Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So Cold

His summer's just begun
But mine is already over
In more ways than one
For in my heart it is winter.
The Snow Queen drew me to her
When he released his hold.
Oh God, this emptiness is so cold

No more the warmth of our laughter
No more the dreams of happy-ever-after
No more the words that held and caressed
my heart. The pain in my breast
pulses with every hot tear and groan
As I stumble in this cold, without him, alone

He looks at me with pity. I can't stand it
He tells me he's sorry. But I don't need it
Inside, I am slowly dying
And I'm so damn tired of crying

He should've just slashed my wrists --
the ones he used to kiss (does he remember?)
as we moved in slow and rhythmic love together --
Instead of dooming me to this cold and lonely hell
When the dance was over
and his eyes whispered "farewell!"


Tainted Female said...
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Tainted Female said...

Ok, I suck... I just pasted another comment here that should have been somewhere else.... forgive the delete..

What I wanted to say was:

Just one small suggestion (if you don't mind me criticizing?)... Remove the exclamation mark on the last sentence... whispering eyes don't shout out...

Otherwise, this read bittersweet and beautiful. You were so full of it when you went on about how shitty you thought your blog was. I’m adding you to my blogroll.

Lizza said...

Hahaha, everyone suffers from shit-I-just-pasted-the-wrong-thing syndrome once in a while.

Thanks for the feedback...let me think about it. I know the exclamation mark had a purpose when I wrote it. :)

And many thanks for adding me to your blogroll!