Thursday, October 12, 2006

Numerically speaking

Here are some not-so-random figures for you.

...the day a typhoon wreaked havoc in the Philippines

...days that my area didn't have any electricity

...days without broadband Internet connection at home

...kbps--my Web browsing speed on dial-up at home for about a week


...the time my high-speed Internet was restored this morning

700+ posts that I haven't read yet, according to my Google Reader

...months, give or take a few days, before I turn 36 years old

Watch out, you sexy creatures.
I am so BACK.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder on how many months to go before i, too, turn a year old again :(


zeroimpact said...

All the numbers
Glad that you got back your broadband
Go slow on the posts
You got lotsa time and of coz
Welcome back...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!! At full speed, that is. Enjoy your life back in the fast lane ;-)

Lizza said...

IM: Oh, right. :-D You're welcome!

zeroimpact: Thank you. I'll try to take it easy...but don't count on it. :-)

Michael: Thanks! Great to be back at full speed.

Photo Cache said...

now the real fun begins, welcome back.

LastminuteLyn said...

Glad to have you back

Prometheus said...

The number of times Prometheus missed you and your posts in these days.

Anonymous said...

That was cute, Lizza. =)

Lizza said...

Photocache: Thank you. It feels like a big thorn was pulled from my side. :-)

Prometheus: Awww, you are just too precious. Thanks, my friend.

HB: Tee hee. Thank you. :-)

Lizza said...

Lyn: Thank you! I'm so happy to be back.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, only 665 of those 700 posts are from me, your friendly neighborhood MPPDD whacko.

welcome back to hi-speed, you sexy creature!

Kiyotoe said...

That picture must be at least 10 years old then right?


Anonymous said...

And the lovely lass is back with a vengeance at last! Woohoo!!! :p

Lizza said...

Morgen: Haha! I sure need to spend quite a bit of time on IaBEBW, OMI, WI, and PtD before I truly catch up.

Kiyotoe: Aye, turning 36 early next year. Nay, pics are very recent. :-) *blush*

Irene: Yep, sure feels good to have things back to normal. Woohoo!

terra shield said...


Anonymous said...

You look the same to me. It's been a while since. How r u? MG told me about your blog. Thinking of doing the same.


Lizza said...

Terra: Yay! is right. :-)

D12: Heeyyyyyyy! It has been a while. It's so great to hear from you again. I hope you and J and the little 12's are all well.

Go set up your own blog, hup hup!

ela zawrat said...

Hi Lizza, good to have you back away from the typhoon and on the internet. Oh, I how I suffer when mine if off... But sometimes I want to run away from it and into the nature. The nature here (Pacific Northwest, USA) is quiet and gentle these days, and I hope for the same for you...

See you!

Sony said...

Finally. You've gots loads of catching up to do. :)

Lizza said...

Ela: Thank you. Escapes to quiet and gentle nature sounds so soothing. That must inspire great art and writing from you!

Sony: Don't I know it. :-) I'm taking it little by little. Thanks for stopping by.

ian said...

Well, I'll just say that at 4 months from 36, you look a heck of a lot better than I do at 3 months from 35. :)

Welcome back, Lizza! Now quit blogging and get busy catching up! *waving finger sternly*


H said...

Allll rightieeeeeeeeeee! the goddess is back!

waiting for some more saucy sassy posts.

And Girl, you bettah throw us a big party. grin.

Sidney said...

Welcome back! Wow! You recorded it all?!
Enjoy the surf!

Sidney said...

I linked you to my photo blog. Don't know why it took me so long. I think I just wasn't aware of it.

Anonymous said...

2.. the number of times i looked at this blog today..

5. the number of times i looked at this blog yesterday

15..the number of times I opened and closed the comment window cos i had no idea what to say :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I shall now be visiting yours often :)


Lizza said...

Ian: I am catching up. I yam, I yam!

H: Oh, cool, a cyber party! Come one, come all!

Sidney: You were very brave, from what I saw over at your My Sarisari Store photoblog. And thanks for the link!

SS: Haha! I'll be visiting your blog often, too. We have good cyberpals in common.

NanNan said...

Since 26 is my dreaded number, upon seeing 26 comments, I just have to make it 27 !!! Love the post--as usual!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, great news to hear from you :)

I havent visited the blog for days but i see that many things are waiting to be read by me!

I love your blog!


Lizza said...

nannan: Haha! Thanks for the 27th comment--and for the kind words!

Osman: Welcome back. I'm still catching up on my blog reading. I hope all is well at university.

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday!

I turn 35 in two months. Moving to the next checkbox. ;)

Gumby said...

glad you're back amongst the high-speed living!

Lizza said...

Laurz: Happy early birthday to you, too!

Gumby: So am I!

Anonymous said...

700 posts! Wow! You are further behind then me. Glad you are up and running now, though. :)

Lizza said...

Thanks, parlancheq! I'm catching up, slowly but surely.