Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blogroll Saturday

I'm sharing some things I've found that I have in common with some of the new blogs I've discovered the past week. Thank you all for making cyberspace so much more interesting.

1. I've been lurking around xkcd for a couple of weeks now. It is a "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language." This person's comics give me great laughs. The things I have in common with this blog? Romance and language. I have a pretty good ear for languages (when I'm not too lazy to learn) and I'm too damn romantic for my own good. Sarcasm I can do, but not really that often. Math? Hell no. I'm missing the math gene.

2. The young lady in Singapore who writes A Life in a Limbo is pretty cool. I can relate to many of the thoughts she puts out in cyberspace for others to read - but she's more articulate when it comes to doing that sort of thing. I like reading her posts.

3. Sony, whose blog Thwarting Complacency is one that I visit often, is a thoughtful, poetic writer. Something that I hope to be, but apparently, alas, am far from being. I just wish he'd update his blog more often, though. :-)

4. Rhys, who runs A World of Reeholio, enjoys reading other people's blogs, as I do. He graciously allowed me to take the Philippines slot in his A World of Bloggers site; sometimes I do talk about issues connected to my country in some of my blog entries. Thank you, Rhys!

5. Mike -- who writes in My Webbed Feat -- seems to be a great and cool geek, and I look like a geek. But we both started off cute enough. He has a sense of humor that I enjoy, and I love the video clips he has on his site (especially "All My Post Are Belong to Them" -- go figure, lol).

6. Andrew's site, To Love, Honor and Dismay, is another blog that I visit a lot. What do I have in common with him? I, too, enjoy learning about other people's interpersonal relations -- but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to live them, lol. Andrew gives well-informed yet humorous answers to relationship dilemmas that are presented to him.

7. Richard and I have The Secret in common. It's great that Richard has dedicated his blog Ask, Answer, Receive to the theme that The Secret espouses. I learned about The Secret a couple of months ago from the Genius, a great friend of mine whom I love dearly. If you've never heard of or seen The Secret, go visit their Web site. I will talk about The Secret in a future post; it's something that's so immensely special and precious -- it's hard to put into words just how much it has affected my way of thinking and my life. So to my Genius, thank you, sweet, from the bottom of my heart. I owe you one (well, a lot actually. But we're not keeping count, are we?)

There are many other blogs on my feed list. I've mentioned some of them before, the others I'll mention in future posts. You people make me neglect the work I'm supposed to be doing. :-D

P.S. A special THANK YOU to Justin, who thought of me in a recent post at More Cowbell. Happy travels!

And to a certain blonde, green-eyed young woman who lives in a sandy, cosmopolitan area of the world, who calls herself tainted (I disagree, for the record)...I'm happy you're back. I've missed your posts.


Mike said...

ALL MY COMMENT ARE BELONG TO YOU: I will have to check out these you already know, Lizza, I have enjoyed every single visit to your site! I'm alright, you're alright, we're all alright!

dirty joke sir said...

Thanks for the great links!

Lizza said...

Thank you, Mike! I'm pleased to know that. And as you know, I visit your blog a lot, too.

Dirty Joke Sir, you're most welcome. :-)

Richard said...

Hi Lizza, thank you so very much for the inclusion. I look forward to reading your Secret blog when it's ready. Maybe you'll disclose the identity of your Genius?

Until then, live positive.