.

*3 Things I'd Like to Learn

I'm afraid of heights, but I'd like to try skydiving. Somebody told me he'd teach me how to windsurf soon ;-). Learning to move objects with my mind--that would be so cooool.

*3 Favorite Foods

Sukiyaki, grilled squid, pasta with pesto. Yum.

*3 Beverages I Drink Regularly

I don't think I could function properly without at least two of these daily.

*3 Shows I Watched as a Kid

Loved them all!

*3 People I'm Tagging (because they intrigue me)

Houseband00, Wendz, Nunu's mum--you guys are IT! Anybody else who wants to do it, go ahead, but please let me know. I'd love to read your list.

Thanks again, Justin!


Kiyotoe said...

I loved Electric Company! With the young Morgan Freeman and the spider man short adventures. Psshhh....

And Nunu's mum intrigues me too.

houseband00 said...

Intrigera! =)

ShadowFalcon said...

You have the clown from "IT" I have to hide under my desk now and think of a safe place.

kyels said...

I'm scared of clowns too!

zeroimpact said...

Ah... beer, may just get to like it and the barrel man
I think I have that at home too

mist1 said...

That clown scares me.

NMOTB said...

Nice to get to know you a bit better - heheheh. I will sure to let you know if I have done mine!!! Take Care

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: Haha! That was a fabulous show. It's a word, it's a plan, it's Letter Man!

Okay, I won't tell NM you find her intriguing. ;-)

HB: Call me Ate Luds. Haha!

Shadowfalcon: I see you're acquainted with Pennywise, too. The bastard scared me more in the book than in the TV movie.

Kyels: Yep, they're creepy.

ZI: Haha! You have the barrel man too...that's neat. :-)

Mist1: I hope it doesn't scare you off my blog!

NMOTB: Thanks, it was a fun thing to do. I hope to read yours. I hope your week is going well.

Michael C said...

I am so with you on the scary clown thing and I'm a fellow Barney hater! I remember watching the Electric Company evey day!

Matt-Man said...

I too hate clowns and Barney as well. Maybe we could introduce Barney to Pennywise the Clown. I'm sorry the swine must suffer, but if the could live to smell the beautiful aroma of their bacon cooking, they would understand why they must die.

Dan said...

Someone tagged me a few days ago, and now I'm in hiding -- mostly because I think memes are so lame.

But I have to admit that you did a terrific job by adding photos and such. But would it have killed you to add a bit of nudity! ;)

Odat said...

Wow...I'm impressed! Nice job....
Oh get rid of that clown!!! He's got pointy teeth!!!
Squid, huh?


Tom Atkins said...

Hmm, clowns scare my daughter too. And she's a teenager.

Fun getting to know you with this! Thanks for sharing!


Lizza said...

Michael: Maybe we could band together to ban Barney from civilization. Make him extinct like real dinosaurs.

Matt: Introduce those two to each other, what a great idea! And you're right about putting down swine for the sake of bacon...and loosemeat sandwiches, perhaps.

Dan: Thanks, haha! Well, you don't see the pigs wearing anything, do you?

Odat: Seems like a lot of us are scared of clowns. I hope I don't offend any real clown with this post! Yep, squid. :-D

Tom: Glad you liked it! It was a fun thing to do.

INAMINI said...

I love your list! It's fun to read people's answers and get to know them a bit better. I will do the meme also- I need a topic today!

Lizza said...

Hi inamini! It's so good to hear from you. Goody! I'd love to read your answers and get to know a bit more about you. :-)

Wendz in France said...

Loved that post - and the photos...but aaaagh.. a tag...:O(..never mind...I'll do it just for you coz you asked so nicely....

funny but I hate Barney too...although I do sing his song to the boys when they're grumpy and I want to piss them off...you know..I love you, you love me, we're a happy fam-i -leeeeeee.....ha ha ha...

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Mmmmm...love your food list. But what is the first one exactly?

Bond said...


Morgen tagged me with this and I tagged it through THE COUCH - but no one I have read has illustrated it! BRILLIANT...

So glad I found you- or did you find me? None the less... so glad!

Photo Cache said...

Very cool post. We watched the same shows as kids. What are the chances of that.

it's the little things said...

I was with you being afraid of the clown, I rather adore frogs, but was shocked that you were afraid of a purple feather.

Good thing I read the captions!

Lizza said...

Wendz: Merci beaucoup! It would be great to know more about you. I do hope Fabien is feeling better.

Maryam: Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish: beef strips, noodles, tofu, veggies, awesome soup, and egg. Try it! Congrats on Bestest Blog again. :-)

Bond: I had a lot of help with the photos from my good friend. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Photo: That's so cool. We had a heck of a good time then. :-)

Marlayna: For some reason, he just freaks me out. Haha! Glad you read the captions too.

nunu's mum/ cristy fermin said...

