Thursday, July 19, 2007


schmooze. "To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” ( To gain advantage? I don't know about that. To converse casually, make a social connection? Most likely. Taken in the latter two contexts, we are all schmoozers.

The knowledgeable and sexy CS, author of Another Tangential Thinker, says I have the power of schmooze. Thank you, CS. I hope you are as forgiving as you are smart--because I'm breaking the rules here by passing the Schmoozer award to not just five but eight other bloggers. I'd like to nominate lots more, but these terrific people (among others) will do for now.

H. I didn't want to crop the picture because little girl H and Sibling look so adorable together. This woman had me at, well, H--and all the other letters in the alphabet. The way she weaves words, sentences, paragraphs together is an art form, which is uniquely hers--and it never fails to take my breath away. I'm abashed but greatly honored to be called her soul sister. I'd love to get cozy under the covers with the boons/banes of her life: the two halves of her brain.

Houseband00. It's a privilege to call this man a friend, both online and offline. Behind the boyish naughtiness lies a sensitive soul. I appreciate how writes about the connections between music and his thoughts, his stories about his son, other family members, and friends, and of course, memories of his beloved wife M. Posts about M are real tear-jerkers.

Nunu's Mum. Nunu's mum is a Filipina who lives in England with her family. She's on hiatus now, having fun with a friend. Her blog covers topics from family to life in Barnsley to travel experiences to silly stuff. She's funny yet poignant, well-traveled, and a food lover. I can't wait for her to come home so I can sample her cooking--and embark on our one-on-one drinking showdown.

It's the Little Things. Marlayna's posts run the gamut. She is a thoughtful yet fiery person. Her thoughts about her life and life in general can certainly be thought-provoking: her interest in the paranormal, the trials and joys of being a single mom, lessons learned from past relationships, to name a few. Read her blog and if you like it, please vote for her here. She'll post nekkid pics if you do. (Kidding!!!) But she will appreciate your votes.

Yaxlich. There was a time when this Englishman made multiple posts a day, until he went and got himself a job. Though he posts sporadically now, he's still a joy to read--notwithstanding the fact he specializes in poo and farts. He's shared so much about his life, such as the status of his underpants and socks, an Agoraphobic Peruvian's impact on his toilet habits, and the things that make his Beefy McManstick twitch.

Matt-Man. His sense of humor over at Bagwine Ruminations is irreverent, to put it mildly. With a bottle of Wild Irish Rose, a roommate called Schmoop, a cat called Corky, a boy nicknamed Ryno, and a crazy-ass mind--there's no telling what he'll come up with next! Matt's always been a comforting (though sometimes mildly disturbing) online presence in my small circle of blog friends.

Nursemyra. Hardly a day goes by without something interesting (and usually hilarious) happening at the Gimcrack Hospital, where the nurses are pretty and the doctors are pissed--and the patients are in all colors interesting. The Good Nurse is not only a credit to her profession, she's going to have an unbelievably perky attractive chest abdomen soon, too.

Penfold. Also known as the Papersurfer and spawn of the one and only DaddyPapersurfer. I enjoy his droll sense of humour, through which he can make even the most mundane things laugh-worthy. Except when it comes to surfing. Which can be funny. But mundane? Never. Once in a while, though (or when he showers) he comes up with a profound post that stops me in my tracks. Also, he's such a sweet thang.

There you have them, my eight schmoozers. You people can pass the schmooze love to others or not. Do whatever you like; just don't forget to shut the door and pull down the blinds.


houseband00 said...

Aw shucks, Liz! =)

Sabi na nga ba't sipsep ka e. =)

I guess it's not that you brown nose, definitely not. You just have this precious ability to gain another's trust and confidence quickly. You either have this vibe/aura of silent wisdom about you (read:tanda), or it's those long legs of yours that do the job.

Methinks the latter. =)

houseband00 said...

Thanks! =)

Kiyotoe said...

i like nun's mum. She was giving me Japanese lessons but then she stopped. :(

and I don't know why......

congrats Lovely.

Anonymous said...


Congrats to all of 'em!


Lizza said...

