Wednesday, May 02, 2007

6 out of 10

Some time ago I submitted my blog for review to So Many Blogs, So Little Time. My blog got its ass slightly whipped by RubyLou (one of the three ladies who run the site). In her review, she said she thought the template was fugly (how I love that word, truly) and she disliked the length of time it took for the page to load (for which I'm so sorry. I never realized it did that; it loads pretty quickly from my end, and only DaddyPapersurfer ever let me know that it wasn't loading fast).

Good thing is she didn't absolutely detest everything about my blog. (Those girls don't pull any punches; when they hate a site, they say so. Most vehemently.) I'm glad my writing made her smile though, and it was nice to learn that she plans to come visit this site every now and then to check up on what life is like over here.

The people who know me have told me that this blog is so, well, me. If that's true and considering what the review said, maybe I can say that while I'm not earth-shattering, at least I'm not completely bland either. I think RubyLou's review wasn't off the mark at all. It was a fairly accurate assessment and I'm pretty much okay with that, though I must admit to having reservations about the "sweet" part. :-) But thanks again, RubyLou!

Now, on to other news.


Damn, there doesn't seem to be any other news. Except that I want a beer. And we already know that's nothing new, don't we?

[Oh wait, I have some good news after all. The lovely (albeit slightly daffy) Nunu's Mum was interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield, about her blog and her life as a Filipina living in Barnsley, England.

Also, Gale Martin won a writing competition for the first chapter of her novel, SAVAGE, GRACE.]

Congratulations to these two wonderful women!


Anonymous said...

I want a beer too. Exams make me go wonky!

Anonymous said...

Fugly???? Is this another word I've got to learn about from Blog World? Life's complicated enough already.................................oh well.

Lizza said...

Kyels: (passing you a beer) Cheers!

DaddyP: It is a most useful word. Learn and love, haha!

H said...

Fugly is just so... overused. And wannabe-cool-with-blog-lingo-cos-someone-with-fugly-something-or-the-other-won-best-blog-or-some-shit.


Well it's you. and it's your writing. And you like your font for fucksake. fugsake. farksake. whatever.

And your blog isn't just pretty picture and an exotic life.

Now everybody needn't be nice about everything. true. they have the right to get pissy about anything that takes their fancy [and lord knows they DO if they're self-professed blog critics... like who needs a license anyway!?!] But not, NOT if they haven't bothered reading beyond entry no 1, 2 & 3.

Don't mind me. I just don't like the word fugly.

Oh, and I'll have a vodka please, if you're asking.

Em said...

You were brave to submit your blog. But I'm sure the comments are helpful in evaluating things. But really, if it sounds like you, that is the best compliment of all.

Lizza said...

H: Have I ever mentioned just how much I love you? Here, have a shot of coconut vodka. Hugs, dearest soul sis.

Em: My masochistic tendencies can come out in the weirdest of ways, like submitting my blog for review. :-)

I have been most remiss; I will surely catch up on your writing ASAP!

Tammie Jean said...

Well I agree with H: boo!
And I agree with Em too: if it sounds like you, then it's perfect. I always prefer things that are true...

Kiyotoe said...

she shouldn't call people "fugly" her kids might come out like that! :)

And i'll have to be sure to congratulate my girl GM.

R said...

Ah, the benefits of getting one’s blog reviewed! I had submitted my blog for review last year in April and I was told to replace my blogger default template with a custom made one. I did design my own template after that which led a certain gentleman by the name Prometheus googling for blogger templates, to my site. The rest is history. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Day, salamat sa plug ha! Hamo, ikaw ang kukunin kong publicist.

Wag ka na ma-lungkot dun sa hitad na Ruby-lou - (naman, name pa lang nakaka-asar na!)

You are what you are and the worst thing you can do is to try and be something you're not just to please other people. Who'd want to do that anyway? Life's too short (I know I say that a lot...cos it's true)

We all come back here because we love you for your quirkiness...exactly just as you are. You can't please everyone, just revel in who you are and there will be people who'd appreciate you for that.

O siya, sa-sign pa ko ng autografs...

houseband00 said...

Buti hindi ka napikon, Liz.

Wag mo na lang pansinin yung review.

Bakit ba?

I-review mo kaya yung kanya. =)

Schmoop said...

I give ya 10 out of 10 Lizza, but keep in mind I am ususally drunk. ; ) Cheers!!

H said...

Liz, you have to translate what Madonna said. Something tells me it's deliciously wicked.


Lainey-Paney said...

I'd hate to have them review my blog. I'm slow to add things to the sides and stuff. In fact, I don't really even know what that's, they'd probably rip mine to shreds!

Unknown said...

well I like your blog..doesn't that count?

little things said...

I'm feeling suddenly very protective about you and your blog!

Unknown said...

10/10 from me, too - I love this fantastilicious template (which loads in a splitsecond) *HA!* - and of course: I love your noypi mind, too. =)

*handing another beer*

y.Wendy.y said...

You know what? I looked at that blog review site - and at some of the blogs they reviewed - and all the ones they gave high marks too...and honestly, most of those templates were worse than fugly. They were downright fecking awful. Yours is cool and your content is great and you have loads of contented, loyal readers...what more could one want? I give you 10/10. Stuff those snotty ladies.

Lizza said...

Tammie Jean: Hey, thanks! Your reassurance did wonders for my morale.

Kiyotoe: To be fair to her, she didn't call me fugly -- just my template. :-) GM deserves her award, I'm sure she'll get lots more acclaim for her writing.

Julia: Oooh, so that's how it all started. :-)

NM: Salamat, ati. *sniff* But save me an autograph, ok?

HB: My ego took a bit of a beating, I'll admit. But I did ask to be reviewed, and she gave her honest opinion. So can't fault her for that. :-) Kape tayo soon ha.

Matt: Drunk and wearing pantyhose, you keep getting better and better. :-D

H: Hahahaaaa, I will email you the translation (if she or HB hasn't done it yet!).

Lainey-painey: Well, they're relatively mild (and fairer, I think) compared to some other reviewers. :-D

Lyn: It most certainly does. I've missed your presence here!

Marlayna: Suddenly you feel like a big sister...what an extraordinarily nice feeling.

Sanni: You've always been supportive of your blog friends (I've seen you go the extra mile for your online friends) and I am most honoured to be one of the company.

Wendz: Thank you, you sexy, feisty lady. I appreciate your words more than I can express. Je t'aime bien (that isn't a misleading sentiment, is it? :-D )

Scott from Oregon said...

I put my name up on that site because I wanted a reason to tell those three women how bad their reviews were.

So far, there is still a void of blog reviewers of quality out there.

Maryanne Moll said...

You rock, Lizza! I happen to like your blog. :)

Lizza said...

Scott: It's a tough job; they can't please everyone, just like we can't please everyone. You can make a post reviewing reviewers, there's a thought. :-)

Maryanne: Thanks! I like your blog too.

Foofa said...

Fugly, no way. I've never had problems loading, even on my slow as a turtle work computer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Natalie. You're a total sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod, Lizza. I like the lighter, brighter look of your blog. I think I may have problems loading my blog, too, but how does one fix such a thing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gale. I have no problem loading your blog, though.