I'll do it tomorrow k? iiklip muna ko...

Ate Luds
(reyna ng intriga)

ssshhttt...ok, I didn't hear that lil' snippet of goss bet u & Kiyotoe... =>

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Both interesting and artsy. Way to go Lizza!

Gumby said...

I absolutely loved that you put images to match the words. Made me HAVE to read every word!

Inexplicably Yours, M. said...

I like your blog. I'm going to try out that Quiz.

Keep on blogging.

-Maria (♥)

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

omg LOL

you KNOW you wanna karaoke with me !!! nothing a lil alcohol cant fix ;)

H said...

scary clowns, day dreaming, seafood and refusing to french braid your own hair... MAN Lizza, remind me again that you are not me.



Lizza said...

NM: Haha! Sikat ka eh, kaya pinag-uusapan.

Bud: Thank you!

Gumby: I hope what you read didn't freak you out. :-D

Maria: Thank you! And thanks for visiting...I'll go visit your part of the blog world too.

Deb: Haha! Alcohol can't make me do karaoke, believe me. I'd love to hear you sing though. :-D

H: Bizarre, but very nicely so. Maybe I AM you. Haha!

Anonymous said...

wow girl good job!

Leilani Love said...

Clowns are horrifying... But holy cow! I haven't seen a barrel man in years? Where do you buy one of those?

H said...

of course nicely so!! very nicely so.

Lizza said...

amarie: Thank you. And thanks for dropping by.

leilani love: I bought mine in Baguio City here in the Philippines. I don't know if it's sold there in Tacoma. :-) Thanks for visiting.

H: Oh, yes. Our similarities please me greatly.

Emma said...

Ugh. Ashlee Simpson. That's just wrong.

Steven Novak said...

Any blog that knocks on the Simpson sisters is a quality blog in my book! ;)


Aisby said...

I LOVE your use of pictures in the memes...it just makes them so much better.

and pasta with pesto...yummy!

Lizza said...

Emma: Yes it is. Ugh.

Steven: Gee, thanks! ;-)

Aisby: Hey, you're back! Thanks. :-)

Witness Street said...

I can't believe you don't like rootbeer! But I do agree about the Simpson twins....Cheers! =)

Lizza said...

I like beer, not rootbeer. :-) Thanks for visiting, Migs! Cheers!

Tisha said...

Great Meme! :)
Thanks for submitting it to the Carnival for all to read!!

Jessie said...

Visiting by way of the carnival! Thanks for entering a great meme. I really like the pictures!

JAM said...

This post is very well thought out and presented. I love how you did the pics of everything.

My oldest daughter has hated clowns since she was old enough to point and cringe, before she could talk well enough to express her fear of them. At 21, she still avoids them like the plague.

Bond said...

Came from THE COUCH for the Carnival...

Lizza... Liked it the second time also! LOL

Monica said...

I can ONLY french braid my own hair, and I love all of the same kid shows as you did. Oh the memories...

Linda said...

Stopped by via the Blog Carnival because I, too, hate clowns with a passion! I find them not to be creepy and not funny at all! I'm none too big on frogs either - especially the big bullfrogs!

Great post!

Lizza said...

To those stopping in via the Meme Blog Carnival, welcome to all of you.

Tisha: Thank you very much!

Jessie: Thank you very much! It was fun to do. :-)

Jam: I'm clueless when it comes to posting many pics, my friend Vic helped me out.

I wonder why clowns scare so many people? I wasn't really that scared of them...until I read Stephen King's It. *shudder*

Bond: Welcome back, my friend. I've been missing in action, but I'll speed over to The Couch ASAP.

Monica: You're awesome. My friends have given up on teaching me to do it. My hair ends up looking like a mutant caterpillar.

Linda: Oh, good. It freaks me out when I hear my friends say they think frogs are cute. I mean, I'm sure they're good for the ecosystem and all that, but keep them away from me! :-D

Anonymous said...

The clown looks like the clown from Stephen Kings "It" (horror movie from when my children were little).

My daughter (3 at the time) had been put down for a nap when my sister and I popped the first half of the movie into the VCR. We would watch the second half after my daughter was in bed for the night.

We were watching the movie. When one of the clown scenes came on we heard my daughters' deep intake of breath. She had snuck onto the stairs and was watching the movie instead of napping. The stairs were behind the sofa, so we didn't know she was there until that moment.

She was scared of clowns for years after that. She is graduating next year and is not as afraid of them, though she is scared of Rageedy Ann and Andy still. "It" is now one of her favorite movies.