Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More or less

There's this lovely Filipina actress named Alma Moreno. She's very well-known here, not just for her acting achievements and her colorful on- and off-screen life (when she was still active in showbiz), but also for the unforgettable way she makes people laugh because of how she sometimes speaks English.

For example:

Reporter: Alma ilang movies na ba ang nagawa mo? I mean bongga ang dami ha! (Alma, how many movies have you made? I mean, there are so many!)

Alma Moreno: AY! ang hirap naman niyan! (Oh, that's a hard question!)

Reporter: Estimate...More or many?

Alma Moreno: More!


Which leads me to...

Three Things I Wish I Had More Of:

1. Time for blog-lurking

Back when I first started this blog, I could spend a lot of time bloghopping, discovering new blogs. Now I don't do that too much anymore (although there are several blogs that I still "stalk" for my own reading pleasure--they don't know I exist). I'm so glad, though, that several people with too much time on their hands were nice enough to stop by this blog and leave comments. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come across their wonderful sites!

I remember undergoing the "counting comments phase," something that I think is common among bloggers. Thankfully, I've outgrown it--and the pressure I was feeling to write something that would appeal to readers. I started out writing for myself, to articulate my nonsense thoughts, and that's what I'm continuing to do. It doesn't really matter to me anymore whether a post gets zero or ten comments. Just like I don't really care if a blog I visit has zero or hundreds of comments. I like a blog because of its content, not because of its popularity in the blogworld. That's not to say that I don't appreciate all your comments because I do! They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm so glad that you lovely people find time to stop by and react to my posts. I love going to your blogs too, and getting to know more about what you guys are thinking and doing.

2. Tougher skin

Not meant to be taken literally. Sometimes I get upset at trivial stuff. The littlest of things can set off the waterworks. Some comedy films make me cry, same with commercials. Strangely though, I don't cry easily when I experience personal tragedies or when I really, really hurt (reminds me of a line from Wordsworth's Ode: Intimations of Immortality, which goes, To me the meanest flower that blows can give/Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.)

3. Boobies

Size, not quantity! I don't want to end up looking like a cow--or that three-breasted alien chick in the movie Total Recall.

Three Things I Wish I Had Less Of:

1. Belly

I wish I could push the extra flesh that I have on my waist to a place where it would really, really look a gazillion times better. (See #3 above). So that I can wear a bikini at the beach and look good in it. (Ha! You didn't actually think I'd post a bikini-clad picture of me, did you?!?)

2. Smart-mouthiness

Sometimes I speak before I think. I'm not being a deliberate smartass, it's just that there are times when my mouth is bigger than the rest of me. Big enough to accommodate my foot.

3. Angst

Defined as "a feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression." But I'm not really complaining about it all that much. It doesn't happen all that often anyway. Besides, the feeling that my lunatic sense of humor brings more than makes up for it!


Aisby said...

1. I seem to be spending a greater amount of time blog lurking at the expense of getting anything else done.
2. I cried at Little House on the Prairie last night.
3. I want less boobies, you can have mine...and then I want whats left put back on my chest where they belong
1. Me too.
2. Me too.
3. Me too.

houseband00 said...

Hay nako, Pilipina ka nga. =)

How do you know if there are filipinas on a beach? =)

Lizza said...

aisby: Hahaha! You crack me up. Thanks for the offer. And Little House on the Prairie made me cry too.

HB: Ayan ka na naman ha! :-D I give up, how do you know if there are Filipinas on the beach? I just know this is going to be something boob-related, haha!

houseband00 said...

No, not boob-related, you booby! =)

Ang sagot: Kahit naka Pucci na swimsuit naka t-shirt na 168 sa ibabaw. =D

Lizza said...

Hahahaha! You got me there. But I wasn't wearing my swimsuit yet the moment the pic was taken. We had just arrived at the beach! Alaskador ka talaga. :-D

Wendz in France said...

If YOU need to lose that extra bit around your belly then baby, I don't want to tell how much I need to lose! You look fab in that photo and not at all as if you need to lose anything. Really - not being a sycophantic commenter. :O)

I was also a comment counter and used to rack my brain thinking of things to write that would appeal to readers. Which was so silly because it is my blog and it's for express have fun...whatever..I didn't start out writing for other people.

