Friday, January 05, 2007

Reality Bytes






In forensic science there's something called the Locard Exchange Principle. French scientist Edmond Locard hypothesized that an exchange takes place every time two items come into contact with each other. So, a person who commits a criminal act always brings something to the crime scene and leaves with something from it, or vice-versa. (Can you tell that I watch CSI?)

Maybe we can tweak this principle a little to make it relevant to the online world. I think it plays a role in our lives, in this online relationship that non-bloggers and other aliens do not understand.

I've never met you personally. Well, I did get to meet some of you personally and it was great fun, we should do it again--perhaps with even more people. We could talk over coffee or beer...but I digress. Now where was I? Oh, yes.

I've never met you personally. I'd like to, but maybe I never will. Who the hell knows?

Still, in spite of that, you got to know about my thoughts and the way I think, and I've been privileged to get to know yours. I've felt in so many ways your concern for my welfare (the comments left here are a touching example) and I'm always hoping that you in turn are safe and sound wherever in the world you are.

You've taught me so many things! I've learned a bit about you and you've learned a bit about me. You've made me think. You've made me laugh, you've made me cry, you've made me laugh yet again. Within only a few short months you've enriched my life, and words can't express just how grateful I am that our paths crossed, albeit virtually.

I've taken something from you, you've taken something from me. These things, though intangible, are in no way less palpable, less valuable, or less real than the things described by Locard in his Principle of Exchange. They aren't merely bits and bytes. Their importance, meaning, and impact are immeasurable.

There's an Irish proverb that goes, "May good luck pursue you each morning and night." Here's to hoping you find fulfillment (if you haven't), that you truly enjoy each day and all the joy it can bring; here's to making your dreams and wishes come true. It may be that our paths will never cross in the offline world; nevertheless, I love you and wish you well.

Alrighty, that's it then, boys and girls. Sappy moment is over. You can go puke now or walk the dog or return to your gardening or whatever it was that you were doing.


wayfarer1014 said...

Hey, Lizza- I definitely didn't vomit at that! I am a new blogger as of 5 hours ago and I feel like you just summed up what made want to join, and why bloggers are in fact a community. I hope that I can contribute at least of fraction of what I am looking forward to taking away from the blogosphere! Thanks for a great post :)

y.Wendy.y said...

Aw! That was not pukey - in fact it made my choccie go down better.

Yeah I so love the interaction and all the moments it brings.

Right - I'm off back to my blog reading...whaddya know!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


You have a lot of spunk and spirit.
Getting to know you has been our pleasure.

Is it alright if I say "great post" and not puke?

We all have got to know the rules.

Your friend in New England-

houseband00 said...


It's been a real pleasure, too. =)

Matulog ka naaaaaaaaaaa! Utang na loob! =)

Lizza said...

Wayfarer1014: Thank you very much! Blogging, that's one fine way to start the year. Glad you decided to come aboard. :-)

Wendz: Oh, good, you didn't choke on your choccie. :-) See you around, you eloquent storyteller.

Bud: Aww, shucks. Thanks! And don't sweat the rules; we can bend them. :-)

HB: Thank youuu. Heto na po, matutulog na! :-)

TorAa said...

I come to this site by a post about human errors. And I even did the mistake to read it. That was a lucky happening. And when I first wanted to post a comment I pressed the Atom button. No mushroom cloud either. So, I was lucky again.
Thanks for sharing your insights.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Lizza... Now, tell me if I am wrong. Yu just wrote and told me that I have affected your life in a good way, and presumed 9correctly) that you have touched my life for the better. Also, you spoke of your being delighted if, at some point, we met in real life.
You finished off by giving me permission to puke.
You are one incredible woman and every day you make me smile.
I will return to what i was doing at this time, and that was visiting these wonderful friends I have who live all over the world.

Dan said...

Sappy? So what the heck's wrong with that? Let's all be corn dogs! Lizza, this post is so sweet. If I was there I'd give you a big, tight hug and a big, wet smooch, you little sweetheart you.

I couldn't agree more. When my dad died just before Christmas, there was an outpouring of genuine blog sympathy. And it helped me through it.

I have to confess that upon reading this post of yours I thought you were about to say you're calling it quits. Thank God you didn't!

Love you Lizza!

Anonymous said...

From kinky sex fetishes to tissue sogging 'sappy' entries, how can I not love you girl???

I come back again and again because like a neatly wrapped sandwich (baon) you always leave something for me to chew on (pagkain na naman eh!) and it's always nourishing!!! (O laban ka sa pagka-sappy?)

Eniwey, I'll take HB's advise too and hit the sack while I scratch my tummy after that nice grilled cheese number you just gave me! yum =)

Tom Atkins said...

Sappy moments are good, when they are real. And you always seem very real.

Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!


Anonymous said...

Lizza, I definitely did not vomit on that post ... I think it was really touching of you to write that, seriously.

Yes, people come and people go in our lives. We cannot stop that. But with each and every person that came into our lives, we're bound to learn something from them or get a valuable out of them; like care, love, kindness, etc.


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for this touching post. You have enlighted my day once again, sweety =)

Hope you don´t mind if I don´t return and stay a little longer...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, lizza. Using the quote was the perfect framing device. And I love the graphic of the woman kissing the computer. Perfect. It is hard to believe that we have such a strong community in two dimensions. But I can truly appreciate your sentiments and share them, in fact.