HB: Haha! Hindi ako sepsep, hayup ka! :-D Thanks for your kind words (kahit na tinawag mo akong tanda). My legs thank you too. :-)

Kiyotoe: It's so good to see you again. NM is busy gallivanting; hope she writes again soon. And I hope YOU start posting again soon too. You have a Schmoozer award from CS!

Kyels: Indeed! :-)

penfold said...

Thanks hun. I always wanted recognition in the scmooze department (I think)... beijinhos para ti.

H said...

Liz, I never ever ever thought I'd be thanking someone for calling me a schmoozer.

And I never thought I'd be congratulating my soul sis on being one.

But, this, I'm not only thanking, but saying, "OH DAHLING! coming from you, it's a BIG honour. Congratulations soul sis on being a top-notch [soul-companion] schoomzer y'self."

You really are the most most most generous person I've never met. Considering 99.999% of any felicitation I've had on blog, is from you. And it's been the most pride inducing, nostril flaring, chest thumping kind of honour, to be felicitated by you.

Such a happy [garulous] schmoozer I am. ;-)

H said...

oh and, I am *so* proud to be sharing the stage with such a luminous bunch of top-notch schmoozers.

you've got four of my favourites on this list of eight... though I do miss seeing DaddyP here. Would he mind if I selected him on my list?

Anonymous said...

Penfold: I love it when you talk dirty. Kidding! You're welcome.

H: Well, I'm one of your biggest fans. And thanks! Doing some chest-thumping of my own here.

DaddyP surely wouldn't mind, but I think he already has an award for schmoozing.

Anonymous said...

such illustrious company! and now my blogroll is getting unmanageably long with all these new names I'll have to visit regularly. you always have the best tips Lizza :-)

Schmoop said...

That was very sweet of you Lizza...Stop by today if you can, and read about my conversion to Islam!! Cheers...

Lizza said...

Nursemyra: Thanks! So glad you like 'em. :-)

Matt-man: Oh, good lord. This I gotta see. On my way.

Odat said...

Congrats to the Schmoozers!!! lol
and hey, you changed your pic again!!!

Lizza said...

Hi dancing lady! Glad to see you back. This pic shows the big bad me, haha!

Unknown said...

Congrats, schmoozing Lizza! very well deserved - and congrats to the "new" Schmoozer, too ;-)

San Miguel is waiting for you - Coffee2go was "born" one year ago ;-)

Lizza said...

Oh, wow. Congratulations, Sanni! Heading over to your part of cyberspace to join the party.

Unknown said...

Thanks, sweets! I thought about a Meet&Greet in the US - although we´ve got better beer in my part of the world (Did I say that LOUD? Shame on me!) most of the fellow bloggers are already there =D

Unknown said...

Thanks, sweets! I thought about a Meet&Greet in the US - although we´ve got better beer in my part of the world (Did I say that LOUD? Shame on me!) most of the fellow bloggers are already there =D

Anonymous said...

Haha! No worries, I've heard nothing but good stuff about German beer.

Your Meet & Greet idea sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Uy inday! Laking gulat ko naman at bumulaga ang aking pagmumukha dito sa iyong post! Haven't really had the time to go through all the other posts - including this one at sandamakmak ang labahen! Linshak, padalan mo nga ako ng labandera day!!!

Although I caught that bit about schmoozers... Moi, a schmoozer? (in BBC accent ) Eow dahr-leng-dahr-leng, what-evah do yew mean bahy that??!!!

Pasensha na, I've been sleep deprived with a constant hang-over. All self-inflicted but of course, so not asking for any sympathy don't worry!

Marami akong chika...

CS said...

Well, what a nice thing to say about me! And tag away, my friend, you always have great recommendations.

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich is very pleased to have won an award. He will put it next to his "Least Likely To Achieve Anything. Ever." award that he was given at school.

Lizza said...

Chi: Chika away!

CS: Thanks again. You write vividly, I like that.

Yaxlich: Welcome back! So good to see Yaxlich here again.

You did achieve're the most prolific poo and fart writer in blogworld. Well, you were until you disappeared.