Nowadays, I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers but I don't want high comment numbers simply for the sake of quantity. I prefer comments that are interesting, funny, sad.....but not just a 'hello your blog is nice'...gah!

Wendz in France said...

What I meant to add is that I now write for myself again...sometimes its just a log of my day but I think it's great because I can look back at it and see what I was doing and how things have changed...blah blah blah..and sometimes I rant..or just be silly. It amuses me. (I am easily amused - small mind, you see.)


Lizza said...

Thanks, Wendz! I enjoy reading many of the expat blogs I've come across, including yours (obviously, since I'm there a lot). I agree, the interaction is great! And I think the fellowship of easily amused minds (not small, haha) is so cool.

ShadowFalcon said...

looking at your photo I don't believe you have any extra weight on your belly!

and don't ditch the smart mouth just cos other people are too sensative

Odat said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I too cry over the silliest things, even happy songs! If something touches my heartstrings I cry. But like you, the things one would expect you to cry about is when I guess my stoicism shows its face. And I am also a smartass, sometimes very deliberate!
(and I spend too much time reading blogs, as evident by the fact that I am going to be late for work now!)


houseband00 said...

Oh, and I do love it when the topic is the divine Alma M., doesn't they? =)

Mandiri ka. =)

kyels said...

The are things that we wish have less but I guess no one is perfect.


Matt-Man said...

I am anxious most all of the time, but not always in a negative way. I think some anxiety can be good. Nice Post Lizza.

And dammit, yes I thought there would a picture of you in a bikini. Thanks for nothing!!

H said...

tougher skin is something i need too.

And girl you do NOT need bust enhancement. You are lovely as you are... wit and all. unless you mean the ARSE-busting variety...

umm... ok. whatever.

Natalia said...

Blogland is the bermuda triangle of my time.

I have tough skin thanks to one too many rejection letters from editors and my students' lack of respect for, well, anything.

I had a breast reduction two years ago and I am still at a DD. I'll trade ya.

I have a lot of belly. I also have PCOS. I have come to terms with it and it will go when I can do proper nutrition and exercise...whenever that might be.

I like my smart-mouthiness. It's staying.

Me no likey angst. But sometimes it's there for a reason.



Michael C said...

Thank you for sharing. As far as the blog part, you have a great blog and although I may not comment everyday, I thoroughly enjoy visit your corner of blogsville. I'm in the counting comments phase now and wish I had more time to read all the blogs I've bookmarked, not to mention all the new ones waiting to be discovered!

I too need to have LESS smart-mouthiness!! As if you couldn't tell! See, I'm at it again! Great post!

Steven Novak said...

You wish you had more boobies, I kind of wich I had a little less than I do at the moment.

We're alike...though...not really... ;)


Lizza said...

shadowfalcon: I was just sucking in my tummy there, haha!

odat: Darn that office work! It's getting in the way of your blogging. ;-)

HB: Haha! Make like Alma: go to McDo and order a 'Small Mac' or ask if they have 'cold fudge sundae' (or was that the divine Melanie M?)

kyels: Indeed, nobody's perfect. How boring it would be if we all were. :-)

Matt: Thanks! I'd pay to see YOU in a bikini, haha!

H: *grin* I need improvement in the arse-busting area too.

N: I like your smart-mouthiness! Oooh, I got another offer for a boobie donation. You guys rock! Hugs too.

Michael: Thanks! Don't lose your smart-mouthiness. It's utterly lovable.

Steve: Oh, you have boobies! That's cute. What size bra do you wear? Or do you borrow Tami's? ;-D

Matt-Man said...

No you dont Lizza, no you dont...

zeroimpact said...

I've got so many wishes
Can't even count them
If only I wish my wish would come true
I guess I'm no where near perfect...
I think I'm not making sense
Need to sleep edi...
Good night to you and good day tomorrow

Lizza said...

Matt: Haha! Maybe after a bottle of WIR, I will.

ZI: Wishing is easy, making them come that'll take some work. ;-) Good night!

Matt-Man said...

Make it two (per person) and you have a deal....

Lizza said...

