Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sniffles - A Limerick*

Lizza's cold makes it hard for her to blog
In addition, it makes her sound like a frog
Dammit, shit, fuck!
The sniffles sure suck!
She longs for the day when her nose will unclog

*Inspired by Odat's flu verse.


Odat said...

Well, you don't need a nose to write,
Whatcha gotta do is fight.
Then your nose will unclog,
and you'll be able to blog,
And you'll be rid of that fucking damn blight.


(p.s. wow, I'm glad I inspired you to write such a lovely limerick!

Lizza said...

Haha! You are simply priceless, Odat. Okay, I'm off to bed (again). Almost 3AM here. Thanks for the quick and witty riposte!

Jessica said...

sad.....i must have gotten my cold from you!

mist1 said...

I am sorry you're ill.
You should take a pill.
Take it with wine.
I'm sure you'll be fine.

houseband00 said...

Aww, Liz.

Take lots of orange juice instead of pills and plenty of bed rest, ok? Do you have a temperature? Do you have a headache? Do I sound like someone's mom?

Sorry, occupational hazard. =)

Aisby said...

A Get-Well Haiku

Sorry you're not well.
Hope you're all better quickly.
Get well soon, Lizza.

INAMINI said...

No prose
No nose

~ Hope you get better soon, Lizza!

NanNan said...

Queen Lizza is down with a cold
Difficult to blog, we've been told
They say lemon and honey
with a shot of dark rummy
Will put all of those sniffles on hold !

Anonymous said...

There once was a blogger named Lizza,

who fell ill from an appetizer

It was due to a cold

if the truth be told

get some sleep is what I'd advise her.

Scott from Oregon

zeroimpact said...

I totally know what it feels... even at this moment I had to search medicine from some people just to unclog it for a while
The battle is long and bloody...
Hope you get well soon and I guess vitamin C should be a great help

ian said...

There once was a lady whose blogging
Was subpar because of her clogging
I have some advice
I think it's quite nice
To get better by having some snogging.

Feel better, darlin' Lizza!


Michael C said...

It's snot how you feel, it's how you manage to blog... while you unclog.

I hope you feel better, remember when you get the chills to wear a sweater.

Wow, that sucked!! I just hope you feel better soon, like by tomorrow around noon...or the next rising of the moon...

H said...

And I thought I'd cheer you with a priceless sparkling piece of five-lined wit.
But everybody had done that already.
So I said shit.

just give saucy sassy lizza a big tight hug.
that'll get rid of her nasty bug.

HUGGGGG lizza.

[now they've invaded my sacred sinuses too :-(]

Reeholio said...

I know that feeling Lizza. For me it was just miserable. The one I had lasted for two weeks too. Hopefully you'll feel better sooner :)

Lizza said...

You guys are a riot! Thank you, you made me laugh.

Nose is unclogged
Now I can blog
But sinuses are leaking
Makes for a lot of sneezing

Jessica: Gee, I hope not! Hope your cold gets better.

Medicine with wine
That sure sounds fine!

HB: Haha! You're a great dommy/maddy.

I'm feeling better, it's true
Thanks for the cute haiku

It's great, I think
Your verse so succinct

Taking alcohol for a cold
A wondrous idea, so bold!

zeroimpact: Ahh, not too bloody for me this time, thank goodness. I'm on my way to recovery. Hope you're doing better, too.

The idea of snogging is hot
But with all this sneezing, I cannot!

Those rhymes sure made me smile
Just like your Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile!

Giving you a big hug right back
Praying that you're safe from a viral attack!

Rhys: Thanks! I seem to be bouncing back rather quickly, thank heavens. :-)

gem said...

A diamante for lizza:

sniffles, coughs
medicine head lives
you feed a cold
feed with what?
what else?

(this is supposed to be centered line over line, but the program wouldn't let me add the center tag. You'll have to use your imagination.)

Matt-Man said...

I posted one yesterday and it didnt show up...BLOGGER!!

There once was a girl in Manila
Who lay her head down on her pilla'
Her head felt like cracking
FromHow she longed for someone to killa' the coughing and Hacking

Matt-Man said...

There once was a girl in Manila
Who lay her head down on her pilla'
Her head felt like cracking
From the coughing and hacking
How she longed for someone to killa'

Thats Better

Lizza said...


Oh, what wondrous prose!
Influenced by Wild Irish Rose?

terra shield said...

A nose clog
A funny blog
I heard you're better
It really does matter

Loved your limerick!

Matt-Man said...

No Lizza, that one was straight from the heart, not the liver.

Lizza said...


Thank you, my dear
Your wishes bring cheer

Matt: Haha! Thanks, that could've only come from you. :-)

Sony said...

Right there with you.

Lizza said...

Thanks, Sony. :-)