Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

One "meets" the most amazing people in cyberspace. I know I've come across quite a few since beginning this blog almost a year ago.

One of them is Mimi Lenox. She and I go back a long way (hey, a year can seem like a long time in the blogging world). This woman never fails to make me smile, I always give her a mental hug. She's a tireless blogger who runs several sites simultaneously; one of which is the Peace Globe Movement. The idea is simple: personalize a Peace Globe and make a post about it. Express your thoughts about it through words and/or images. Not too difficult for bloggers. After all, isn't blogging a form of self-expression?

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Those of us who participate in Mimi's Blog Blast for Peace appreciate this additional avenue she's provided for us to share our thoughts with others about it. So many people love the idea and they've been busting their asses spreading the word and helping with the Peace Globe gallery: Annelisa in the UK, Prometheus in India, Frank Sirianni in Canada, Morgen in Michigan, [Lizza in the Philippines *grin*], and lots more.

Like I said, there are many amazing people online. Another one of them is a certain woman. Her blog makes me laugh so hard most times. She writes about things like, um, bananas (tee hee), geriatric sex, ...she can even make enemas sexually appealing (for men, at least). Going through her archives is such a rewarding, laughter-filled experience.

No, she isn't part of Mimi's Peace Globe movement. But she, like so many others, do their peacekeeping in other ways. You know how some people make it a big point to let others know how big a sacrifice they're making by forgoing creature comforts to do volunteer work? It's like they're saying, "Look at me, roughing it out in God knows where but that's okay because I'm doing something good for others while the rest of you can't be bothered to do what I'm doing. Or if you are, you aren't sacrificing as much as I am." Philanthropic snobbery, bah.

Well, this woman is nothing like that. No, no, not at all. For the past two years, she's been spending her vacation time away from her sunny country to teach orphans in a small town in central Vietnam. And no, it isn't a big sacrifice for her at all! In her words: "It is the most enjoyable thing I've ever done in my life. I get far, far more back from the kids and adults I teach than I can ever give them." She doesn't blog about this aspect of her life and I wouldn't have known about it if it weren't for my damnably curious nature. I couldn't help asking about her current hiatus -- and she most graciously told me a bit about it.

Dona Nobis Pacem translates to "Give Us Peace." My Latin's not too good, so I don't know how to say "Let Us Give Peace" in that dead language. But the thought is very much alive. This woman is one impeccable example of how, through giving, we in turn receive more than we could ever expect to sometimes.

This admirable woman, Nursemyra, rocks big time. I salute her. I thank the powers that be (otherwise known as DaddyPapersurfer and Penfold) that our paths crossed. I hope our paths cross even more one of these days, in the offline, 3-D kind of way. I would dearly love that.


penfold said...

When I finally head to your side of the planet again we should all meet up for Mango salads and cocktails on the beach...

Lizza said...

I look forward to that, Penfold. And to laughing my ass off at watching you teach the Good Nurse how to surf.

Lizza said...

But if it turns out the Good Nurse already knows how to surf, then we can all have a grand time laughing our asses off watching you teach DaddyP how to surf. You're bringing him and the Goddess along, aren't you? :-D

Gunfighter said...

Funny, isn't it? We tend to thin about peace as grandiose gestures of magnanimity from and towards enemies... but peace is also created one, individual, interaction at a time.



Lizza said...

Gunfighter: I know what you mean. Personally, I think individual interactions are more meaningful. Being so grandiosely magnanimous just seems so patronizing most of the time. Thanks for visiting! It's much appreciated.

Travis Cody said...

I guess if we think grand thoughts about how to reach other countries and make peace, we forget that it's the people in those countries who actually have the power to spread the peace.

CS said...

Lizza, thanks for directing me to this idea the toher day - I will be posting my globe when the 6th hits my side of the world. Peace to you!

Anonymous said...

May peace be upon the world!


Lizza said...

Travis: That's right. Doing simple things, like bringing a smile to a child's face, can have a grand effect.

CS: Thank you! I'm anticipating reading your post.

Kyels: Yes! :-)

Anonymous said...

It might be worth the humiliation just to watch your ass [of course we say arse over here but I thought I'd play along with the constant abuse of the English language that is prevalent in blogworld] drop off! Yes, Nursemyra is the bees knee's - I hope she doesn't lead Penfold too far astray - he's still my lickle boy.

Lizza said...

But must you subject the apostrophe to such humiliation too? ;-)

Your lickle boy can take care of himself. You and the TG taught him well, I bet.

penfold said...

No offence to my venerable father but the day that I go travelling with him is the day that Beelzebub drops into a big icey half pipe and does a McTwist.