Oh, good lord, Matt. My poor liver! :-D

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Great post, Lizza. It is true you have to first please yourself when writing in blogland.


nunu'smum said...

Nadapa si Vandolph (true story to!) "Vandolph, I told you to stop running and you won't stop...look at!!!"

alam nating ibig niyang sabihin eh: " Tignan mo (nadapa ka tuloy...lekay kang bata ka!)"...bless her

isa pa...

"Ness, how would you like your carpet, wall to wall?"

"Wag, naman wall to wall, OA naman yon! Floor to floor lang!"

Pano sha nakuhang iwanan ni Mang Dolphy?

PS...apir sana tayo sa boobies and belly pero I've long given up wishing for the former to increase and the latter to decrease. Mag-iipon na lang ako for liposuction para naman hindi mas malaki yung bewang ko sa dede ko. =(

Bond said...

I used to wrack my tiny little brain wondering how i could get peopel to comment..should I offer money??? Booze??? Well not me, no one wants me... and then you know what? I stopped worrying and the comments started coming...and by doing something as easy as Thursday Thirteen, I met a ton of new folks!

As a side note... I must say, you look are a very pretty woman...don't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

lizza- you get so many comments on a regular basis. Your blog is just a great place to visit. Oh, and by the way, I am thin-skinned to begin with. Once I hit middle age, every g.d. thing makes me weepy. I'm ready for the hormones.

Kiyotoe said...

I don't remember how I came across your page but you instantly became one of my "favorites".

I guess it was just meant to be.

the Laughorist said...

Sometimes I want more boobies too -- quantity -- but not they way you meant. Well. Not just sometimes. Yes, yes, my wife knows. She points 'em out to me!

Lizza said...

bud: Thanks! Yes, self-pleasure is a good thing.


Okay, I didn't mean for it to come out that way. :-D

NM:Haha! The Ness jokes are endless. (HB, don't read any further!) Juice ko 'day, eh pareho yata tayong tomador. Malamang darating ang araw na magiging mas malaki nga ang mga tiyan natin kesa sa dede. :-D

bond: I'm not surprised that many people like spending some time sitting on the Big Leather Couch. It's a great place to visit. And thanks! ;-)

Gale: You're a sensitive, beautiful soul. And you're an excellent writer. Those are some of the reasons why me ♥ you much.

kiyotoe: Thank you. :-) Your blog makes me laugh and think--usually at the same time! It's a great read.

Lizza said...

laughorist: Oh, you greedy, greedy man! You're a passionate wordsmith, come up with a new euphemism for booby, will ya? ;-)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I was just told on another blog that I was busy bloglurking on YOUR blog. Which I was not. But maybe now I will start;)

Lizza said...

Hi, Maryam.
That's strange. What could've made them say that? I know I've visited your blog and I must say that your pictures and your account of living in Morocco are very interesting.

Anyhow, welcome! I hope you come back.

Prometheus said...

Yaaarrgghhh!!! Damn too many comments for ol Prometheus to scroll through (and get jealous that he doesn't get half as many).

Awww, no Liz-in-bikini pic? Prometheus thinks that would a collectible.

Prometheus will put in a word with ol man Zeus to see if he can make those wishes come true.

Lizza said...

Mon ami! You're alive!!! I hope you get everything fixed soon so you can blog more often.

Let me tell you something I neglected to mention: a Lizza-in-a-bikini picture simply doesn't exist. I'm too chicken to wear one. And no amount of palavering with old man Zeus will change that. ;-)

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

liz, your the best thing thats happened to blogging *hugs* :)

Lizza said...

Awww, Deb. You're to frigging sweet for your own good. And I told you to share some of that stuff you were having too much of! :-D

Julie said...

I agree with Matt-Man! Show me the bikini!!!

Oh, you know we'd all comment on anything you wrote. Zero comments---Yeah right!

Lizza said...

Bikini shmikini--I wish I could wear one. And hah! It wasn't too long ago that I had could happen again, but it wouldn't bother me anymore.

The wedding bells are getting louder, you sweet bride-to-be. Woot!

Gumby said...

honestly - just seeing I got a comment from my favorite Filipina makes me smile...

(I sure hope I spelled that right)

Lizza said...

You sure did! :-) Thanks, you're such a sweetheart.

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