Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rain, rain, DON'T go away

It's raining hard again here. We're in the middle of the rainy season here in the Philippines, but there are times when it doesn't just rain. Sometimes it really, really pours.

And when that happens, I am in heaven.

I love the rain. I live in a part of Metro Manila that's away from the traffic and where there are lots of trees. So it gets really nice and cool here when it's raining. Makes me to just want to stay in bed under the covers, with a good book. Or to play in the rain (only if there's no thunder and lightning, though). Someone I know likes to bake cookies when it's raining; she says they smell and taste better somehow. Another person I know hates the rain and bitches about it, because it causes all sorts of even worse than the usual traffic jams.

Not me, though. If only flooding wasn't a problem (which it is, not only in the Philippines but in neighboring countries as well), I'd be happy with rain every day. That doesn't mean I don't like the sun, because I do -- especially when I go to the beach! But there's just something about the sound of raindrops falling on the ceiling and against the window that's so relaxing. And the smell is heavenly too.

Work beckons, though (and blog lurking). So bed, see you later. Book, wait for me. Hmmm...maybe I'll toast to the rain later. Having a drink or two while listening to good music on a rainy night sounds good.

I hope everyone has a good day today.


LastminuteLyn said...

I love listening to the rain to fall asleep too. I love this time of year. A cold front came thru last night and the air is so crisp. I'm glad I don't have a car on days like today, I might miss it.

H said...

And when it rains, with every drop the air becomes that much denser. richer. thicker. with smells and thoughts and memory floods.

rain and song
rain and dance
rain and snack...

like the perfect wine sauce for every moment, matured and spiced just right.

Morgen said...

Hi Lizza. Inspired by you tagging me for the book meme, I've created a movie meme. Tag, you're it @ It's A Blog Eat Blog World. Have fun with it!

Lizza said...

Lyn: Yes, it's so soothing, isn't it?

H: That's a great way of saying it! It does bring back memories...mostly good ones. And it's a great background for making new memories!

Morgen: Haha, yep, I read your post. Thanks! I know I'll have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizza,

When I was growing up, I was told that rain were the tears of crying angels in heaven. That's why I sometimes tend to equate rain with sadness.

Rain also is like rebirth or death, occasionally a mix of both. It could also be like a deep change. It can bring replenishment and life. However, in excessive amounts, it can also bring suffocation and death.

Great post, Lizza. =)

Bazza said...

Hi, Lizza. There's something about the small of ozone after summer rain that I enjoy as well as the sound of rain on the roof. There was an electic storm here last week with sheet lightning that lit up the night sky and a thunderclap overhead that made me jump out of my seat. But I love thunderstorms.

Lizza said...

HB: Yes, there's just something sad about rain. Sad things touch me...maybe that's why I like them so much. And yes, too much of anything really isn't good in most cases. Hope everything's A-OK with you and D.

Bazza: Hello! That sounds so interesting. I would love to experience a thunderstorm in England. It's one of the places I want to visit in Europe. I love English literature and history--so to see and experience some of the sites you have there is one of my dreams.

Kiyotoe said...

Lizza, No offense but I must admit that the way you describe the rainfall and the book and the bed, was a little seductive and sexy.

Maybe that's because when I think of a serious thunderstorm, there's something romantic/sexual about it. Of course, if you're with the right person.

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe, none taken. And I agree, being in bed with the right person and having rain as background music is sexy as hell.

Jessica said...

i love the rain! especially if you can stay home and just curl up on the couch and read a book...and i especially love a HUGE STORM when it is time to sleep! love hearing the lighting strike and the rain hit the's kind of like a cool sort of lullaby.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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Lizza said...

Hi Jessica, it's one of nature's great lullabies. It's just too sweet for words sometimes.

Doc said...

I'm a bit of a hurricane freak myself--love the howling wind and the rain coming down in sheets--nature at her most raw.
Sadly we don't get that here. Boohoohoo

ghostrose said...

Rain is good. :-) It's best in the summer when it;s raining really heavily and you go out in it and it's like being in a shower. I love doing that, because in the summer even the rain is warm.

NanNan said...

Raining on this side of the world today too-- much welcomed though, as the well is getting low--- it makes me think of renewal and refreshment-- though at times we have come close to serious flooding-- everything is relative!!

Anonymous said...

WHat's rain again??? Enjoy your weather!

Mimi Lenox said...

Rain is my all-time favorite weather. I absolutely love it and sometimes go walk in the rain. People think I'm nuts but I don't care. Soothing to the soul and spirit. Cleansing. Pure. A fresh start.

gem said...

I like rain, but I start to get really world-weary after too much of it. I do have really pleasant memories of playing outside in a warm July rain as a kid. Very, very sweet memories all because of rain. Nice post, lizza!

Morgen said...

we have bright sun & a cool breeze this morning... a nice change from the grey rainy days of last weekend.

Lizza: I have my review of King And Goddess up now at Writers, Ink


Lizza said...

Doc: No hurricanes in France? Really? Well, that's good news for your B&B though.

Ghostrose: Oh yes, going out in the summer rain is wonderful. Your lips don't become blue.

nannan: I hope you and the little ones had some fun in the rain! :-)

Michael: I did! ;-)

Mimi: You got that right. It's one of life's little pleasures.

Gale: Rain does bring back sweet childhood memories. Great to see you here again.

Morgen: The weather there sounds lovely.

Oh goody, I'll go over and read your review.