Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of disasters, real and imagined

Mayon Volcano eruption

It's so beautiful, isn't it? Deadly, but beautiful. Kind of like a woman scorned.

Mayon Volcano, the most active volcano in the Philippines, slowly started erupting several days ago. Every so often we hear about volcanic activity at Mayon, but this time it seems like it's the real deal. The authorities are preparing the people within the vicinity for evacuation. As usual, many are putting up a resistance; they won't leave until the last minute (despite warnings that they will never be able to outrun a full eruption). If I lived anywhere near the area I'd be running at full speed at the first puff of smoke from the crater. Thank goodness I don't; there are about 300 kilometers separating us.

Now if Taal Volcano showed the kind of activity that Mayon is showing right now, I'd be scared as hell. No question about it. The world's smallest volcano (which sits in splendid beauty in a lake) is in Tagaytay City, which is only about 1.5 hours from where I live. I really should stop thinking these thoughts, though. I'm already chickenshit enough as it is.

Taal Volcano Taal Volcano

A good friend of mine, Vic, once told me I live in a dangerous place. He's right, in a way. There are around 20 active volcanoes and there's the risk of earthquakes (the last Big One was in 1990). Some other places in the world are more dangerous, others less. It depends on your definition of danger, I guess. My own shower can be a dangerous place -- I could slip and break my neck. Heck, just sitting beside me can be a dangerous thing... especially if you touch my beer.


Anonymous said...

If you like literotica, then might just be up your alley too ;)

Anonymous said...

Erhmm... make that

Lizza said...

Thanks for the link, Anon! :-)

Tainted Female said...

'Heck, just sitting beside me can be a dangerous thing... especially if you touch my beer.'

LOL! It is beautiful though... and sometimes the beauty is worth the danger... no?

Lizza said...

You got that right, Tainted!