Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blind Spot

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you very nearly miss things of unbelievable beauty even when they're right next to you.

Case in point, the sunset in the picture. I had taken a photo of what I thought to be a beautiful sunset just a few minutes earlier. So I put me camera in me bag, sat down, and commenced licking my chops in anticipation of the early dinner we had ordered at the beach restaurant.

Just as we were finishing dinner, one of my companions (I don't recall which one exactly) said something like "Ohhh, look at that!"

Whereupon I swiveled 180 degrees in my seat, and saw this.

The riot of colors, their vividness splashing across the sky, simply took my breath away. The picture doesn't do justice to what was actually there in front of my eyes.

My beer and pizza lay forgotten on the table (something that doesn't happen frequently, believe me) as I stared transfixed at this blazing celestial photo-op. Dug for me camera in me bag, and skipped a few steps to attempt to digitally capture the moment for personal posterity.

Well, maybe not for posterity. Just an attempt to capture something so unbelievably beautiful, something to later reinforce that what I had seen wasn't just a figment of my imagination.

And to remind myself that no matter how pleasing or attractive whatever it is that is in front of me at the moment (e.g., beer and pizza), that I should pause every now and then to look around me -- to catch things of unexpected beauty that exist silently, which I would have missed because of my other, more earthly, preoccupations.

Picture taken in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. October 2009


nursemyra said...

Lovely sunset Lizza

Photo Cache said...

oh outstanding sunset. so you've been island hopping? country hopping? more pics, did you upload them on flickr yet.

good to have you back.

Lizza said...

Indeed it was, Nursey.

Photo: Nope, haven't uploaded the pics sa flickr. Will do soon! How have you been? Hope everything's ok.

Anonymous said...

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Ellumbra said...

Thanks for an entertaining read, with style & humour.
A natural blogger (if there is such a thing.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizza. Happy New Year to you from Bazza.