Anonymous said...

may peace be with you today and always

penfold said... that a little bit of ink I spy in your skin there??

H said...

Nursemyra is a naughty, potty hottie, with a [can't find a suitable rhyming word. damn] fantastic heart.

Peace to her too, many times a day.

Lizza said...

Penfold: Hahaha! Nice imagery, but poor DaddyP.

The ink? That's just henna. :-D Nursemyra, however, has the Vietnamese word for peace tattooed on her shoulder.

Mousey: Same to you!

H: That she is and more, oh soul sis mine.

Liz Hill said...

I firmly believe that the more we know each other as individuals and reach out the more understanding we'll have. Knowledge is pretty powerful stuff.

I am certainly glad to know you sugar


Odat said...

Very sweet post...from a very sweet bloggess!!!!
Peace, especially today!

Natalia said...

Peace to you.

And yes one does meet amazing people online.


Anonymous said...

Apostrophe catastrophe for which I am truly sorry. This is usually Penfold's main skill.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Another incredible post from an incredible woman

Grant Us Peace - "All You Need Is Love"
Sitting On The COUCH For Peace

Sony said...

Liking the new look on the blog, Lizza. And once again appreciating your take on the world. These past few posts about world peace and about people who do more with their time than just complain about it (like I've been apt to do this past month) makes me stop and think about life, the world, and that I don't have much to whine about. Thanks for reminding me a little about perspective. :)

Unknown said...

YOU are definitely one of those amazing people I met in the Blogosphere. I can still remember the day: 2006, November 7th - the 1st Blogblast For Peace =D

Sanni, Frank and Luis,
Jersey, the furry diva and
The Pimping Team

are wishing LOVE & PEACE to you and yours, Lizza ♥

The Evil Blogger Twin said...

The evil half is sending LOVE, peace and harmony today, too ;)

Anndi said...

Dear Lizza.. I smile as I read this post and you so eloquently said what has ben running through my mind about this whole blogextravaganza for Peace.

Basically.. "It begins with me..."


Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza - It does seem like yesterday when we "met" online. We are blogging sisters for sure, having started about the same time with Gem, Rhys, Bazza, Yaxlich and more. How nice it has been watch the evolutions of friendships (and romances) online.

Thank you for being my blogfriend - my realfriend and one day wouldn't it be grand to meet in person? Perhaps it will happen! If we can dream of flying peace around in cyberspace villages on itty bitty globes of delight,then anything is possible.

Thank you for introducing us to Nursemyra. I've read her once or twice and she's hysterically funny. And now I know she's a peacekeeper, too.

You, and this blog, are well-respected in the sphere. We trust your honesty and passionate spirit for what matters in this world. Keep up the high standard of blogging you display each day. We look forward to it. Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for explaining what peace really means.

Peace to you, my lovely friend in the Philippines.

Annelisa said...

Thank you, Lizza, for a wonderful post. I really have to go visit Nursemyra now... she sounds like one heck of a woman!

It's good to know how many folks are busting the asses getting word around... and I'm glad to finally get over here and make your aquaintance (I've seen you round long enough, and I think I visited you last Blogblast, but I think it's time to get to know you better!!)

I'll be back

Peace to you and yours, now and always!

Words that Flow

Lizza said...

Turnbaby: And I'm glad to have come across a sweet thang like you. Smooch.

Odat: Thank youuu. :-) You spread it a lot, every day.

DaddyP: Alas, I sometimes do that too. Must be catching.

Bond: Thank you. Hope you're having a great day, Vinnie.

Sony: Glad I was able to help in a small way. But I need a little perspective reminder myself. :-)

Sanni: Love and peace to you and yours too, you helpful, lovely, friendly lady.

Sanni's evil twin: Haha! You aren't really all that evil. But I enjoy reading your blog nevertheless.

Anndi: Thank you very much! I agree with your post too.

Mimi: Thank you, blogworld is richer because of you. I can't count the number of times you've made me think and laugh with your posts.

Now, go get some sleep! :-)

Annelisa: Thank you for stopping by. It would be great to have another blog buddy, especially one as generous and upbeat as you.

Anonymous said...

back from vietnam and blushing to read all those kind words.

thanks Lizza. maybe I could give a little plug to Global Volunteer Network, the organisation that first gave me this opportunity...

now if we can just get some dates lined up in your neck of the woods with Papersurfer and Daddy P :-)

Lizza said...

So glad to have you back, Nurse. I don't know about your idea though; Penfold has made his reluctance about appearing in public with his dad very clear.