R said...

Sappy? No way! I love the Blogosphere too. Blogging has made me a better writer and a more enlightened person. Not to mention, the other wonderful things it has given me. *winks*

mist1 said...

I adore my e-friends.

Michael C said...

What lovely, lovely sentiments. I'm glad I did not turn away. If I ever get near the Phillipines, I'm calling you!

Ian said...

*sigh* I love sappy things. Let's face it, I'm just a big huggy bear and nothing will change that.

I'm happy to exchange bits of everything with you - bits, bytes, thoughts, words, feelings. I consider it an honor to be able to do so.

I'm already planning to arrange my book tours so I can visit as many of my bloggies as possible, and the Phillippines are on my list. Hope to see you then!


Terra Shield said...

Sappy or not, it's a beautiful piece... heartfelt and warm.

Online is a great place to be. :D

Kiyotoe said...

TIME OUT!! Did Ian just use my new word..."bloggies"? Uh oh, let me go handle this right now. Never heard that word before i started using it, the least my buddy EDog could do was give me my credit.

I'll be right back Lizza.

Kiyotoe said...

Okay, I'm back.

I love you too beautiful ;)

Lizza said...

toraa: Haha! What a nice comment, thanks. Glad you had some luck here. Thanks for visiting!

Bond: Wow! Thank you very much for the encouragement--and for not puking. :-) I'll be heading for the ultra-comfy Couch in a while!

Dan: Haha! Thanks. Yes, I saw lots of people leave messages of comfort for you last month.

Apologies for the impression I gave, I didn't mean to mislead anyone.

NM: Awww, thank you. Hey, I provided you with nourishment and I didn't even know it! Ayan, nagutom tuloy ako. Ikaw talaga. :-)

Tom: Hi, Mr. Poetry! I like your take on sappy moments. Happy New Year to you too.

Kyels: Thanks for not vomiting. :-)

Yes, I read that there's a reason for every good and bad experience, for every person we encounter.

Sanni: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. And you're always welcome to visit and stay as long as you like, dearie. :-)

Gale: Thank you! But I must confess that I don't even know what a framing device is. See, I learned another new thing from you today.

Julia: I would dearly love to find out just how "hot" the past few days have been for you, "baby." Haha!

mist1: And your e-friends adore you!

Michael: Thank you very much! Just holler if you ever sleepwalk your way to this part of the globe. :-)

Ian: Awww, a huggy bear, how nice! The image goes with (almost) everything at EDog's page. :-)

I think it's amazing that you're thinking about your book tours already--what a visionary.

Terra: Thank you! I agree with your assessment of cyberspace. :-)

Kiyotoe: Hahaha! That sure was fast. What did you do to poor Ian? I hope you didn't mess with his hair or anything like that. I think they're to his writing ability as Samson's hair was to his strength. :-D

ShadowFalcon said...

I really like that idea, it means all relationships are mutually beneficial.

Liz Hill said...

Thank you so much for making my day start right Lizza. You always do though I may not always comment. What a warm true post.

H said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. LIzzzaaaaaa! my sistah! A big HUG for that one. LOVE YA TOO.

You expressed this so... PERFECTLY.

Lizza said...

shadowfalcon: Yes, it's rather nice, isn't it? :-)

turnbaby: Thank you very much! I'm glad you decided to comment, it's nice to meet new people like you.

H: Thank youuu, my sistah! A big, big HUG to you, too. :-)

Schmoop said...

I feel the same Lizza, and could not have said it more eloquently. Cheers!!

Lizza said...

Thanks, Matt. Cheers!

Odat said...

That was real sweet!!! Hugs to you! and thanks...I feel the same.

Foofa said...

I always puke at cute stuff so BLAHHHH but honestly it only made me puke because it was true and sweet and nice. Everyone out here agrees with your sentiment and it's why we all do what we do out here in blog world.

eddyquette said...

Yep! Natalie's spot-on. Lovely post, thanks for being you, happy Nu Yearrr,

Cheerio from frosty Germany

Mimi Lenox said...

This post made me cry because I've been wanting to say the same thing to my blogger friends for days. Thank you for acknowledging the connection we feel and being brave enough to express yourself without reservation.
I would expect nothing less of you.

INAMINI said...

It almost sounds like you're saying good-bye! The only thing to keep me from crying is that you're not (are you?)

Dave said...

I just came across your site... I do believe I will be back. I think we can all relate to your points made regarding cause and effect.


little things said...

I enjoy reading the lives of people living lives I will never live. It's fascinating! Thanks!

Lizza said...

Odat: *sniff* Thanks! Hugs back.

Natalie: Thank you very much! Now, go gargle. :-)

Eddyquette: Thank you very much, both for stopping in and for your comment. Happy New Year to you, too! You can gargle when Natalie's done. :-)

Mimi: Ohhh, I didn't mean to make you cry. But thank you very much for your kind words, my dear friend. Now, start getting ready for your next adventure! :-)

inamini: No, no, no, I'm sorry. I'm staying right here, watching you bend the rules and rule the bends!

Dave: Thank you for stopping by, I'll visit your site in a while. I hope to see you here again.

Marlayna: I agree with you. Happy weekend!

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