Thursday, October 19, 2006



A kind of moon. They say that the appearance of a blue moon depends on the positions of full moons within a given month. Lunar experts predict there will only be a total of 17 blue moons until 2026. Hence the phrase "Once in a blue moon."


The name of David Duchovny's dog. David, as most of us know, played the lovable FBI agent Fox Mulder in that '90s hit series, The X Files. He used to wax poetic about aliens and had a porn collection. Blue is a mix between border collie and Jersey collie.


The name of another famous dog, but an animated one this time. The star of the kids' show Blues Clues--along with Steve Burns, who is now pursuing his music and acting career. Blue's best friend is another doggie, one named Magenta.


A kind of bird found in North America. Cute things. They eat insects and stuff.


A painful affliction that affects the sacs found in the nether regions of the adult male species of the human race. Can be an indication of the power that the female species holds over them.


A kind of mood. Synonymous with "down in the dumps," "melancholy," "desolate," "sad," "bereft," "feeling like shit." All of which I'm kind of feeling right now. Chalk it up to hormonal mayhem. Or maybe the absence of alcohol in my system. Or both.

Hell isn't all red with fire and brimstone. It's cold blue ice.

I need me a picker-upper.


Matt-Man said...

Now let me get this straight...You went from uniterupted laughter to feeling blue? Throw your hormones out the door, pop open a cold one, and imgine a world without "Barney".

Ahhhhh, isnt that better?

Kiyotoe said...

Ahhh yes, the old "blue sphere" affliction. Unfortunately, I know it well.......

Cheer up Lizza, I'm here! :)

Didn't work? Damn.

Lizza said...

Haha! You guys are hilarious.

Matt-man: What can I say? I'm nuts. Maybe the hormonal imbalance is being caused by the lack of what Allie calls the Golden Liquid Humor. I'll rectify the situation ASAP, Your Coolness!

Kiyotoe: It did help! Thanks. :-)

GhostRose said...

Drink drink drink!!! I quite liked the style of that post actually - informative ranging from the mundane (David Duchovny's dog's name) to things that will realyl make good pub conversation (the man sac thing...). I also wrote a story called Blue, about a shape shifting alien. :-)

Oh, and 'ponce' means pimp, as in a 'manager' of erm...'night ladies' for want of a better eupemism (I have no idea if children read this blog). I edited my meme post explaining the meaning of 'ponce' so no one else will make that mistake.

A chuisle said...

hey! i hope you're feeling better...i guess we all just go through these weird moments. I certainly had mine in the last week or so.

we're girls. it's the joy of girldome. whoopie. ;)

thinking of you and sending happy vibes!!! :)

laurzeilei said...

Ah, that wonderful blue chemical hard to avoid at times, isn't it?


Some say drink. I say DANCE! Or, better yet, you can dance AND drink!

;) cheer up!!

gem said...

My hormones do a number on me, too. majorly. I really did like this post--the angle, the content--original, thoughtful, well-written. So, even though you're feeling blue, I'm green with envy that you came up with such a nifty word post. I especially liked the idea of Hell being blue. I always said I'd convert if I found out Hell was actually cold. Hot is not really a disincentive to sin for me. I like hot!

zeroimpact said...

Oh, the blue feeling...
I get that sometimes too
But then again, let's try to think happy thoughts...
The blue will pass soon, it's temporary I bet, you'll be feelings better very soon
Chins up and smile...
You'll definitely feel better after a smile

Lizza said...

ghostrose: Thanks! Blue balls is a good pub conversation topic? :-D Gotta try that one out. And thanks for the 'ponce' explanation! :-D

macoosh: We women are weird sometimes. That's why we're so adorable. :-D Hope you're feeling better!

laurz: Thanks! Gotta go find me some appropriate dance music...and get me some suds. :-D

gem: Now that's one great way to consider Hell. I like hot too! Thank you, Glorious Gale, for your wonderful words. And congratulatioooons on the latest Flash Fridays development. You rock!

Lizza said...

Hi zeroimpact. Thanks for the encouragement. I know this'll pass soon. :-) Hope you're doing great!

terra shield said...

We all get the blues, once in a while - hopefully it follows the blue moon phase!

Hope you feel better soon

H said...

Awwww. Lizza, Blue is also the colour of the uninhibited morning sky when all things smile and sunflowers gaze up in cheer.

[was that too painfully cheerful for you?].

But please do cheer up. hug.

Michael C said...

Hang in there, cheer up and go get 'em. AS long as you feel better, i don't care which phrase you use ;-)

ShadowFalcon said...

I'm not good with jokes but try this

Boy goes into a confessional

Boy: Father I've sinned, I've been sleeping with all the lose women of the town
Father: Well son you were right to confess, now tell me the names of your acomplices and you shall be forgivien
Boy: I'm sorry father I can't
Father: Come on my son, was it Mary?
Boy: No
Father: Was it Anne or Jo?
Boy: No father
The Father the reels of several more names, all of which the boy denies.
Father: Now son as you won't tell me who you've been with, five weeks away from chruch and 50 hail Marys will have to do.
Boy comes out and walks over to his friend.
Friend: So what did he give you?
Boy: 5 weeks off and 10 leads.

Lizza said...

terra: Blue, blue, my world is blue...nah, not really. Thanks for the encouragement. :-)

H: Just a little bit. But it helped. Thanks! You're not only such a foxy lady, you're such a dearie as well.

Michael: I'm hangin'. :-) Thanks!

shadowfalcon: Hahaha! That made me laugh. Thanks. :-)

I'm okay now...the blues have been banished to a place where the sun don't shine. Thank you all for cheering me up.

Irene said...

Want me to send Barney over to cheer you up?

Oh, that's right. That would make you turn PURPLE with rage instead.


Smile, lovely! :p

Lizza said...

Haha, Irene! This is turning out to be very colorful. Started out with blue, then Gem mentioned green, now you've added purple. Will someone be a sweetie and mention my favorite color, orange? (I hope the Nubian Nerd doesn't get to read this...he hates that color.)

NanNan said...

Blue is my favourite colour,, but not when it's wrapped around you-- here's hoping you're feeling orange today----

Lae said...

Hi! Nice blog! Add me to ur links and let me know, i will add u, thanks :)

houseband00 said...

...and the spam continues. =)

Blue makes me think of walking along the west bank of the Seine under a bright moon on a clear spring night. A loved one in your arms and the reeking smell of alcohol.

Yun lang. =)

INAMINI said...

I recommend chocolate and Black Hook Porter (my happy beer.) Hope you are feeling better!

Lizza said...

nannan: Blue is a beautiful color. But sad. Thanks for the orange wish. :-)

lae: Thanks for dropping by.

HB: Tee hee. Some of the pics on his sites are funny.

Your blue scenario sounds lovely. Pero ang sosi ha! Mas feasible sa akin siguro ngayon to stroll on the white sands of Boracay or Palawan or Pagudpud while gazing at the blue sea under a full moon. Naks!

inamini: I love both beer and chocolate, but not at the same time! :-D

Hmmm, I'd like to see if your happy beer is available here. I'm feeling loads better, thanks! I hope you are, too.

houseband00 said...

We can only wish, Lizza. =)

Ok na rin sa akin ang Luneta (na walang pera). =D

Lizza said...

HB, pwede na din. :-) Used to go there a lot when I was a kid.

Prometheus said...

Lizza got a b(l)oo boo? Awww. Think Prometheus and you'll be tickled pink. Rather embarassing dude, that Prometheus. But hey, pink's better than blue.

Lizza said...

Hey, you're right! I am tickled pink! :-D

Reeholio said...

Ahhh...I wasn't alone in my blogging blues :)