Friday, May 30, 2008

Killing time, unwillingly mine

We know what a haiku is: a seventeen-syllable poem (originally from Japan) divided into three lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

The effervescent banana-lover Janna has her own version, the Janku: a three-line poem, each line with its corresponding number of requisite vowels.

Now that's a fun idea: adapting a form of poetry and calling it after yourself.

Problem is, I can't decide on a poetry structure I can bastardize adapt specifically for me.

A lizzonnet would be too damn long.

I'm not quite ballsy enough to write something like a Lizza Sutra.

I love the idea of a beerku, but there's already an excellent site devoted to beer haiku.What about a cannabisku? Nah, not enough experience for that.

Oh, well. Settle for a Lizzmerick then.

It's that red time of the month again
A most sore time for this Asienne
So she calls out "Cheers!"
And guzzles some beers
Because she's allergic to ibuprofen

This isn't to say I imbibe only once a month. Oh dear, no. At least twice. :-)


Photo Cache said...

hahaha! pms, dont remind me but i think i might be having one myself. here's cheers to you. btw, i like lizza sutra, i think it will catch on.

Travis Cody said...


Between you and Janna I'm getting a good dose of silly this week.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

(Continuous birth control - that's the answer. Of course, then you have to come up with another excuse for the beer!)

Anonymous said...

Lizza Sutra; that's not a bad idea, you know?!

Maybe it'll even sell and be an international bestseller. Who knows?


H said...

oooo dear. that's just too eloquent for how I feel when i'm red. Hug a hot water bottle. that helps too.

yeah, and that fist too.

Frank Sirianni said...

If we're ever imbibing at the same watering hole, and I here an "Asienne" calling out Cheers! I will gladly assist with the PMS chant:

I know this is a little long for a Lizzmerick, but.....

The Tragedy of C. Decker

There once was a man named Corkscrew Decker,
The only man living with a corkscrew pecker.
He searched the world over,
He searched a lot,
To find a girl with a corkscrew twat.
Alas! He found her,
But he shot her dead,
For the little shit had a left hand thread!

Have a great day Lizza

Hey Bartender....
Pour more suds
pour more suds!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Goddess of Asia please take note
That pouring liquor down your throat
May ease the pain
Now and again
But you could end up an awful sot.

Brilliant!!!! nearly rhymes and everything - *hugs*

Glamourpuss said...

Excellent poem, excellent Idea. You're a clever bird - even if you are on the blob - me, I'm brain dead for the entire week.


Gumby said...

hee hee.

At least I feel cultured now.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Very good. Although you are crazy...

Anonymous said...

a Lizzmerick - haha that's pretty cool. does Ian from Letters Home read your blog?

he loves limericks

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...


Lizza said...

Yes, I'm crazy, but you guys are poets!

And a Lizza Sutra would be excruciatingly boring. Another area where my skills need honing.