Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Photo tag from H

I've been tagged by the intelligent and foxy H, who lives in India. This tag was begotten by H in cooperation with Houseband00 (those wily creatures).

So here ya go, H!

A big Thank You also to Billy Mac over at Critique My Blog! He reviewed my blog recently, as well as the blogs of a good number of my cyberpals. If you're a blog lurker like moi, his site is a good resource (in addition to Bobby's The Bestest Blog of All Time and Rhys' A World of Bloggers).

Now quit laughing at my picture already! Oh, what the heck, my Medusa/Dark Galadriel is in there somewhere...and she's probably the one laughing the loudest.

Who am I going to tag now? Hmmm...all of you reading this. :-) Just be sure to let me know via the comments section or the shout box so I can go to your blog and ogle.


Kiyotoe said...

#1, nice photo, something about those eyes. It's like you're looking right at me. That rain blog you posted has just resurfaced in my mind (see old comments for hidden meaning).

#2, sorry, gonna have to wimp out of this one. If I went around revealing myself to everybody I'd have people camped out on my front porch.

Or something like that..........

Photo Cache said...

Hi Lizza,
just went over critique's blog and may I echo his minor discomfort at having to scroll from side to side. Your thoughts are so engaging that this does not deter me from taking that extra effort. Love your most recent post, hits a still raw nerve.

Also, your list of links is gettin longer, giving me less time to work. Your fault if I get fired. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizza,

Great pic! =)

Now, you just have have to tag someone.

Spread the love. =)

Lizza said...

Kiyotoe: Hey, thanks. No problem about not doing the tag...we wouldn't want you to get mobbed. :-)

Photo: Sorry about the scrolling thing. Maybe different screen resolutions are the culprit. Yep, the link list is getting longer. I can't help it! Go get your boss addicted to blogging, you'll be safe then! Haha!

HB: Thanks! I did the tagging part...I just didn't get specific. :-P. I do hope somebody else plays along, like that cool guy in England who tagged me with a book meme, that god in Dubai, that wise man in England who posts about his heroes, the lovely American lady with the half-face...you get the idea. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll play along. Here's a photo of me courtesy of my first ever blog post ;-)


H said...

LiZzzzzzzzzzzzzzza, you HOT [sizzzzzzle] thing you!!

very glad i tagged you.

of course I know you have your pic in your profile. ANd it's a lovely pic, but I couldn't get a good enough look. this is good.

grinning foxily. ha haha.

ian said...

Oh, I guess I'll play, but not tonight. I've got bad stubble. I'll shave tomorrow. Honest.

In your picture, you look like you're about half a heartbeat away from a big cheesy grin and you took the picture just before we could all see how radiant it is.


Lizza said...

Michael: You imaginative creature you! That made me laugh.

h: This tag was from you and HB, so I enjoyed playing along! Glad to finally have faces to associate with the blogs I enjoy.

Ian: Yay! Looking forward to seeing your mug shot. (I'm grinning cheesily now.)

Prometheus said...

Prometheus has said this time and again. Lizza is beeyoootiful and Prometheus has a crush on her. Prometheus loves that pic of Lizza dangling a cig from her lips. Reminds him of Clint Eastwood's entry in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

He entreats Lizza to be kind like Yaxlich and tag him with nice things. Tagging Prometheus to put up his mugshot is akin to tagging a paraplegic amputee to do the Ironman Triathlon in record time.

Mercy, O Divine Galadriel.

LastminuteLyn said...

Ok I'll play, I just woke up so it aint pretty

Irene Tuazon said...

You're lovely, Lizza! c",)

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich thinks that Lizza is beautiful. However he would rather put wasps in his underpants than display his picture to the world.

Mimi Lenox said...

Does this mean Yaxlich and Prometheus won't be posting pics?
(Darn, Lizza. Our plan didn't work! We'll have to think of another scheme to unveil them).

P.S. You are such a sweet and engaging young woman with a lovely face.
Yours truly is thinking about playing and posting the other half of her face (just one half at a time...he he)
It is wonderful to see everyone though. I'll ponder it some more.
Oh dear. That means I"ll have to create Photo Meme Central.

Alex said...

Very pretty : )

ian said...

Okay, Lizza - mine is up!


Lizza said...

Prometheus: I won't tell her you wouldn't play because she's rather merciless. But I will tell her that you like HER pic, haha!

Lyn: Thanks! I don't think I look as good even after a few hours of waking up.

Irene: Muchas gracias! So are you, you know. In fact, thou art even lovelier.

Yaxlich: is a funny man. Since he won't play, I will thus picture him looking like a well-known Englishman. But which one? Prince Charles? Tony Blair? Wayne Rooney? Hugh Grant? Hmmm, this is harder than I thought.

Mimi: Alas, I'm afraid so, half-faced beauteous damsel. We'll have to find a way to unmask those two...I mean, six.

Alex: Thanks! Your blogs are interesting. I'll take a picture of a local bathroom and send it along to you.

Ian: Cool! Thanks for playing. :-)

Ghost said...

I'll play. My pic won't be up until I get home though - I've only got one good picture of me on my pc. I still need a digital camera. :-)

Thing is mine is 3 years old and taken when I was 15, so I've got different hair, different dress style. Different everything. Well, not everything, because that would be silly, and of course, impossible.

Julie said...

Wow! You are so much younger looking than I thought you were, based on your profile "pic".

Lizza said...

Ghost: Looking forward to seeing it! But you should also try to post a newer pic. :-)

Julie: Awww, thanks!

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich does agree with Julie that your profile pic makes you look more mature. Not that your new pic makes you look immature.

Yaxlich does not look like the people Lizza mentioned or anyone else he knows. Apart from his evil twin, of course.